Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spooky Ultrasound Haunts Mans Testicles

"It looked like a man screaming in pain, which I thought was hilarious considering the clinical picture of the poor guy," Dr. G. Gregory Roberts, School of Medicine at Queen's University, Kingston said.

Roberts and urologist Dr. Naji J. Touma reported the discovery in a recent issue of the medical journal Urology. The phenomenon was rated as being up there with other dubious visitations.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bigfoot Researchers Big "Fined" in Arkansas

A man who led tour groups on a hunt for Bigfoot met up with the long arm of the law instead, and got fined for doing business on federal lands without a permit.

Matt Pruitt was leading a group expedition for The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization at the Buffalo National River Park in Arkansas in February when he and his group of 31 people were stopped by two park rangers. Pruitt was slapped with a hefty $525 fine for a lack of a commercial use permit.
The organization typically charges as much as $500 to go along on searches for the mythical creature in various locations across North America. That's between the group and the gullible -- unless they're conducting their hunt on federal land.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Does Telepathy Conflict with Science ??

Recently, journalist Steven Volk was surprised to discover that leading skeptical psychologist Richard Wiseman has admitted that the evidence for telepathy is so good that “by the standards of any other area of science, [telepathy] is proven.” Mr. Volk goes on to write, “Even more incredibly, as I report in Fringe-ology, another leading skeptic, Chris French, agrees with him.”

Mr. Volk might even be more surprised to learn that back in 1951 psychologist Donald Hebb wrote this:

“Why do we not accept ESP [extrasensory perception] as a psychological fact? [The Rhine Research Center] has offered enough evidence to have convinced us on almost any other issue … Personally, I do not accept ESP for a moment, because it does not make sense. My external criteria, both of physics and of physiology, say that ESP is not a fact despite the behavioral evidence that has been reported. I cannot see what other basis my colleagues have for rejecting it … Rhine may still turn out to be right, improbable as I think that is, and my own rejection of his view is—in the literal sense—prejudice.”

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

French Home to 20,000 Doomsday Cultists Awaiting Aliens (video)

An estimated 20,000 New Age believers who say the "upside down" mountain is home to aliens who will rescue them from an impending apocalypse have saturated a small French commune near the foot of the picturesque Pic de Bugarach.

The Independent reports the growing flock, who locals refer to as "esoterics," believe the world will come to an end on December 21st, 2012. They also reportedly believe that the unique mountain is in fact home to a race of alien beings that will emerge to rescue the gathered humans and transport them to a new civilization.

Pic de Bugarach has long been famous because rock samples taken from its peak are actually older than points measured at lower elevation. Scientists say that is because when the 1,230 meter mountain erupted its peak flipped upside down before crashing back down upon the mountain's base. The mountain is said to have played a role in inspiring everything from Jules Verne's "Journey to the Center of the Earth," to Steven Spielberg's "Close Encounters of the Third Kind."

South Texas Haunted Dog & Bee Pub (video)

BEEVILLE (Kiii News) - Some strange goings on have been taking place at a British style pub in Beeville that have some folks thinking the pub might be haunted with ghosts.

Ever since the Dog and Bee Pub opened up last year, employees there have been witnessing things they simply cannot explain.  Then some surveillance footage captured one of those strange events and now has folks talking after it was posted on to youtube.

Employees there have been spooked after seeing one strange thing after another.  One server told 3News the strangest thing he observed was on Halloween night.  He was working the closing shift and was in a backroom with a security guard when they saw something.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Exorcist called in to Purge Demons

Exorcising demons from possessed souls and removing poltergeists from Welsh homes are two of the more unusual jobs taken on by the Bishop of Monmouth.

The Church in Wales cleric told Wales on Sunday that specially trained priests are being recruited by families too afraid to stay in their homes because they are haunted by evil spirits.

Bishop of Monmouth, Dominic Walker, is a trained exorcist and said clergy across his diocese deal with two or three cases of “property possession” at any one time.

He also revealed on rare occasions it is not just homes that are possessed but people too.
More often than not both problems can be solved by saying a few prayers or blessings or holding a requiem mass.

But occasionally a full exorcism must be held.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ghosts and Beer at Seattle Haunted Irish Pub

Before Kells Irish Pub in Seattle became a charming family-run bar, it served as a waiting room for  the afterlife -- a mortuary purpose-built to handle flood of dead bodies produced by plague, mining accidents and violence in the early 1900s.

