Thursday, December 15, 2016

Creepy face of a ghost appears on film in a Haunted tunnel (video)

A paranormal investigator got the shock of his life when he was faced with a 'ghost' after venturing alone into underground tunnels.

Anthony Mark, 30, was visiting the haunted Drakelow Tunnels near Kidderminster, Worcestershire, to explore the underground bunkers used during WW2 and the Cold War, when he says he managed to record some footage of a ghost.

Anthony, who runs the Afterlight Paranormal group, had ventured into the tunnels, which are 3.5 miles long, with other members of the paranormal team.
After failing to spot anything unusual, he decided to explore on his own and got lost.

The paranormal investigator then got out an electronic device, used to pick up the voices of ghostly spirits, and shouted 'are you stuck here' in a bid a to communicate with any spirits.

He said he didn't see anything at the time, but when he watched back the footage later he saw a ghostly face stood directly in front of him.

Anthony, from Cannock in Staffordshire, said: 'The reason I started doing this was I wanted to know if, when my family pass away, there is somewhere else for them.

'Some people think when you die, you die. But there are things I have seen, like this, which make me think there's something more.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Man captures creepy sounds in an Arizona mine (video)

A man who ventured into an abandoned mine in the US has purportedly recorded spine-tingling whispers on his camera.

The man, who’s only known as Frank on his social media pages, is believed to have visited the Waldeck Mine in Arizona to document the area while reviewing a new flashlight.

In a video posted to his YouTube channel, Exploring Abandoned Mines, Frank explored the 150-year-old mine with nothing but his camera and a torch.

In the clip, which has since gone viral online, Frank claims to hear creepy whispers while exploring a particular tunnel in the mine.

“Do you hear that?” he asked in the video.

“Is that wind?”

“I don’t know what that is. It doesn’t sound like wind.”

Monday, November 21, 2016

Haunted Balloon caught floating around Children's Hospital (video)

This orange balloon has spooked staff members at a hospital by hovering inches from the floor and seeming to follow them around the building.

Some of the deeply unsettled witnesses even believe that the clip captures a haunting.

The balloon drifts purposefully along a corridor towards the camera, in a manner quite unlike the usual movement of helium or air-filled balloons - leading some to claim it is the ghost of a dead child.

It continues to move slowly and constantly towards the person filming, who is standing on the threshold of a room.
Two employees’ voices - one male and one female - can be heard on the recording.
The man says: "It’s coming towards us!"

His female colleague responds: "The girl on the bed said they touched her leg. Oh, no, it’s coming towards us!"

The footage then cuts to the employees standing in what seems to be a staff kitchen, filming the entrance to the room.

Suddenly, the balloon appears and as if possessed, it turns and goes inside the room, and the two people shriek and run away scared.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Ghost child appears in a road trip selfie through Florida

It was just a normal day for Melissa Kurtz, 48, who was driving on a highway in the Maitland area of Florida, near Orlando, to take her 13-year-old daughter, Harper, to a beauty pageant. Harper wasn't wearing a seat belt, which was normal for her, and taking selfies to pass the time.

It wasn't until a month later that this normal day turned into something quite abnormal. Kurtz was looking through the pictures on her camera and spotted a selfie Harper had taken in the car, which had a boy in the background – a boy who wasn't in the car the day the picture was taken
Kurtz decided to do some research on the road they were driving on that day and discovered that there had been an accident on that same road and the day her and Harper were driving on it happened to be the anniversary of the death that occurred because of it.

"Where the picture was taken there was an automobile accident one year ago exactly. When I looked into it, someone had been medevacked away in a helicopter. However they would not tell me any specific details when I enquired, which leads me to believe that it was a child, as that might be why they couldn't provide the information," Kurtz told the Daily Mail.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Impatient Ghost tosses glass at a British pub (video)

We've all been there.

It's Friday night, you've had a hellish week at work, your boss is a nightmare , your life is generally a mess and you're waiting at the bar for that well-deserved drink.

Only, you're having trouble getting the bartender's attention. Suddenly, rather than being a joyous transaction, it's become a painfully long wait.

Most of us mortals content ourselves with huffing and puffing. If you're a poltergeist though, you have ways of getting that bartender's attention.

Spooky video CCTV footage taken New York Italian Kitchen a shows the moment a glass mysteriously topples off a tray at a restaurant - which the owner blames on a GHOST.

Technically, ghosts don't have the ability to move objects. That's what poltergeists do.

But back to the incident, which happened at 6.55pm on Saturday.

Shaun Deakin, the owner of the restaurant in Wakefield, West Yorks., said it is not the first time ghostly goings on have been reported since he opened three months ago.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

5 Creepy Sounds Picked Up On Sleep Recording Apps (video)

Since every new technology seems to provide some kind of fresh form of high strangeness, it should be no surprise that 'sleep apps' have produced some truly unsettling sounds.

YouTube user Top5s has put together an astounding collection of five anomalous and apps recordings made via apps used to record sounds that people make in their sleep.

One such snippet of audio comes from a man who had been receiving complaints from his neighbors about loud voice coming from his apartment at night.

This puzzled him, since he lived by himself, so he used a recording app to see what they were hearing while he was ostensibly sound asleep.

