Thursday, May 31, 2012

Saudi Ghost-Hunters raid "Haunted Hospital"

(Reuters) - The dingy corridors and gloomy wards of a long-abandoned Saudi Arabian hospital have drawn hundreds of amateur ghost hunters who believe it to be haunted by jinn, the malevolent spirits of the Koran and Arabian mythology.

The macabre fascination with Riyadh's Irqa Hospital, which treated Gulf War combatants in 1991, began with tweeted rumours and escalated to the point where hundreds of youths broke into the grounds, smashing windows and starting fires.

"Teenagers sent text messages calling for an operation against some of the jinn who live in the hospital, and they broke into the hospital and smashed its facilities and burned 60 percent of it," Okaz newspaper reported last week.

The rampage prompted angry press complaints the authorities were allowing the building to fall into disrepair.

Scientists to Explore the Baltic Sea UFO Anomaly

Swedish scientists plan to explore a mystery ripped straight from the “The X-Files.”

Rather than Mulder and Scully, this adventure features Swedish researchers Peter Lindberg and Dennis Asberg. They too know the truth is out there -- and in mere days plan to visit what they call the “Baltic Anomaly.”

Last summer, while on a treasure hunt between Sweden and Finland, the pair and their research associates made headlines worldwide with the discovery of a 200-foot wide unidentified object at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. Now a team of oceanographers, engineers and deep sea divers will return to the site Friday, June 1, for a 6 to 10 day trip.

They want to find out once and for all what it really is.

“We don’t know whether it is a natural phenomenon, or an object,” Lindberg, captain of the Ocean Explorer, told “We saw it on sonar when we were searching for a wreck from World War I. This circular object just turned up on the monitor.”

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Zombie Attack ends in deadly shooting (video)

Police sources have identified the homeless victim in a horrific, bloody assault in which a naked North Miami Beach man chewed off a large portion of another's man's face, as first reported by the Miami Herald and CBS Miami.

Ronald Poppo, 65, is in critical condition at Jackson Memorial Hospital's Ryder Trauma Center, just blocks from where he was attacked by 31-year-old Rudy Eugene in broad daylight Saturday on the Downtown off-ramp of Miami's busy MacArthur Causeway.

According to CBS, Poppo's arrest records -- mostly for the sort of petty crime common among the homeless -- show he has lived in New York City and New Orleans but suggest he has spent at least a good deal of his time in Miami since 1978. He is not found in Miami-Dade court records after a 2006 trespassing charge.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

New Zealand Ghost Sighting Spooks Students

Larnach Castle
Ghostly sightings may have left Cumberland College students spooked, but now a tourist has reported being bullied by a ghost at Larnach Castle.

Sightings of the ghost known as the "Grey Lady" at the college earlier this month have sparked a media frenzy, says the author of a soon-to-be-published book about Dunedin's haunted spots.

HairRaiser Tours owner Andrew Smith said well-known spots included Larnach Castle, the Fortune Theatre, Stafford Gables and a specific area around Moray Pl.

The college was in "lock-down" when he visited with other media yesterday.

Students and staff were  spooked by the latest sightings, he said.

"Whether or not the students have known the history and they have talked themselves into believing something - that could be a possibility ... but they are genuinely freaked out."

Monday, May 21, 2012

Truth behind the movie "The Possession" aka The Dibbuk Box

The "REAL Dibbuk Box
There is a new horror movie coming out, this fall,  from Sam Raimi's Ghosthouse Pictures called "The Possession", originally titled "The Dibbuk Box". The trailer also states that the movie is based on a true story. 

So for everyone wondering about the origins of the story I pulled up this 8 year old article from the Los Angeles Times for your reading pleasure. I also added the movie trailer at the bottom for you to see it for yourself. Enjoy !!

A small wooden cabinet went up for auction on EBay (click to see original auction). Inside were two locks of hair, one granite slab, one dried rosebud, one goblet, two wheat pennies, one candlestick and, allegedly, one "dibbuk," a kind of spirit popular in Yiddish folklore.

The seller, a Missouri college student named Iosif Nietzke, described the container as a "haunted Jewish wine cabinet box" that had plagued several owners with rotten luck and a spate of bizarre paranormal stunts.
"We have definitely seen a tidal wave of 'bad luck,' " the seller wrote on EBay in the first week of February. "Most disturbingly, last Tuesday, my hair began to fall out. I'm in my early 20s and I just got a clean blood test back from the doctor's...."