The owners of the bar say a piece of that dark history has clung to their humble establishment, meaning the haunted pub serves up a host of spirits, along with pints of beer. 

Bartenders, patrons and ghost hunters all claim to have seen specters of ghosts at the pub late at night.

Dark past: Kells Irish Pub is a simple, unassuming bar today, but it stands in the place where a mortuary once handled thousands of Seattle's dead.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Tracking the Bigfoot Phenomena, Do You Believe ??

The big hairy monster we call Bigfoot has both eluded and fascinated many, with blurry photos and even blurrier video being some of the best evidence the creature exists.

Bigfoot stories of sightings vary on some details and the type of "evidence." In 2008, two Georgia men claimed they had a body, photos of the body and DNA evidence of a Bigfoot. A few days later,
evidence surfaced that the DNA was that of an opossum and the body was really a frozen gorilla suit.

More recently in 2011, a Charlotte, N.C.-based man named Thomas Byers claimed that, while driving, he and a companion videotaped a Bigfoot crossing the road in front of their truck and at one point it "made a snarling growling sound and looked back at me," Byers said. Various hints, including the fact that no truck is seen, nor headlights (it was pretty dark in the video), and that the slow-moving creature (or human) seems to be waving in the footage, weighed heavily against the video's validity.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Haunted Shop and Hotel in Wales

SHOP owners and hotel staff say they’ve seen and witnessed ghostly apparitions and poltergeist activity at two adjoining buildings in the Conwy Valley.

Both the Anna Davies countrywear store and neighbouring Royal Oak Hotel in Betws-y-Coed are being haunted by a cloaked lady, a nun and a ghostly shadow, say spooked staff.

Reports of strange goings-on date back to the 1960s, but just before Christmas, Pete Ward, who runs the store on Holyhead Road with his wife Sara, claims he had a shoe thrown at him on the first floor launched from a display stand.

“It was about 8.30pm, I was working late by myself and came upstairs to the first floor,” he said.

“I got to the top step and saw a shoe come towards me from the stand. It landed right in front of me.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mysterious Booms and Trembles Plague Wisconsin Town (video)

Police, residents and experts are baffled by the source of mysterious booms and shaking that have been plaguing the town of Clintonville, Wis., for the past three days, and have caused some residents to flee.

The Clintonville Police Department said they have received over 250 calls about noises from underground shaking homes in the northeast corner of the town near Green Bay, Wis. with approximately 5000 residents.

The mystery is even stumping some of the brightest minds at the University of Wisconsin, who were consulted about whether or not these booms could be related to seismic activity.

"I think we can rule out that standard earthquake activity, [that] some swarm of earthquakes is happening in that region. It also really looks like it's not connected to, say, unusual drilling activity or some other kind of real obvious human induced signal, " Harold Tobin, one of those professors in the Geoscience department at the University of Wisconsin told WKOW.

What is the Mysterious "Magic Vending Machine" ?

SCP-261 The Magic Vending Machine
My friend Nyq posted on Facebook his curiosity about a mysterious "Magic Vending Machine" in Japan. So I did some research and couldn't any real evidence of it's existence, except for the excerpt below from a wiki website. I do find it quite curious though.

The basic idea is that you can insert any amount of money into the machine, and you will receive an item based on the amount and sometimes not. And at no time will you ever know what you will get. The machine also seems to work when unplugged.

Is it art, is it really, magic, could it be some sort of alien research project, or just a really inventive viral art piece. I think it's the latter. But it's still pretty cool.

Check out the link at the bottom of this blog to see more of the items supposedly found, in this odd machine

Item #: SCP-261

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Any access to SCP-261 must be approved by staff with level 2 security clearance or higher. Any and all items dispensed by SCP-261 must be recorded, along with the amount of money entered and the amount of time elapsed between uses. Currently, SCP-261 may be used only ten times in a twenty-four hour period, with no transaction exceeding the equivalent of 500 Japanese yen. Testing approved by Site Command is not under these restrictions.

Items dispensed by SCP-261 should be reviewed by Site Health and Safety officials before consumption. Failure to do so releases the Foundation from any obligation regarding negative effects. Items deemed dangerous or useful to research will be confiscated by site security, with financial compensation provided in proportion to money spent.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Help SETI Find Aliens From Your Home PC

Got some spare time today? How about putting aside that game of Bejeweled Blitz and instead lend a hand in what could be the most important discovery of all time? It’s no joke — the people behind the Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence (SETI) project have partnered with TED (Technology Entertainment Design) to create a website where anyone can log on and start searching for aliens.