In the chilling recording, a voice asks "what are ya?" and a bizarre, unintelligible voice rambles back in a guttural, raspy response.

Although it could just be the man talking it in his sleep, the 'conversation' is unnerving nonetheless.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Renters in Pennsylvania flee their haunted home (video)

There is a house in Lackawanna County where no one is currently living.

The house looks like it could sit in nearly any community in northeastern or central Pennsylvania, but according to the people who've lived there, it is no ordinary home.

“You could offer me all the money in the world and we would never go back there,” said Bob Drazba.

Bob and Kelli Ann Drazba say they were thrilled when they signed a lease to rent the place north of Scranton last November, but the first night they spent in the home, they knew something wasn’t right.

Over the next several months, Bob kept a log of their experiences. He documented a series of unexplained sights, sounds, and smells, including footsteps, shadows, and the strong, unmistakable smell of cigarette smoke that would come and go in an instant.

Bob and Kelli Ann run marathons. Neither smokes.

“There was just this pattern as things got stronger and stronger and more bold, and things just escalated really bad," Bob said.

In early April, Kelli Ann stepped out of the shower and noticed odd scratches on her back that resembled a demonic script.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Haunted Historic House well send you haunted plants

This Halloween (Monday 31st October), haunted New York State historic site, the Dr. Best House & Medical Museum ( in Middleburgh, Schoharie County, is making supernatural and tech history by launching a ‘ghosts on-demand’ app-powered initiative that will give New Yorkers the opportunity to have a (potentially possessed) plant from its haunted yard (a center of paranormal activity) delivered straight to their homes or offices.

For the first time, people need not own an historical manor or mountain hotel in order to boast of a spirit-in-residence. Dr. Best House, known for the tragedies that befell its family, and still home to medical and surgical equipment and oddities (dating back to the Civil War), has partnered with home services app, Handy (, which more typically offers cleaners on-demand, in order to provide offices and homes with a ghost ‘on-demand’.

Through the Handy platform, users will be able to enter into a competition draw to receive a plant from the grounds of Dr. Best House: with the possibility that one of the ghosts who roam its haunted grounds will accompany the shrub to its new residence.

To register an interest in receiving a haunted Dr Best House shrub (plants are limited), would-be ghost-hosts should download the Handy app (available on both iOS or Android) or visit for more information.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Mysterious creature filmed swimming up a Alaskan River (video)

At various times of year, Bureau of Land Management Fairbanks District Office Public Affairs Specialist Craig McCaa likes to go down to the Chena River to share photos of changing Fairbanks weather.

On Oct. 18, he decided to walk his camera down to the University Avenue bridge that crosses the river to snap a few pictures of ice forming on the water's surface.

But instead of finding just snow and ice, McCaa saw a "strange thing" moving back and forth in the current of the murky river.

"It never fully revealed itself," he said in a phone interview Tuesday.

McCaa took a video and posted it to the "Bureau of Land Management – Alaska" Facebook page Tuesday afternoon. By evening it had been watched about 20,900 times. Speculation has run rampant on what the creepy object — or creature — swaying in the water might be.

"I initially thought, and several people thought, it could be some rope that snagged on the bottom of the river with chunks of ice," McCaa said. "Other people have mentioned everything from sea monster to giant sturgeon."

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Ghost Hunters star has never seen a ghost (video)

Steve Gonsalves has spent 20 years seeking out the paranormal – but he says he’s never seen a ghost with his own eyes.

Gonsalves is one part of the spirit-seeking team on SyFy Channel’s “Ghost Hunters” series.

“What you would think of as the floating apparition, I’ve never seen that,” Gonsalves told Fox News’ Lauren Green. “I’ve seen a lot of things I can’t explain – objects moving, things falling that doesn’t make sense, smells, black masses, that sort of thing – but I’ve never seen an actual ghost.”

Nevertheless, Gonsalves plans to keep looking for ghosts and evidence of their existence. He says people are drawn to the supernatural because of a natural curiosity about what happens after death.

“Is there life after death? Where do we go? What happens to the energy inside of our body?” Gonsalves asks. “Investigators like me, we’re looking for those answers for people and for us.”

Ghost caught helping clean up at a pub (video)

You’ve heard of the friendly ghost, but now a cleaning ‘ghost’ seems to be causing spooky havoc at a pub in Dudley.

Staff at The Chapel House, based on Ruiton Street, Lower Gornal, Dudley, have released footage on their Facebook page of what appears to be ghostly movements of a mop and a wet floor A-board sign.

The footage initially seems to innocently show Katie set up the A-board and the mop in the back room of the pub, before walking around the room calling for Ben.

As she leaves the room, the A-board appears to mysteriously move and fold itself neatly on the floor.

Then, as Ben enters the shot, the mop in the corner of the room is propelled across the nearby table.

The footage was filmed at the start of the month, when new licensee Katie Ann Round, 31 of Tividale was at the back of the pub cleaning.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The "Bermuda Triangle" has not been solved,.according to this "poorly edited" scientist

A Science Channel show is making waves about the Bermuda Triangle this week. It appears to have claimed that the “mystery” of the region is solved — except that’s not at all what the scientist interviewed intended.