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Easter Island Statues actually have bodies !!

New photographs reveal what lies beneath the surface of Easter Island, one of the most remote places in the world -- the carved bodies of the island's 887 famous guardians.

Most people think of the 63-square-mile Pacific island’s silent stone sentinels as simple heads. But the heads all have bodies -- and a backstory that's only now being pieced together, explained Jo Anne Van Tilburg, director of the Easter Island Statue Project.

“Those statues which are the most photographed are standing in the quarry. They’re buried up to mid-torso level. So it’s understandable that the general public didn’t have a clue that those statues had bodies,” she told

Current belief is that the statues were carved between A.D.1100 up until the 1800s, when an influx of Westerners transformed the culture. Van Tilburg, a fellow with The Cotsen Institute of Archaeology at the University of California, Los Angeles, has only been coming to Easter Island (called Rapa Nui) to do research for twenty years, since 1992. But she first came more than thirty years ago -- and stayed for one clear reason.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

UFO Almost Caused Mid-Air Collision in Denver (video)

A UFO in the skies above Denver almost caused a mid-air collision with a private jet on Monday roughly 8,000 feet above Cherry Creek, according to a report by 9News.

The pilot of the aircraft saw a UFO coming towards the jet, at which point it flew to the side and passed by. Several aircraft showed up on radar at the time, but the UFO did not.

The mysterious object wasn’t able to be identified, but the pilot suspected it could have been a large remote-controlled aircraft.

“[I] don’t know if it was a remote controlled aircraft or what, but something just went by the other way. About 20-30 seconds ago… And it was like a large remote controlled aircraft,” the pilot told aircraft control officials in an audio recording picked up by 9News.

The pilot’s report prompted an investigation by the Federal Aviation Administration, which found no evidence to back up the pilot’s claims that a UFO was in the skies above Denver on Monday.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

‘Haunted’ L.A. hospital being converted into senior living home

Linda Vista Hospital
This is the hospital where I have personally gone ghost hunting. Yes it is a very creepy place and we did have some strange things happen to members of the team. Some of the F.I.S.C.H. team members were even appeared on "Ghost Adventures" when they did their own investigation, as a matter of fact they revisited the hospital this season.

Would you want your grandma living in an abandoned hospital so well known for its creepy atmosphere and alleged hauntings that it has been used in various Hollywood productions by folks like Rob Zombie and the makers of the horror film "Se7en"?

Toronto Witness reports Jellyfish UFO with Eyeballs (video)

A Toronto witness reports that he or she saw a UFO on 12 April 2012 according to testimony supplied from UFO Sightings Daily.
UFO Sightings Daily is coordinated by Scott C. Waring, who is a UFO researcher and author. Mr. Waring had been affiliated with the United States Air Force at SAC base (flight line). He currently owns an ESL School in Taiwan.

Mr. Waring notes where “Jellyfish” UFO sightings have been seen the most.
“A very popular UFO shape that has been seen around the world is the Jellyfish UFO, that is relatively prominent in Russia.”

The eyewitness states where he or she saw the entity.

“This thing came down from above the clouds, slowly descending for about a minute before I began filming.”

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pizza Shop Owner Spots Angel In Security Camera Footage

BLOOMFIELD (KDKA) — The owner of a pizza shop in Bloomfield believes the security camera outside his store picked up the image of an angel.

Bob Usner, from Adrian’s Pizza on Pearl Street,  was checking video from overnight when he found the shot of the parking lot taken around 6 a.m. Friday. In the upper part of the screen is a white image with a distinctive shape.

“You can see a face up at the very top and you can see the hands and you can see the wings,” said Usner.

Usner believes it’s a sign from his dad. Anthony Usner was a 30-year veteran of the Pittsburgh Police who died two years ago.

His dad helped him get the pizza shop. But business has been tough lately, and he’s been thinking about closing.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

'Pulsating winged being' caught on camera (videos)

Videos posted on YouTube are fascinating many as they show a mysterious burst of light that some say contains a “humanoid” figure inside.

One of the videos (posted below) is narrated by a woman who explains the incident took place in Indonesia. Text and timestamps on the video indicate Sept. 11, 2011 at Cilandak Town Square in South Jakarta.

The bright apparition initially comes down to the ground, and then jumps back up out of the closed-circuit camera’s field of vision.