Called SETI Live, the new project reduces the hunt for intelligent life on other planets to a kind of game — sort of a mix between Foursquare and Where’s Waldo. Once you log on and take a brief tutorial, the site flashes snapshots of radio-signal data. Then it’s your job to identify any suspicious patterns you may spot — a straight line among a sea of random streaks could be ET trying to say hello.

Do it long enough and you’ll earn special badges.

"Sweet-Toothed Ghost' Caught on Market Security Camera (video)

A sweet-toothed ghost has been blamed after a packet of Fruit Roll-Ups" appeared to be "thrown" from a supermarket shelf after closing hours.

Security cameras have shown how the item was found around six metres from its original location on the floor of the IGA store in Adelaide, despite no-one being present.

Watching one of the store's cameras will show the item suddenly appearing on the floor, while two of the others show the item falling to the ground, suggesting some kind of trigger movement.

This has led store owner Norm Hurst to believe that supernatural beings could be at work, telling the Advertiser newspaper he thinks the 'ghost has a sweet tooth'.

Monday, March 19, 2012

UFO Filmed at Air Show (Video)

Video from Chile is stirring up the UFO debate after an unusual object took a fly-by during an air-show.

The footage, from 2010, appears to show a 'spot' moving quickly from frame to frame, causing the engineer who spotted the aberration enough alarm that he alerted the Chilean Government.

The UFO made an appearance during an acrobatic air-show at the El Bosque Air Force Base in Santiago, and apparently went un-noticed at the time.

Whether this is because this was due to advanced alien cloaking technology, or because the object is just an artifact on the film depends on your viewpoint.

Investigative journalist and UFO author Leslie Kean told MSN's Cosmic Log: 'This is a very, very unusual case, and I'm hoping that this case will help move forward the recognition that there really is something here that's worthy of further study.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Workers Report Ghost Sightings at Virginia Construction Site

Something eerie is going on at the Overlee property, and it has nothing to do with logistics of the pool renovation project. Workers report seeing an extra person lingering at the construction site — a ghost.

The news isn’t entirely surprising to those who know the history of Overlee. The Victorian clubhouse, which was recently torn down, had been built in the 1890s and came to be known as the Febrey-Kincheloe House. Ernest Febrey built the house and later it was inhabited by the Kincheloe family. After her husband’s death, Mrs. Kincheloe turned the house into Crestwood Sanitarium, a home for elderly Washington dignitaries.

But the ghost isn’t believed to be one of the sanitarium inhabitants. Mike Maleski, who is on the Overlee Board of Directors, said that for decades people have reported seeing a girl in Victorian clothing. Researchers think the girl is Margaret Febrey who died in January 1913, and was said to be 14 years old. A family member reported that the Febrey family stopped using the house after Margaret’s death.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Scientists Sign Deal to Clone Woolly Mammoth

Russian and South Korean scientists, including the cloning expert who was the focus of a stem-cell scandal six years ago, have signed a deal to try re-creating a woolly mammoth using cells recovered from 10,000-year-old frozen remains.

The papers for the joint research project were signed on Tuesday by Hwang Woo-Suk, chief technology officer for South Korea's Sooam Biotech Research Foundation; and Vasily Vasiliev, vice director of Russia's North-Eastern Federal University, during a ceremony at Hwang's office in Seoul.

Hwang is infamous for his role in human embryonic stem-cell research: In 2004 and 2005, he and his colleagues claimed to have extracted stem cells from what they characterized as the world's first cloned human embryos. But in late 2005, his work was found to have been based on fabricated and he was barred from continuing research with human cells.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Emails from Dead Man Helps Friends and Family Find Closure (Video)

When Jack Froese, 32, died of a heart arrhythmia in June 2011, he left behind a number of grieving friends and family members. But the BBC reports that several mysterious posthumous emails from Froese's account have brought some happiness and closure to those who were closest to him.

Last November, five months after Froese's death, his childhood best friend Tim Hart received an email from Froese's account.

"One night in November, I was sitting on my couch, going through my emails on my phone and it popped up, 'sender: Jack Froese.' I turned ghost white when I read it," Hart told the BBC. "It was very quick and short but to a point that only Jack and I could relate on."
The email had the subject heading, "I'm Watching." While the text of the message itself read, "Did you hear me? I'm at your house. Clean your f***ing attic!!!"

