Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Haunted Possessed Doll streaming live online right now (video)

Many reportedly haunted objects exist in this world. Ghost hunters have published accounts of examining everything from haunted figurines to possessed paintings; TV shows have captured the process of finding, investigating, and storing such items.

Here at The Lineup, we’re a mixed group of believers and skeptics, but we all agreed a first-hand experience with one of these haunted objects could change our minds. So we partnered with the paranormal specialists at Destination America and tracked down a doll rumored to be haunted by the restless spirit of a little girl from Waverly Hills Sanatorium.

Meet Ann.

According to paranormal investigators, Ann was a 13-year-old girl treated for tuberculosis at Waverly Hills Sanatorium in the early 1900s, during a time when the idea of a “rest-cure” was in actuality a certain death sentence. One of Ann’s caretakers was a former aide named Lois, who worked at the institution from 1919 to 1935. She was responsible for the children’s welfare, and unsurprisingly, became very attached to her young patients.

Likewise, the patients relied on Lois … so much so that when they succumbed to their illnesses, their spirits followed the woman home, hoping she could continue caring for them. A friend recommended that Lois obtain vessels to house these unfortunate souls.

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Friday, April 15, 2016

Mom captures ghost in photo while walking with her kids

An Irish mum has captured a clear snap of what looks like a ghost soldier in a candid family picture of her young son and daughter taken on a walk in Derry.

Gerri Moran took the creepy snap on her mobile phone while out walking along a disused railway line - but didn't spot the eerie ghost soldier until she got back home.

The 34-year-old mother's two kids were running through a wooded area close to the River Foyle, near the Derry/Donegal border when she captured the spooky snap, Belfast Live reports.

But after Gerri she got home and went through the snaps, she noticed a very spooky face looking back at her.
“After our walk I was looking through all the photos I had taken and noticed a kind of shadow or disturbance in front of my son Finn,” said Gerri, from Derry.

“When I looked closer I couldn't believe what I saw, it looked like a man – to me it looked like a soldier - standing there beside the tree. None of us

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Couple captures footage of the ghost of pet dog (video)

Mutley a deceased family pet that is believed to be haunting the Kennedy's
The chilling footage appears to show a shadowy shape charge towards the camera, which Barry says resembles the head and leg of a dog.

Barry says he had been seeing orbs in the hallway where Mutley used to spend a lot of time and could smell 'wet dog', so began filming to see what it would catch.

Paranormal investigator Brenda Castellano, who helps with police in the US with investigations, even scrutinised the footage and confirmed it was not a hoax.

Barry said: "I was taking pictures of the kids in the kitchen when I noticed strange orbs on the pictures. At the same time we always got the smell of wet dog.

"One day I just stood in the kitchen calling his name, taking pictures, and it happened again where his basket used to be. That's all I was expecting to catch. I just expected to see orbs.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Woman spots ghost of her dead mother-in-law in photo

Caroline is convinced the white figure is her mother-in-lawCaroline’s mother-in-law passed away eight years ago. But she insists she has turned up in a family photograph.

Taking photos of her grandson as they played peek-a-boo, Caroline was left shocked to see what was lurking in the background. The 49-year old insists she can see a see-through spirit in a nightie standing behind him.
Caroline, from Bradford, West Yorkshire, said: "It's really weird and quite spooky, I can see arms and part of a see-through body that appears to be dressed in a nightie.

The figure in the pictures is transparent and the only person I think it could be is my ex-mother-in-law because we have her old furniture in the room. The house is only 20 years old so I don't think there could be any spirits from my home, she's the only one we can think of."

Friday, April 8, 2016

Motorist claims to have filmed the Russian Ghost Bride (video)

Ghost Bride Caught on Camera A spooked out motorist believes she's captured on video the ghost of a dead bride hovering at a crash hotspot where a newlywed died almost three decades ago.

There have been 10 accidents reported on the forest road in just one year.

But the driver who recorded the haunting footage believes that the spectre she saw could have been a victim from 27 years ago.

The clip has been called a "sensation" by paranormal investigators and is going viral online after being uploaded to video-sharing websites.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Britains' Most Haunted House is making people sick

Hull Haunted House
Owner Andy Yates

Labelled "one of the most haunted houses in Britain", the Hull property was the sight of hair-raising frights for a group of ghost fans

A spooky house where a group of ghost fanatics stayed the night was so haunted that it made some of them physically SICK.

The creepy home, dubbed "The Hostel" by paranormal experts, is notorious for its spooky aura, with stories of moving chairs, objects flying through the air and candles blowing out.

The seven-bedroom home in Hull, East Yorkshire, has even had ghostly faces appearing at its windows leading to police break-ins.

Becci Cook, 26, one of the people brave enough to step inside, said spooky forces began to take hold as soon as the group passed through the front door .

She said: "The activity started the moment we got inside.

"Things moved and three people even vomited. There was this amazing feeling of sickness that came over us.

"Doors opened on their own and one man even had a ball thrown at him when he said he could live here."

Andy Yates, who owns the haunted property, said he'd seen plenty of creepy goings on over the years.

He said: "I lived in the house by myself, and I came downstairs to find steak knives balanced on the plates in the drying rack.

"I've tried to rent the house out a couple of times, but the longest anyone has lasted is four days. Some people couldn't return after measuring the house up for furniture.

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