The “What on Earth” segment portrays Randall Cerveny, director of the meteorology department at Arizona State University, as having discovered the secret to the mysterious disappearances, sinkings and crashes that have occurred in the famous region east of the Bahamas. Or at least, he appears to think he has the answer, when in reality he has no interest in anything having to do with the Bermuda Triangle.

“The editing on this was horrendous,” Cerveny told The Washington Post. “I was really upset when I saw this.”

Lots of other people are seeing it now, too. After the segment aired in the United Kingdom, the U.K.-based Sun newspaper published an article online with this headline:

Scientists claim 170 mph ‘air bombs’ capable of downing planes and ships could unlock mystery of notorious stretch of sea

Then the New York Post picked it up:

Read More: The Washington Post

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Mysterious black entity caught on CCTV floating around apartment building

Is this a witch? Mysterious shadow in black cloak spotted hovering around apartment building
The bizarre figure appears to float around on the top floor before levitating down on to a lower level in a unworldly manner.

A mysterious shadow spotting hovering around on an apartment block could be a 'witch', according to residents.

CCTV footage shows a cloaked figure apparently floating around the top floor of the residential building, occasionally disappearing out of view.

At one point, the ghostly shadow leaps from the top balcony onto a lower floor, but appears to be able to hover it mid-air and levitate back up again.

Eventually, the 'witch' makes the full jump to the first floor, where it appears lie in wait.
It is at this point the clip cuts off.

The video has appeared on the Cali is Cali Facebook page and has been viewed more than 300,000 times.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Sketchy ghost hunter Ryan Buell arrested in South Carolina

Ryan Daniel Buell, 34, is facing two felony charges related to theft and stolen property. He's also facing a misdemeanor charge of theft of services. All charges are in Centre County, Pennsylvania, where Buell was last known to be living. Buell was arrested on Sept. 18 in Florence County, South Carolina, the state where he grew up.

Buell's role in "Paranormal State" involved looking for ghosts or trying to prove that life after death is real.

He has a sizable fan base across the country, but fans started getting frustrated with him after he canceled shows without providing refunds.

Buell had started a tour called "Conversations with the Dead Tour." Tickets were sold to shows in cities across the U.S. and Canada, but the shows got postponed and then canceled, leaving fans with no answers and looking for refunds.

Fans were out hundreds of dollars and wanted their money back. Many of them never got a dime back. Some were able to get refunds by disputing the charge with their credit card company.

Source: ABC 7

Sunday, September 25, 2016

A woman in North Carolina captured the ghost of her dog (video)

A BEREAVED dog owner claims a mysterious apparition she caught on camera is the GHOST of her deceased pet coming back to forgive her for having it put down.
The spooky footage shows what appears to be a dog-shaped apparition run across the room as the owner films her new puppy Bella.

Kimberley Pearce, 40, from North Carolina, was videoing Bella scampering around the house when she believes her beloved cocker spaniel Sadie, who had to be put down just one week earlier, returned to comfort her.

Mrs Pearce said: "It was only a few days after when I was showing the video to a friend that I saw her appear. I just knew it was her. That was my dog.
"I was in shock - I went outside and started to cry. But then I started to smile. I had been begging for her to give me a sign.

"You can see it's a white and caramel colour, and so was my little girl.

"The video had been taken around lunchtime and no cars go past my house to make a reflection, and no birds for a shadow or anything. We live quite far out in the country.

Man captures photo of a little girl in a bonnet

A BUTCHER claims to have photographed the ghost of a little girl wearing period dress and a bonnet while visiting a 900-year-old castle.

Mark Whitaker, 34, was snapping pictures on a visit to Yorkshire’s Skipton Castle when he captured the image.

It wasn’t until he returned to his home in Lancashire that he noticed a ghostly figure in the background of the picture.

The image shows a figure in a white floor-length dress and a bonnet.

Mark has released it to see what others think.

He said: “It actually sent a shiver down my spine as I didn’t see it until I transferred it to my computer.

“I think it’s a ghost of a little girl of some kind, especially with what she is wearing. She has a dress and bonnet that I think is like what they would wear two or three hundred years ago.

“But there is no physical shape, no arms or face appears.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Did an angel or a ghost appear above WTC Tribute Lights on 9/11 ?? (video)

A photographer allegedly took a photo of a mysterious figure during the Tribute in Light memorial at the World Trade Center on Sunday.

According to many believers, the figure taken by freelance photographer Rich McCormack was possibly an angel watching over the victims and the loved ones affected by the terrorist attack on Sept. 11, 2001.

McCormack describes the figure as a vision of the Lord Jesus Christ at the top of one of the beams of light. He thought that the figure really looked like an angel or Jesus and he felt compelled to share this on his social media.

“Zoom in to the top of beam do you see something,” wrote the photographer on his Facebook post. “I took this photo – no photoshop, no gimmicks. Took many and only one showed this image.”

McCormack points out that he took several pictures that night and this angel-like figure only appeared in one of them. This led many to argue that the 9/11 memorial image was Photoshopped, which the photographer vehemently denies.

