Thursday, March 10, 2016

Ghost calls out to doctor at a Missouri haunted museum (video)

CLAY COUNTY, Mo. - A team of ghost hunters says “paranormal activity” was recorded late last year at the Clay County Historical Museum.

The Northland Paranormal Society, which formed in 2011, sent a team in December to stay overnight at the museum. Using tools like infrared cameras and K-II EMF meters, the group says it got video footage and audio clips of ghosts inside the building.

“We bought a new DVR system, so we wanted to try it out in a bigger place," explained Northland Paranormal Society member Bill Moore. “We used 12 DVR cameras and over a mile of wire. With the listening devices and the things we can't see, it brought it all out."Ghost  

Moore said the paranormal team sat silently in the museum for hours in the pitch black to do the recordings. Team members would announce any time they were moving in the building so any possible interference could be recorded.

In total, the ghost hunters recorded five videos and about 80 audio clips they say show paranormal activity.

In one video clip, a white transparent figure is seen running by a window in the museum. Moore said the footage was recorded using an infrared camera. “It's unhuman speed,” he said. “It's impossible for a human to do that. There was nobody in there at the time.

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