Thursday, August 8, 2019

Boat Captain claims to have caught the Loch Ness Monster on sonar

A BOAT skipper has captured an incredible sonar image which he claims shows a 25ft-long Nessie lurking deep beneath the waves.

Mike Bell captured the remarkable image while he was taking a group of tourists for a trip on Loch Ness on June 27.

The sonar picture shows the bottom of the loch, a fish – and a long, thin object about 115ft (35m) below the surface.

When the 24-year-old circled and took readings at the same spot the object had disappeared, tending to rule out a log or other inanimate object.

Mike, from nearby Drumnadrochit, had just finished explaining the story of Loch Ness and the castle on the water when a tourist spotted the anomaly on his sonar.

The image shows a the sonar device with 101 metres at the top left hand corner indicating the total distance to the bottom at that point.

On the right hand side the device is going down in increments of 20 metres and on it about 15 metres there is a big blip which suggest a big fish.

However, at 35 metres there is a long zig-zag line suggesting a very large object, which Mike believes could be the Loch Ness Monster.