“You can actually see a humanoid moving,” the narrator says, “what appears to be some type of wings or something that makes – I don’t know what it is.”

What are said to be security guards are seen rushing in with flashlights to investigate the scene.

“You see the security running to see what happened,” she continues. “And you can see the pulsating. … It looks like a butterfly. … I think it’s an extraterrestrial. An extraterrestrial means simply from another dimension so it doesn’t have to be a negative thing right away.”

Friday, May 11, 2012

Guess the Mayan calender does not end in 2012

The preservation of the artwork surprised archaeologists, given the dwelling's shallow depth
Archaeologists working at the Xultun ruins of the Mayan civilisation have reported striking finds, including the oldest-known Mayan astronomical tables.

The site, in Guatemala, includes the first known instance of Mayan art painted on the walls of a dwelling.

A report in Science says it dates from the early 9th Century, pre-dating other Mayan calendars by centuries.

Such calendars rose to prominence recently amid claims they predicted the end of the world in 2012.

The Mayan civilisation occupied Central America from about 2000BC until its decline and assimilation following the colonisation by the Spanish from the 15th Century onwards. It still holds fascination, with many early Mayan sites still hidden or uncatalogued.

The ruins at Xultun were first discovered in 1912 and mapping efforts in the 1920s and 1970s laid out
Archaeologists have catalogued the site's features, including a 35m-tall pyramid, but thousands of structures on the 30 sq km site remain unexplored.

In 2005, William Saturno, then at the University of New Hampshire, discovered the oldest-known Mayan murals at a site just a few kilometres away called San Bartolo.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Alaska's Lake Monster "Illie" Identified ?

A biologist says he believes a mysterious creature spotted in Alaska's Lake Iliamna may in fact be nothing more spectacular than a large sleeper shark.

Writing in the Alaska Dispatch, biologist Bruce Wright says he thinks the same kind of shark may be behind Scotland's famous Loch Ness Monster as well.

Pacific sleeper sharks, also known as Greenland sharks, are commonly seen in the waters around Alaska and have been known to grow up to 14 feet in length. If a sleeper shark has managed to survive in Lake Iliamna, Wright says it would have an abundance of fish to feed on and no natural predators.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Another NASA UFO Coverup? SOHO Goes Down (Video)

A SOHO "Solar and Heliospheric Observatory" watcher on YouTube claims a new NASA UFO coverup after their live streaming video was disabled in the last few days.

What's it all about?

The poster to the YouTube channel, rob19791, is claiming that after another video he'd posted went viral, the live streaming images from the solar observatory were disabled, ostensibly due to what NASA calls a "false trigger" on the detector.

Here's NASA's official announcement:

"SOHO went into 'Emergency Sun Reacquisition' mode on Friday May 4, 2012, caused by a false trigger of the Coarse Sun Pointing Attitude Anomaly Detector. We are working on the recovery of the spacecraft to normal mode."

Killing Bigfoot OK in Texas....if he's Texan

Is this the Texas Bigfoot?
Texas has no position on the existence of Bigfoot -- but go on, hunt it anyway.

John Lloyd Scharf, a Bigfoot fan from Oregon, emailed the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department last week about hunting unknown creatures.

Chief of staff Lt. David. Sinclair told he responded with a straight description of the law -- which hinges not on whether the mythical beast exists, but on precisely how the government would label it.

“The statute that you cite (Section 61.021) refers only to game birds, game animals, fish, marine animals or other aquatic life. Generally speaking, other nongame wildlife is listed in Chapter 67 (nongame and threatened species) and Chapter 68 (nongame endangered species),” Sinclair wrote back to Scharf.

“An exotic animal is an animal that is non-indigenous to Texas. Unless the exotic is an endangered species, then exotics may be hunted on private property with landowner consent.”

Monday, May 7, 2012

Scotland's Spectres, Haunted Castles - Part 1

Scotland is famous the world over for its castles - the fortified homes of the great (but not necessarily good) of times gone by - and each one of them has at least one ghostly story to tell.

Here we begin a new series on these old castles and the mysterious ghosts which reportedly frequent them.

