Thursday, March 31, 2016

Ghost of former patient appears in a abandoned asylum window

Former psychiatric hospitalA spooky image which appears to show a GHOSTLY APPARITION at the window of a derelict asylum has chilled the heart of an unfortunate photographer.

The creepy snap seems to show a ghoulish face in shadows on the first-floor window of the former psychiatric hospital - despite it being closed for 15 years.

The asylum in Bronllys, Brecon, Wales, was also a Prisoner of War camp in World War Two where captured German soldiers were kept.

After the war it housed psychiatric patients who were sometimes lobotomised for conditions like postnatal depression, alcoholism and senile dementia.

At least one patient is known to have died on the site from a pre-frontal lobotomy which saw part of the brain damaged by cracking open the skull and severing nerves.

The spooky image was taken by walker Adam Smith as he strolled past the outside of the crumbling, moss-covered building.

He said: "I caught an epic shot of a ghost at the abandoned Brecon and Radnor Lunatic Asylum.

"Maybe it was a patient who had a lobotomy or perhaps a soldier patient from the war or maybe a Nazi prisoner.

"Whatever it was, it certainly gave me a fright."

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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Another "Haunted House" for sale. Who's with me,..I'm in

Real estate agents rarely lead with the line “Soooo, the house is haunted.” In fact, unless every horror movie ever made got it entirely wrong, homeowners tend to get a bit peeved once they find out their dream home is also occupied by some form of the undead — who doesn’t pay rent.

But then there’s the Sallie House, which is currently for sale by owner in Atchison, KS and defying all scary movie rules by openly advertising the rich — and haunted — history of the property to any and all comers.
“The value of the home is as an attraction,” says the current owner of the Sallie House, which isn’t owner-occupied but instead rented by the hour or, for the bravest, overnight.

Not a bad business, since, far from staying away, “people come from all over come to stay and investigate the home.” And that’s what the current owners are selling it as — not necessarily a tidy little home to move into (though, like many haunted houses, the Sallie House looks deceptively innocent — even charming!), but as an attraction to rent out.

Which shouldn’t be a problem, since the Sallie House has gained and kept a national spotlight after it was featured on the show Sightings, which investigated the home in the early 1990s in response to a series of inexplicably odd, and even dangerous, events. The Sallie House actually made such an impression on the crew that they made a movie about their visit.

The home’s history

Before the hairs on theback of your neck stand up any further, we’ll satisfy the burning question: What’s actually wrong with the home? Or who is knocking around inside it?

Well, that’s where it gets a little confusing. Not that the home hasn’t shown a definite propensity for … expressing itself. There have been full-bodied ghost sightings, framed pictures turned upside down, even (and most famously) a prolonged episode of physical harm (which at one possibly contrite juncture, did involve the presumed “ghost” returning a misplaced remote control).

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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The legend of the Haunted Monkey Bridge of Texas (video)

ATHENS (KYTX) - The Wilson and West College Street intersection is where the Monkey Bridge is located and people who live here say it's haunted.

The bridge's name comes from a tragedy that happened in the 1960s when, supposedly, a circus train derailed and monkeys escaped from their cages. It is said the monkeys then killed the circus owners.

Athens resident Christopher Reyes said it's been 30 years since he visited Monkey Bridge.

"As creepy as it was, it was just something that was fun to do," Reyes said.

He said he and his cousin used to play around the railroad when they were kids until he experienced something that made him not want to go back. Reyes said there was a man wearing a mask that walked up to them, yelling at them to leave the bridge. Reyes said the mystery man chased them off the bridge and they never came back.

"Ever since that night, you hear stories," Reyes said. "Like how you can hear the screams from the men and howling of monkeys."

Even in broad daylight, Reyes said it was still eerie. During the interview he kept looking over his shoulder and clutching his knife.

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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Ghost calls out to doctor at a Missouri haunted museum (video)

CLAY COUNTY, Mo. - A team of ghost hunters says “paranormal activity” was recorded late last year at the Clay County Historical Museum.