New photo of the Loch Ness Monster is interesting

A whisky warehouse worker has taken a picture of what could be one of the most convincing Loch Ness Monster sightings to date.

Amateur photographer Ian Bremner, 58, was driving around the Highlands in search of red deer - but stumbled instead across the remarkable sight of what appears to be Nessie swimming in the calm waters of Loch Ness.

The father-of-four spends most of his weekends in the region taking photographs of the stunning natural beauty.

But it was not until he got back to his home in Nigg, Invergordon, that he noticed three humps emerging from the water which he thinks could be the elusive monster.

The picture shows a two-yard long silver creature swimming away from the lens with its head bobbing away and a tail flapping a yard away, preparing to swim further on.

The likely creature was spotted coming up for air close to the banks of the loch on Saturday afternoon midway between the villages of Dores and Inverfarigaig.

New photo of the Loch Ness Monster is interesting

A whisky warehouse worker has taken a picture of what could be one of the most convincing Loch Ness Monster sightings to date.

Amateur photographer Ian Bremner, 58, was driving around the Highlands in search of red deer - but stumbled instead across the remarkable sight of what appears to be Nessie swimming in the calm waters of Loch Ness.

The father-of-four spends most of his weekends in the region taking photographs of the stunning natural beauty.

But it was not until he got back to his home in Nigg, Invergordon, that he noticed three humps emerging from the water which he thinks could be the elusive monster.

The picture shows a two-yard long silver creature swimming away from the lens with its head bobbing away and a tail flapping a yard away, preparing to swim further on.

The likely creature was spotted coming up for air close to the banks of the loch on Saturday afternoon midway between the villages of Dores and Inverfarigaig.

Ian said: “It's a part of the world that always makes you second guess what you're seeing.

When you're up there you're constantly looking in the water to see if you can spot anything in there.

The picture shows a two-yard long silver creature swimming away from the lens with its head bobbing
“This is the first time I've ever seen Nessie in the loch. I would be amazing if I was the first one to find her.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Michigan's Paulding Lights still an unexplained mystery (video)

PAULDING — “I can see it right now!” Bob Anderson said excitedly, staring into the trees.
It was a cool summer evening, and the 61-year-old from L’Anse had brought a few of his fishing buddies down a dead-end road into the Ottawa National Forest to see the famous, mysterious phenomenon known as the Paulding Light, which is said to appear frequently at a remote spot in the woods of the western Upper Peninsula.

Those who’ve seen it say it’s a bright white light, glowing deep inside the woods, changing size and shape before fading into the darkness.

“Right now, down at the bottom of the gap — see it?” he asked. The other three guys craned their necks and tried to spot it, but didn’t. They looked unconvinced.

Anderson wasn’t deterred. “I took a lot of skeptics down here, made them believers” he said.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Spooky video shows ‘Ghost’ Of Soldier at Gettysburg (video)

ghostghostghostFrom July 1 until July 3, 1863, around 50,000 soldiers were killed during The Battle of Gettysburg in Pennsylvania, USA.

It was the American Civil War’s biggest loss of men and is now widely regarded as one of the most haunted battlefields in the whole world, making it a must-see location for countless ghost hunters.

This video was recorded back in 2013 but after being posted on Reddit, it has gone viral all over again, and it’s easy to see why.

Now, I’m a sceptic and I wasn’t expecting the ghostly apparition in the video to be as clear as it is, so it’s either set-up and entirely faked or it’s legit. Either way it makes for one hell of an eerie video.

Essentially, this clip is the moment two ghost hunters headed to the battlefield in an attempt to get something spooky on tape.

The footage begins as they are driving to an area where some ‘activity’ has been rumoured and they decide to wait there for a while.

Woman captures ghost of a child waving on camera (video)

Louise Murphy and her son Owen visited the Riverside Museum's Victorian-themed street and were shocked to discover they had a captured the haunting image. 
The Mum-Of-Two was enjoying a family day at a museum was left spooked when she caught what she believes could be one of the clearest images of a ghost on camera she has ever seen - a waving little girl.

Louise Murphy had taken her nine-year-old son Owen for a day out at the Riverside Museum in Glasgow when she began taking photos in the museum's Victorian-themed street.

Despite only Owen being near her when taking the picture, Louise was shocked to discover the haunting image of a little girl with long brown hair, waving at the camera and wearing a floral dress.

Most eerily, her entire face is blanked out apart from what appears to be the hollow shape of a black eye looking directly at the camera.

Louise claims Owen was also left unsettled by the image since he confirmed he was the only one present when she took the picture.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

'Poltergeist' baffles Scotland Police officers after they witness paranormal activity

POLICE investigating reports of disturbances at a house were left stunned when they witnessed paranormal activity.

The officers witnessed clothes flying across a room, lights going off and when they went back on the lampshades were upside down and oven doors opening and closing.

Even a chihuahua dog which was playing in the garden was then discovered sitting on top of a seven-foot hedge.

The family who live at the property had called the police in a panic. They endured two days of the bizarre occurrences before moving out of the property in Rutherglen, South Lanarkshire.

The situation has been discussed at high levels within Police Scotland, with senior officers perplexed as to how they best handle the incidents.