Mysterious Death Star UFO Spotted Near Sun (video)

Video Keen-eyed skywatchers have spotted a mysterious object emerging from the Sun that, according to the tinfoil-hatted YouTube majority, can only be a UFO, a small black hole, a world-destroying weapon or maybe a new planet.

Images show a shadowy spherical object apparently tethered to home world's star by a dark string.

After much debate on YouTube, folks had come to the natural conclusion that it was some sort of alien ship fuelling up on solar plasma or possibly a new planet being born, particularly because you can see a Star Wars Death Star-like sphere blast away from the Sun.

One particular avid sun-worshipper going by the name of Sunsflare posted the video, a composite of telescope imagery taken by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory, on his Facebook page as well as on YouTube, and asked for boffins' opinions on the phenomenon.

Landlord Still Haunts Pub 116 Years Later

Henry Skinner
Most pubs are used to seeing scuffles and disturbances on their premises, but they are usually not of the supernatural kind.

However, at the Trocadero in Birmingham, West Midlands, Henry Skinner, a former landlord of the well-known city-centre bar, is making his presence felt 116 years after he was murdered there.

Mr Skinner knocks over glasses, flings beer mats and even throws loose change to the annoyance of staff.

But far from being a gin-soaked regular propping up the bar, Mr Skinner is in fact a ghost.

And in the centenary year of the pub being christened the Trocadero, he has stepped up his anti-social behaviour.

Mr Skinner served in the military before taking over at the establishment which was then named the Bodega, an upmarket winebar that was a famous haunt of thespians and sportsmen.

The burly publican was well-known in the city and ran a popular boxing academy.

 But on December 5, 1895, he made the mistake of crossing brothers Herbert and Arthur Allen.

Mystery of the Brooms Defying Gravity

REGINA, CANADA — When one Regina man’s broomstick stood straight up by the bristles for 45 minutes without any support this week, he felt there must be some advanced force at work.

“We were in shock when it actually stood there,” 76-year-old Leo Deis said. “I took a lot of physics and chemistry at one time in my life and this is new to me.”

Lately, it is actually a common phenomenon. People have gone to the Internet, posting pictures of their brooms standing with no support. Watch a video, read a common-sense blog, or check out a photo gallery.

Deis wasn’t even the first one in his family to experience the phenomenon. On Thursday night, his wife’s sister from North Dakota called and said it had happened there.Later that night, around 10 p.m., Deis stood his straw broom up on tiled floor in his house and it remained standing with no support. Later, he tried the same thing with a paintbrush and got the same result.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Giant Alien Worm Found on Mars ? (video)

By Tom Rose.

A video on YouTube claims that NASA photos of a giant "alien worm" slithering along the Martian surface may be proof there actually is life on Mars.

Can it be true?

The video magnifies a NASA still photo of an unidentified area of the red planet taken as a reconnaissance satellite orbited overhead.

The terrain in the photo is typically Martian, with rocks and boulders strewn across a meteorite-blasted, fairly flat and desolate landscape. Except for the twisting, squirming, wormy object seemingly burrowing into the Martian soil. It's so large, it casts its own gigantic shadow.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Chupacabras With Wings Blamed For Sheep Deaths (Spanish video AYE CARUMBA !!)

Did a legendary chupacabras kill 35 sheep in the Mexican town of Paracuaro? That's what local citizens want to know as they ponder the mysterious deaths of their farm animals.

According to the UFO Chronicles website, the Mexican state Michoacan's Diario ABC reported that the unfortunate sheep were slain in the wee hours of March 1 with their bodies displaying claw and tooth injuries, especially under the neck.

One man who was looking after the sheep in their pens said he saw the creature responsible for the attacks. He reportedly said it had fangs, claws and wings.
The enclosure where the sheep lived also included cows, horses and pigs, which apparently weren't injured in the attack.

"Anything mysterious in Mexico is unfortunately labeled a 'chupacabras,' according to Loren Coleman, director of the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine.

After looking at the video of the current chupacabras story, Coleman is dubious. "I see one sheep with its neck cut. But despite what is said, all of the sheep are not dead, and the bodies do not show a great deal of mutilation," Coleman wrote in an email to The Huffington Post.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

No Explanation for Mysterious Yellowstone ‘lake music’

YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK — Yellowstone Lake and the rugged backcountry that surrounds it is a place where millions go seeking solitude and silence. Yet it in a well-documented but rarely discussed phenomenon, some visitors to the Lake area have experienced remarkable celestial sounds of unknown and unexplained origin.