Abergeldie Castle


The 16th century Abergeldie Castle, which stands barely two miles from the royal family’s country home at Balmoral, has had its fair share of visiting guests over the years. But it also has an extra, uninvited ‘guest’, known as French Kate or Kitty Rankie. She was apparently a French woman who was employed in the castle at one time and was suspected of witchcraft. After being confined in the castle she was taken to a nearby hill and burned at the stake. So it’s perhaps no surprise that her angry spirit returned to the castle after her death. 

Pyramid-like object reported over Cambridge, Ontario

UFOs are "Unidentified Flying Objects". What was photographed by a southern Ontario couple recently? What do you think?

A Cambridge, Ontario couple reports photographing an apparent Pyramid-like UFO moving rapidly over the city around a cloud cover on 3 May 2012 according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database. Cambridge is a Canadian city that is west of Toronto.

The witness reports being called by her husband to look at apparent storm clouds.

“My husband called me outside to look at the pending storm clouds coming in. (I'm a weather enthusiast--I love storms) I decided to shoot some photos with an Olympus C-60.”

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Hindenburg Ghosts make there presence known

Seventy-five years ago today, the massive German airship Hindenburg burst into flames while landing at Lakehurst Naval Air Station in Lakehurst, N.J. The spectacular disaster, one of the most famous in American history, claimed the lives of 13 passengers, 22 crewmen and one ground crewman.

Ever since, the legend of the Hindenburg airship and the disaster that destroyed it has grown. The place where it happened is still there. The actual site of the Hindenburg crash at the Lakehurst Naval Air Station is marked with a chain-outlined pad and a bronze plaque. This memorial was dedicated on May 6, 1987, the 50th anniversary of the disaster. Not far away, Hangar No. 1 still stands. That is the massive hangar that would have housed the 804-foot-long Hindenburg airship, if it had not burned.

Many of the people who work at the Lakehurst station believe that the people who were killed on that tragic day still roam the place. Even the television show “Ghost Hunters” conducted an investigation at the site. And it should surprise no one that this place could be haunted. For those who survived, the tragic events of May 6, 1937 would never be forgotten.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Meet the People Who Have been Abducted by Aliens

Our close encounters: Meet the alien abductees - and the pictures they drew to prove they weren't imagining it all...

It is a divisive subject - those who believe in alien visitors to our planet, and those who do not.

But there are many people on this planet who earnestly claim they have been visited by aliens, and have been abducted and taken off this planet, even to alien homeworlds.

While their accounts may vary, the one thing they share is a conviction in what they saw, what they experienced, and the impact it had on their lives.

New York photographer Steven Hirsch, 63, has interviewed and photographed many abductees.

He said: 'I don't want my audience to have any preconceptions about these people before they see my images and read their words.

'My interviews barely break the surface of what is going on in their lives ... or in their minds. I'm not an analyst, my questions are not intended to find answers but to allow people to tell us their stories.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

NJ Haunted House case heads to People's Court

TOMS RIVER — Don’t take the supernatural into your own hands, you take ‘em to court.

A Toms River couple filed a lawsuit in April against their landlord for renting an alleged haunted house. Both parties have agreed to have their case heard on the nationally syndicated television program, “The People’s Court.”

Kerstin Augur, publicist for the show, confirmed Wednesday that the case will be heard today before Judge Marilyn Milian in the program’s New York studio.

While a studio audience will be present for the taping of the program, the television courtroom is closed to the general public as well as to the media, and the outcome of the case is not expected to be released until the program airs in a few weeks, or even a few months. All of the parties also are required to sign contracts stipulating to such secrecy.

Josue Chinchilla and Michele Callan, 37 and 36 respectively, who are engaged to be married, moved into the home March 1 with Callan’s teenage daughter and 6-year-old son.

After the family settled into their new residence, they said they would come home and find their clothes and towels ejected from closets and strewn over the floors. Doors would creak open and slam closed in unoccupied parts of the house.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Viral Video Lures Ghost Seekers to Austrailia Park (video)

THE truth is out there - teenagers are more frightening than ghosts. 

Stonyfell residents in South Australia are being spooked by hordes of young thrill-seekers determined to find paranormal activity in a local park.

Rumours that the ghost of Clifton Manor owner Dr Michael Schneider, is wandering nearby Michael Perry Reserve - also known as Schneider's Alley - have gone viral on internet forums.

The number of children causing a ruckus after dark in the hope of meeting the eerie figure has skyrocketed since a YouTube video was uploaded six months ago.

A resident who did not want to be named said that people screaming in the reserve after dark were frightening local children.