A police source said: “These were incidents that were witnessed by our own officers. Incidents that are not easily explained.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Statue of Jesus opens and closes eyes on camera (video)

Strange footage has appeared online that shows a statue of Jesus opening and closing its eyes. The video was captured inside the chapel of Saltillo in Coahuila de Zaragoza, Mexico.

The camera looks first upon the statue with its eyes closed. Then, it appears to open its eyes to stare directly into the camera. After a few seconds, the eyes close again.

The footage was allegedly recorded in June, during a service.

There is now a debate over its authenticity. Is it a computer-generated hoax? Or perhaps a reflection of light caused by someone opening and closing a door? Or could it be a miracle, a sign of some significance?

Weeks of study have revealed no evidence the film has been altered in any way.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Spooky footage shows a trolley being guided around a warehouse (video)

A spooky specter may have been caught on camera in this video, as a trolley appears to come to life.

The supernatural event is recorded on a security camera, and was shared on Spanish paranormal channel Huelo el Miedo TM’s YouTube channel earlier this week.

Filmed at midday, the freaky footage appears to show the possessed trolley moving by itself, before an invisible hand guides it round the corner of a table.

The object continues to move even after a spooked warehouse worker returns to the room – causing him to leap back in shock.

Seemingly disturbed by the man’s reappearance in the room, the trolley then stops moving.

Convinced he has witnessed a poltergeist, the employee calls to his colleague for help.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

CCTV caught video soul leaving body at a hospital (video)

The soul coming out of the bodyIn the creepy video, a deceased body lies on a stretcher in a hospital ward with a white sheet draped over her.

As she lays in the dark room, a translucent figure starts to appear.

The pale glowing spectre is seen rising from the body in the middle of the abandoned room, before quickly vanishing.

The paranormal footage was captured in the early morning of July 20, 2014, but has gone viral since being uploaded to YouTube recently.

 More than three million people have viewed the spooky clip, taken in China.

Investigator gets tormented by a ghost in London (video)

Ian Hawke live-streamed his contact with a “ghost” to hundreds of viewers on the social media site.

A cup and plate mysteriously fell off a sideboard in Ian’s home before the cup was hurled at him by an invisible force.

The video shows the dad, 42, from Abbey Wood, southeast London, freak out as his summons to the poltergeist to show itself was answered.

Ian, who captured spooky footage on his CCTV camera a few weeks ago, was joined for the ghost hunt by paranormal investigator Danny Taylor.
Ian is heard asking for the spirit to come forward, saying: “Anything, anything, come on, please, anything.”

A white mug was then thrown off the stool, prompting him to shout: “What the f***.”

Monday, July 25, 2016

Some Guy from the band One Direction bought a haunted house in Los Angeles

Niall Horan's new Los Angeles home is reportedly haunted by the ghost of actress Gia Scala.

The 22-year-old One Direction singer splashed out on a $3.9 million (£3 million) mansion in the Californian city last December (15), but has yet to move in as the property is undergoing extensive renovations.

But now one of the house's former residents, Jack Krane, who grew up there, has revealed he always felt the presence of The Guns of Navarone star Gia there, following the actress' death in one of the bedrooms after a suspected overdose in 1972.

Security camera shows ‘tsunami victim ghost’ follow man into a cab (video)

Taxi drivers in Japan have been reporting ghost passengers in areas worst hit by the 2011 tsunami.
Now it appears one may have been captured on camera after eerie footage emerged of what some suggest is a female ghost following a man into a cab.

In the viral clip, a male passenger is seen walking towards a white cab at a Japanese taxi rank, when a black shape appears to follow him.

Some viewers have suggested it looks like a woman in a black hood.

The mysterious shape seems to glide behind the passenger into the taxi, before the vehicle closes with them both inside.

As the figure gets closer to the open door it appears to form more clearly, as a woman in a long robe and hood.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Did a security camera capture a ghost playing in the street (video)

News Shopper: A man is in shock after capturing spooky CCTV footage of a ghost in the road outside his home in Abbey Wood.

Ian Hawke, 42, of Overton Road, was sitting down and looking at his CCTV screen when the spirit suddenly appeared at 11.50pm last night (July 14).

The spooked-out resident says there have been spirits living in his house for years.

Mr Hawke told News Shopper: “I was so shocked when I saw it – I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

“It looks like a child playing or even just confused and running away.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Did a man photograph a ghost at the scene of a deadly fatal accident (video)

STANTON, Ky. (LEX 18) A chilling image taken at the scene of a deadly motorcycle crash in Powell County is being shared on social media.

The crash occurred 5:30 Tuesday afternoon on Highway 15 near Stanton. Officials tell LEX 18 the person on the motorcycle was the only person involved and he was taken to a hospital where he later died.

A photo take at the scene is hard to believe. The photo shows the image or outline of a man above the man's body.

Saul Vazquez, the man who took the photo, posted it on Facebook and said he took it from the cab of his truck. It has since been shared over 16,000 times in just 10 hours.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Father live streams video of haunted swing at Rhode Island playground (video)

A father was so spooked he refused to take his children to a playground after filming a "haunted" swing moving back and forth in windless and deserted park.

Scotty Denton took three children to visit a playground in Warwick, Rhode Island, on June 23 and was too terrified to get out of the car because of a "playground ghost".

