Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Home security camera captures the ghost of an Atlanta Mom's late son.

A grieving mum believes her home CCTV captured the ghost of her dead son in her kitchen after a 'transparent' figure triggered her camera sensor.

Mom-of-two Jennifer Hodge had been in bed watching TV with her daughter Lauren, 21, when she received a notification on her phone reading 'person spotted in entryway' last week.

When they opened the image, they saw a male figure 'beard and all' that looked just like their son and brother Robbie, who died two years earlier of a drug overdose.

Estate agent Jennifer, 57, claims she is still 'freaking out' after seeing the eerie figure last week - but finds comfort in believing it's a sign her son is at peace.

Jennifer, from Atlanta, Georgia, US, said: "It's just insane - I'm blown away. It's just crazy.

"I was laying in bed watching TV with my daughter and I was just about asleep.

"The phone was lay between us and I got this message notification saying someone was in the kitchen.

"She was like 'Mom, there's a person in the kitchen... Mom, that's Robbie!'

"She just said 'Mom, look! It looks like Robbie'. I was stunned.

"And it did look just like him - beard and all."

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Is a ghost moving the handle of a vintage hearse ?? (video)

It’s not quite the hand that rocks the cradle.

However, there’s no denying that some entity is responsible for moving the handle on a Victorian hearse.  

Steve Wesson had been hearing rumors of paranormal activity at Nottingham’s Haunted Museum, so he decided to investigate. 

On Jan. 3, the paranormal investigator set up a camera to hopefully catch a ghoul in the act. Trouble is, all his video caught is a handle on the old hearse being lifted up, but no one is seen on the tape. 

"On the morning of Jan. 4, I went through the camera footage and did not expect to see what I did,” Wesson told Caters News Agency. “Caught on camera, I saw the handle being pushed up in the air with great force being falling back down to its original place — it was very scary but also amazing!"
Wesson acknowledged that the museum houses many items with spiritual oddities. He also said the ghost distorted the camera’s settings. 

Actress Jennifer Aniston talks about living in a Haunted House (video)

LOS ANGELES — Before Jennifer Aniston lived in an apartment above Central Perk with her gal pals, the actress says she lived in a real haunted house.

“This dishwasher would start to go, or the coffee-maker would start to go, or the stereo would just turn on at full volume,” she told James Corden. “And it was terrifying.”

Aniston was on “The Late Show With James Corden” to promote her new Netflix movie “Dumplin’ ” that features music from Dolly Parton.

The actress says the haunting happened when she first moved to Los Angeles early in her career and she even went so far as to hire a ghost whisperer.

“They had frankincense and they put it in a little dish,” she said. “And started saying all these things and the corner that she went to the dish cracked. … (The ghost) hated my roommate. … No (I didn’t tell the roommate), I moved out. I feel terrible, but I couldn’t say it doesn’t like you. I mean that would be terrible.”

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Time to visit Arizona's most haunted hotel, the Jerome Grand Hotel.

It's believed that nearly 9,000 people died in the Jerome Grand Hotel during its previous life as United Verde Hospital. That's a lot of sickness, pain and death.

There must be some residual spirit energy left over from all those souls, right? Right.

Ghostly figures, sounds, unexplained orbs of light and other paranormal activity permeate the halls of this ghost-hunting cult mecca high above the turn-of-the-century Yavapai County mining town making it one of the most haunted places in Arizona.

“We were skeptical and didn't believe it in the beginning,” says general manager Chris Altherr, whose father Bob and uncle Larry bought the boarded-up 30,000-square-foot building from the old Phelps Dodge Corporation in 1994 after laying fallow for more than 40 years. “We only had six rooms open at first and immediately began receiving reports from guests hearing voices and a (hospital gurney) in the hallways, but no one was there.”

Scores of visitor accounts

Whether or not you believe in ghosts — or more specifically ghosts at the Jerome Grand — scores of visitors have signed guest books in the lobby noting their experiences.

“We fill a 300-page journal each year,” Altherr says. “We have four or five of them right now.”
Activity happens throughout the hotel, but the third floor in particular. Most of the deaths occurred in the operating room there. The sound of a hospital gurney, wheels across the floor, spook the uninitiated.

“We've made changes with carpet and you can still hear it at 3 in the morning,” Altherr says.
Guests also report the ghost of a cat on the third floor. Like a feline jumping onto the bed and walking around.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Ghost smashes down a pint at a haunted pub (video)

This is the moment a pint glass mysteriously shatters leaving customers stunned in a 'haunted' pub.

The CCTV footage shows customers smiling and talking at The Salmon Inn in Belford, Northumberland. 

Nobody goes near the glass when it explodes, causing several punters to look around in shock.   

The CCTV footage shows customers smiling and talking at The Salmon Inn in Belford, Northumberland
Landlords Michael and Donna Duns, who have run the pub for three years, say it is not the first spooky event to have taken place there.

Michael, 38, said: 'The glass had been there for about 20 minutes and there was still half a pint in it.
'I've heard the pub is haunted off a few people before which I believe now after this happened.

'The three tables in the video have been known to be where main incidents happen regarding glasses moving and falling off tables.