Friday, January 10, 2020

Man claims to have photographed a ghost at Lauriston Castle

Eyebrows have been raised at Lauriston Castle after a man shared a photo of a mysterious figure standing in one of the windows - when the building was believed to be empty.

Drew McAdam arrived at the 16th century attraction, in Davidson's Mains, on Saturday, prior to a show he was hosting for Magicfest.
Is it a ghost at the window? Picture: Drew McAdam
While wandering the historical grounds, the magician took some photographs of the estate.
It was not until later, when Drew saw the images he had taken enlarged on his computer, that he noticed something in one of the photographs did not add up.
“On bringing them up on my computer, I was going to edit them a bit, but noticed the strangest thing - figure at one of the windows, who I swear was not there when I arrived.," he said.
"I have not edited this photo in any way. It is exactly as it came on the camera,” he added on a post to Facebook.