The father live streamed the chilling ordeal on Facebook, which has now been viewed over 4.5 million times.

In the video, a blue swing erratically moves back and forth in the air, freaking out the father and his children.

"We're in the playground and the kids don't want to go anymore because look at this s***," Denton tells the camera.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Spiritual Healers capture spirits moving partitians at a Malaysian Mosque (video)

MUAR: A team of traditional healers claimed they had successfully 'caught' several jinns which were said to have made Masjid Kampung Tedong in Malacca, their home since 400 million years ago.

One of the practitioners, Sa'ad Jaafar, 49, claimed that the incident of two prayer room partitions 'gliding' across the hall of the mosque, caught in a spooky video recording, was not factored by wind, as previously claimed.

He claimed the jinns did it.

"I was on my way back to my hometown when I decided to stop by the mosque to help. We have since identified that the cause of the partitions moving was not due to wind but jinns," he said.

The healers had apparently 'communicated' with the supernatural beings, with several of the mosque's congregation bearing witness.

During the 'conversation', a jinn was said to have admitted to moving the partitions. The video footage of the incident, caught by the mosque’s CCTV camera, had since gone viral on social media.

Scared kids break into haunted hospital in Costa Rica and film a ghost (video)

Breaking into a local haunted 'hot-spot' is a common feature of many a horror movie.

But a group of teenagers in Costa Rica got more than they bargained for when they tried it for real.

A spooky video shows the teenagers exploring the Sanatorio Duran hospital in the South American country.

The hospital was used to treat sufferers of tuberculosis, also known as the white plague.

The teens can be seen looking round a seemingly abandoned room.

But when one of them flashes their torch against the wall, they see what looks like a figure scampering across.

The teen filming the video screams and runs at full pelt away from the scary apparition.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Unknown giant ‘sea creature’ spotted off Antarctica by Google Earth (video)

A mysterious image captured near Antarctica by Google Earth has sparked a frenzy of speculation online with theories about its source ranging from the mythical ‘Kraken’ sea monster to an aquatic UFO. 
The image of the elusive being was first spotted off the coast of Deception Island in the South Shetlands on Google Earth on April 9 and shared through a video on YouTube in an effort to solve the oceanic mystery.

It’s estimated the creature measures up to a massive 120 meters in total, prompting some to believe the legendary Kraken sea monster has finally been found.

“That sound like a Kraken to me. Maybe the stories about the giant sea monster of the deep are all true,” Scott Warring from UFO Sightings Daily wrote.

Legend has it the sea monster, similar in form to the giant squid, roamed the waters of Norway and Greenland attacking ships by wrapping its tentacles around them.

Another theory is that the creature is in fact a plesiosaur, a now-extinct marine reptile common during the Jurassic Period.  “When I saw it, it immediately made me think of a plesiosaur fin,” the YouTube user who uploaded the video wrote.

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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Ghost hunters called in to investigate sightings at a shopping center

Shopping-centre bosses have called in paranormal investigators after customers reported seeing a ghost.

Sightings of the apparition, said to be a woman dressed in all-black period clothing, have been reported four times in as many weeks at Silverburn shopping centre in Glasgow.

Managers have now called in experts from Glasgow Paranormal Investigations to help establish the cause of the sightings.

A Silverburn spokesman said: "We are aware that a shadowy woman has been spotted around the centre and we are taking the sightings extremely seriously.

"We have reached out to local experts in the field of paranormal activity, who will hopefully be able to shed some light on the matter."

The shopping centre opened in 2007, built on the former Pollok shopping centre site.

Last year, the centre opened a further £20 million extension to the building and prior to this there had been no reports of paranormal activity.

A member of Glasgow Paranormal Investigations said: "It is not uncommon for a spirit to be attached to a site before the present building was constructed.

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Bobby Brown claims to have had sex with a ghost (ugh)

Bobby Brown once had sex with a ghost.

The R&B star, who was once married to the late Whitney Houston, has revealed he woke up one night in a creepy new mansion and found a spook on top of him.

“I bought this mansion in Georgia... this was a really, really spooky place,” he told 20/20  interviewer Robin Roberts during a taped  interview, which airs on Tuesday night. “One time, I woke up, and yeah, a ghost... I was being mounted by a ghost.”

Brown, who recounts the odd experience in full in his upcoming memoir, Every Little Step, insists he wasn’t using drugs at the time and feels sure it wasn’t a crazy dream.

The 47-year-old, who also claims to have slept with Madonna and Janet Jackson, added, “I wasn’t high... I was not trippin’.”

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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Ghost of former storekeeper caught on security camera (video)

The ghost of a former shopkeeper has allegedly been spotted roaming around building where she used to work - years after her death.

The spooky CCTV was captured in vintage store Hopkinson, located in Station Street, Nottingham.

The premises were originally opened in the 1880s as a family-run industrial engineers merchants called H. Hopkinson Ltd.

That business was run by the patriarch of the family - Mr Hopkinson.

It was later changed to a vintage clothes shop, which also stocks antiques.

In the clip, an eerie outline is seen floating towards a rack of clothes before pausing beside items of clothing.