“They resemble the ringing of telegraph wires or the humming of a swarm of bees, beginning softly in the distance, growing rapidly plainer until directly overhead, and then fading as rapidly in the opposite direction,” wrote Hiram M. Chittenden in 1895 in his book, “The Yellowstone National Park.”
Chittenden’s description is one of several in the historical record — as well as many more from popular anecdotal accounts — of strange sounds or “lake music” coming from the skies around Yellowstone Lake and Shoshone lake.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Adele Scared After Renting Haunted House

She has hired her female driver as a bodyguard and moved her into the ten-bedroom pile to be by her side 24/7.

The scared Someone Like You superstar told a pal: "I'm not rattling around here on my own. It gives me the creeps."
Adele, 23, was spooked after "hearing things that made her jump" at the £7million home, set in 25 acres in Sussex.

She vowed never to spend another night there on her own.

So she is paying the bodyguard, said to be a down-to-earth former chauffeur in her 30s, £100,000 a year to stay with her at home and to accompany her around the world.

The mansion, which has two swimming pools, used to be a convent and has a private chapel.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Tennessee Woman Confronts Alien "Solid Black Mass" Entity

Not  the black mass witnessed
A Tennessee woman now feels threatened in her normally peaceful home environment after reporting an early morning encounter on her deck with a 6-foot-tall "solid, black mass" with a human shape on February 29, 2012, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The woman had just returned from taking her daughter to her bus stop and was having coffee outside on the deck.

"I was standing at the back of my deck," the witness stated. "The deck is 12-plus feet off the ground at the back of the house. It is a wrap around the house deck, ending on each side at the carport. The time was at 6:40 a.m. EST."

The woman's husband was inside at the time, and she was standing on one end of her deck.

"When I turned my head to look, this human-shaped solid black, very dark black, being was standing on the other side of my deck. It was turned towards the field, leaning on the railings, and seemed to be looking into the field. I was speechless, but not scared."

Investigators to Probe Massachusetts UFO Sighting

Steve Firmani, director of the New England Mutual UFO Network, confirmed the organization received a report and photograph depicting an object a motorist reported seeing over Route 2 near the Acton and Littleton town lines on July 31 about 2 p.m.

In the report, the unnamed motorist described seeing a “reflective, black tube-shaped object traveling in an easterly direction.” The driver, headed west on Route 2, stopped at the Newtown Road exit to take a picture.

The object is described as about 30 feet long and 6 feet in diameter and was perhaps 200 to 300 feet in the air when first spotted.

At this time, the motorist said the object was now about 1,000 to 1,500 feet high and still traveling east.

Federal Paranormal Task Force in Arizona (video)

WINDOW ROCK, AZ (CBS5) - With this story, keep in mind that we really do tell it like it is -- even when it is hard to believe. 

There is a law enforcement agency in Arizona that actually welcomes claims of the paranormal -- ghosts, witchcraft, UFOs and even Bigfoot.

CBS 5 News obtained dozens of photos and case files from strange scenes and sightings in northeastern Arizona.

Most police won't take reports like this. But about 10 years ago, officials on the Navajo Reservation decided to stop the snickering, to treat these witnesses with respect and thoroughly investigate.
Only one agency -- the Navajo Nation Rangers -- stepped up to the plate. For the first time ever, they are sharing their documents exclusively with CBS 5 News.

Retired Lt. John Dover explains that Navajo Nation Rangers are a federal law enforcement resource. They manage national parks, archaeological sites, fish and wildlife services and more as officers of the law.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

West Virginia's Haunted Amusement Park (video)

PRINCETON - Were you to believe the slew of ghostly encounters described by Gaylord White, you must conclude that spirits are so thick on his family's "Haunted Amusement Park" land you could cut them with a ...

Well, not a knife - them being ghosts and all.

"I have a lot of nonbelievers come here and they actually experience something and they walk away still being a nonbeliever because they don't want to believe what their eyes are seeing," says White.

He says this while leading yet another media crew across his weedy Mercer County property, in an unincorporated blip along W.Va. 10 called Lake Shawnee, about five miles north of Princeton.

But enough people and broadcasting networks do believe. Or, in the case of the networks, they believe in the frightful pull of the after-life to attract ratings.

It's a curious twist for a run-down property that you'd barely notice by day, but which has become a nationally known magnet for those who dearly wish to be frightened out of their wits, or awed into amazement, by encounters with shades of people killed there and still restlessly roaming the property.