The Northland Paranormal Society, which formed in 2011, sent a team in December to stay overnight at the museum. Using tools like infrared cameras and K-II EMF meters, the group says it got video footage and audio clips of ghosts inside the building.

“We bought a new DVR system, so we wanted to try it out in a bigger place," explained Northland Paranormal Society member Bill Moore. “We used 12 DVR cameras and over a mile of wire. With the listening devices and the things we can't see, it brought it all out."Ghost  

Moore said the paranormal team sat silently in the museum for hours in the pitch black to do the recordings. Team members would announce any time they were moving in the building so any possible interference could be recorded.

In total, the ghost hunters recorded five videos and about 80 audio clips they say show paranormal activity.

In one video clip, a white transparent figure is seen running by a window in the museum. Moore said the footage was recorded using an infrared camera. “It's unhuman speed,” he said. “It's impossible for a human to do that. There was nobody in there at the time.

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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Man claims to have photographed the ghost of a witch

Leonard LowA ghost hunter who says he was banned from a church for his paranormal investigations claims to have caught the spirit of a young witch on camera.

Leanord Low, 48, thinks the haunting image he has taken shows the ghost of a dead girl inside a former jail tower.

The building, attached to a historic church, was the scene of one of the last and most infamous witchcraft trials in the UK.

Situated in the pretty coastal Scottish village of Pittenweem, people accused of being witches in the 17th and 18th centuries were routinely locked up there, tortured, tried and usually sentenced to death by burning.

Leonard, from Largs, claims he was banned from the building by its minister after capturing a ghostly image inside church halls five years ago.

But after revisiting the adjoining tower, he managed to take a picture of a woman he believes is a witch who died three centuries ago.

He said: "I had this picture on its side and thought I had nothing. I was about to delete it until I dropped the camera and held it lengthways.

"I lightened the image and this is what I saw."

The blurry image shows the outlines of a woman no more than 5ft tall."

Leonard said she only became visible in the picture after he brightened it up.

His research has exposed the historic trials of 110 suspected witches between the Kirkcaldy coastline and St Andrews, with 26 accused in Pittenweem.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Mysterious Ghostly Orb captured at Haunted Cathedral (video)

Lincoln Cathedral, some believe it's a powerful torch light and others are convinced it's a hoax.
Some think it's a ghostly apparition stalking

But one thing is for certain, Paul Jackson's video clip taken in the city's landmark building has led to a lot of head scratching.

Seen 13,000 times on Youtube the video shows an orb of light passing quickly along the width of the Willis Organ at the cathedral.

Shocked Paul discovered the haunting sight when reviewing footage he and his son took in February.

"I'm fascinated by English and local history, particularly medieval history, and as the cathedral was built in those times I've been doing bits and pieces of filming there with my son recently," the 46-year-old IT engineer and father-of-two told the Echo.

"We didn't spot anything strange at the time but when I was reviewing the footage I noticed this orb and thought 'what on earth is that?' I didn't know what it was."

Paul posted the footage on his popular Youtube channel, which has garnered more than 5,000 subscribers and millions of views, to gauge what other people thought.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

New footage claims to show ghost at World Trade Center disaster (video)

Puzzling video has emerged showing a white figure rising from the rubble of the World Trade Center days after the September 11 tragedy in 2001.

The footage shows a strange floating figure rise up from behind the buildings and ‘fly’ off.

The camera pans the scene of the wreckage when a smoke-like object shoots off behind the building and a group of workmen come into the frame.
Some claim it’s a ghost, however the figure has remained a mystery.

Last year one of the NYPD officers on scene said he saw a ghost ‘trying to help’ while he searched for clues to identify victims from the attacks.

Sergeant Frank Marra claimed he saw a ghost of an African American woman, who was dressed in white as a Red Cross worker.

In his book, From Landfill to Hallowed Ground, Sgt Marra detailed his sighting as he searched through remains from September 2001 to February 2002.

“I thought she was trying to help us, being first responders. You could clearly see it was a person."”

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