The figure, believed to be the wife of the shop's original owner, then turns and floats away, almost as quickly as she appeared.

General manager Izzy Watts told The Mirror: "I was 100% convinced by the footage. When I saw it on my way into work, I actually felt sick.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Very chilling footage of a ghostly apparition filmed in a Hospital (video)

This chilling footage from inside a haunted  hospital has left the internet baffled and disturbed.

In the clip a ghostly apparition appears out of nowhere in a dimly lit corridor lined with stretchers.

The grungy hallway is otherwise empty – leaving no explanation about where the semi-transparent figure came from.

Internet ghost hunters think the sighting was in the School Hospital Universitario in Honduras where a doctor apparently took their own life.

It is said that the medic now haunts the corridors and flickers on the lights in rooms where patients are staying.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Was a ghost photographed at an Australian music festival ??

If you went to underage festival Good Life in Brisbane this year you may have encountered a nice little girl with a teddy called Lucy. Don’t freak out or anything BUT SHE IS PROBABLY A GHOST.

A photo of Lucy (and her teddy) has been circulating on the internet and even the promoters aren’t too sure what is going on.

After launching its own internal investigation, which involved calling the venue, Good Life have concluded that, yes, Lucy may actually be a ghost.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Haunted Possessed Doll streaming live online right now (video)

Many reportedly haunted objects exist in this world. Ghost hunters have published accounts of examining everything from haunted figurines to possessed paintings; TV shows have captured the process of finding, investigating, and storing such items.

Here at The Lineup, we’re a mixed group of believers and skeptics, but we all agreed a first-hand experience with one of these haunted objects could change our minds. So we partnered with the paranormal specialists at Destination America and tracked down a doll rumored to be haunted by the restless spirit of a little girl from Waverly Hills Sanatorium.

Meet Ann.

According to paranormal investigators, Ann was a 13-year-old girl treated for tuberculosis at Waverly Hills Sanatorium in the early 1900s, during a time when the idea of a “rest-cure” was in actuality a certain death sentence. One of Ann’s caretakers was a former aide named Lois, who worked at the institution from 1919 to 1935. She was responsible for the children’s welfare, and unsurprisingly, became very attached to her young patients.

Likewise, the patients relied on Lois … so much so that when they succumbed to their illnesses, their spirits followed the woman home, hoping she could continue caring for them. A friend recommended that Lois obtain vessels to house these unfortunate souls.

Visit site for more info:

Friday, April 15, 2016

Mom captures ghost in photo while walking with her kids

An Irish mum has captured a clear snap of what looks like a ghost soldier in a candid family picture of her young son and daughter taken on a walk in Derry.

Gerri Moran took the creepy snap on her mobile phone while out walking along a disused railway line - but didn't spot the eerie ghost soldier until she got back home.

The 34-year-old mother's two kids were running through a wooded area close to the River Foyle, near the Derry/Donegal border when she captured the spooky snap, Belfast Live reports.

But after Gerri she got home and went through the snaps, she noticed a very spooky face looking back at her.
“After our walk I was looking through all the photos I had taken and noticed a kind of shadow or disturbance in front of my son Finn,” said Gerri, from Derry.

“When I looked closer I couldn't believe what I saw, it looked like a man – to me it looked like a soldier - standing there beside the tree. None of us

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Couple captures footage of the ghost of pet dog (video)

Mutley a deceased family pet that is believed to be haunting the Kennedy's
The chilling footage appears to show a shadowy shape charge towards the camera, which Barry says resembles the head and leg of a dog.

Barry says he had been seeing orbs in the hallway where Mutley used to spend a lot of time and could smell 'wet dog', so began filming to see what it would catch.

Paranormal investigator Brenda Castellano, who helps with police in the US with investigations, even scrutinised the footage and confirmed it was not a hoax.

Barry said: "I was taking pictures of the kids in the kitchen when I noticed strange orbs on the pictures. At the same time we always got the smell of wet dog.

"One day I just stood in the kitchen calling his name, taking pictures, and it happened again where his basket used to be. That's all I was expecting to catch. I just expected to see orbs.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Woman spots ghost of her dead mother-in-law in photo

Caroline is convinced the white figure is her mother-in-lawCaroline’s mother-in-law passed away eight years ago. But she insists she has turned up in a family photograph.

Taking photos of her grandson as they played peek-a-boo, Caroline was left shocked to see what was lurking in the background. The 49-year old insists she can see a see-through spirit in a nightie standing behind him.
Caroline, from Bradford, West Yorkshire, said: "It's really weird and quite spooky, I can see arms and part of a see-through body that appears to be dressed in a nightie.

The figure in the pictures is transparent and the only person I think it could be is my ex-mother-in-law because we have her old furniture in the room. The house is only 20 years old so I don't think there could be any spirits from my home, she's the only one we can think of."

Friday, April 8, 2016

Motorist claims to have filmed the Russian Ghost Bride (video)

Ghost Bride Caught on Camera A spooked out motorist believes she's captured on video the ghost of a dead bride hovering at a crash hotspot where a newlywed died almost three decades ago.

There have been 10 accidents reported on the forest road in just one year.

But the driver who recorded the haunting footage believes that the spectre she saw could have been a victim from 27 years ago.

The clip has been called a "sensation" by paranormal investigators and is going viral online after being uploaded to video-sharing websites.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Britains' Most Haunted House is making people sick

Hull Haunted House
Owner Andy Yates

Labelled "one of the most haunted houses in Britain", the Hull property was the sight of hair-raising frights for a group of ghost fans

A spooky house where a group of ghost fanatics stayed the night was so haunted that it made some of them physically SICK.

The creepy home, dubbed "The Hostel" by paranormal experts, is notorious for its spooky aura, with stories of moving chairs, objects flying through the air and candles blowing out.

The seven-bedroom home in Hull, East Yorkshire, has even had ghostly faces appearing at its windows leading to police break-ins.

Becci Cook, 26, one of the people brave enough to step inside, said spooky forces began to take hold as soon as the group passed through the front door .

She said: "The activity started the moment we got inside.

"Things moved and three people even vomited. There was this amazing feeling of sickness that came over us.

"Doors opened on their own and one man even had a ball thrown at him when he said he could live here."

Andy Yates, who owns the haunted property, said he'd seen plenty of creepy goings on over the years.

He said: "I lived in the house by myself, and I came downstairs to find steak knives balanced on the plates in the drying rack.

"I've tried to rent the house out a couple of times, but the longest anyone has lasted is four days. Some people couldn't return after measuring the house up for furniture.

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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Ghost of former patient appears in a abandoned asylum window

Former psychiatric hospitalA spooky image which appears to show a GHOSTLY APPARITION at the window of a derelict asylum has chilled the heart of an unfortunate photographer.

The creepy snap seems to show a ghoulish face in shadows on the first-floor window of the former psychiatric hospital - despite it being closed for 15 years.

The asylum in Bronllys, Brecon, Wales, was also a Prisoner of War camp in World War Two where captured German soldiers were kept.

After the war it housed psychiatric patients who were sometimes lobotomised for conditions like postnatal depression, alcoholism and senile dementia.

At least one patient is known to have died on the site from a pre-frontal lobotomy which saw part of the brain damaged by cracking open the skull and severing nerves.

The spooky image was taken by walker Adam Smith as he strolled past the outside of the crumbling, moss-covered building.

He said: "I caught an epic shot of a ghost at the abandoned Brecon and Radnor Lunatic Asylum.

"Maybe it was a patient who had a lobotomy or perhaps a soldier patient from the war or maybe a Nazi prisoner.

"Whatever it was, it certainly gave me a fright."

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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Another "Haunted House" for sale. Who's with me,..I'm in

Real estate agents rarely lead with the line “Soooo, the house is haunted.” In fact, unless every horror movie ever made got it entirely wrong, homeowners tend to get a bit peeved once they find out their dream home is also occupied by some form of the undead — who doesn’t pay rent.

But then there’s the Sallie House, which is currently for sale by owner in Atchison, KS and defying all scary movie rules by openly advertising the rich — and haunted — history of the property to any and all comers.
“The value of the home is as an attraction,” says the current owner of the Sallie House, which isn’t owner-occupied but instead rented by the hour or, for the bravest, overnight.

Not a bad business, since, far from staying away, “people come from all over come to stay and investigate the home.” And that’s what the current owners are selling it as — not necessarily a tidy little home to move into (though, like many haunted houses, the Sallie House looks deceptively innocent — even charming!), but as an attraction to rent out.

Which shouldn’t be a problem, since the Sallie House has gained and kept a national spotlight after it was featured on the show Sightings, which investigated the home in the early 1990s in response to a series of inexplicably odd, and even dangerous, events. The Sallie House actually made such an impression on the crew that they made a movie about their visit.

The home’s history

Before the hairs on theback of your neck stand up any further, we’ll satisfy the burning question: What’s actually wrong with the home? Or who is knocking around inside it?

Well, that’s where it gets a little confusing. Not that the home hasn’t shown a definite propensity for … expressing itself. There have been full-bodied ghost sightings, framed pictures turned upside down, even (and most famously) a prolonged episode of physical harm (which at one possibly contrite juncture, did involve the presumed “ghost” returning a misplaced remote control).

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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The legend of the Haunted Monkey Bridge of Texas (video)

ATHENS (KYTX) - The Wilson and West College Street intersection is where the Monkey Bridge is located and people who live here say it's haunted.

The bridge's name comes from a tragedy that happened in the 1960s when, supposedly, a circus train derailed and monkeys escaped from their cages. It is said the monkeys then killed the circus owners.

Athens resident Christopher Reyes said it's been 30 years since he visited Monkey Bridge.

"As creepy as it was, it was just something that was fun to do," Reyes said.

He said he and his cousin used to play around the railroad when they were kids until he experienced something that made him not want to go back. Reyes said there was a man wearing a mask that walked up to them, yelling at them to leave the bridge. Reyes said the mystery man chased them off the bridge and they never came back.

"Ever since that night, you hear stories," Reyes said. "Like how you can hear the screams from the men and howling of monkeys."

Even in broad daylight, Reyes said it was still eerie. During the interview he kept looking over his shoulder and clutching his knife.

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