Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mahwah, NJ UFO Probed by Montana Hunter

I myself have seen things twice in the sky in NJ.

One night on the way back home from the Meadowlands Racetrack, with my friend Bernie driving. I saw what looked like a cigar shaped object, this thing must have been at least 100 feet long. It had lights on each end and one in the middle, they kept changing colorsI was quite dumbfounded by whatI was looking at, when I got home the news had something about witnesses seeing a mysterious object hovering over the Meadowland swamp area, but that was all the said

Another time I was driving up 9W going to  Dumont. I was the only one on the road, and all of a sudden lights from above starting flashing down on my van for about 4 seconds. Red, Blue, Yellow and White strobing down all around, and then nothing, I nearly shit myself. I pulled the van over, shut off the engine, and looked up. I saw nothing, literally everything around me was pitch black and dead silence. Well I jumped back in the van, and drove like a bat out of hell.

If anyone has ever driven up 9W in the middle of the night knows what a creepy drive it can be. Oh I wasn't drinking either time, and I saw what I saw both times.

Below Article is by Jessica Mazzola of the Mahwah Patch.

Montana UFO hunter says he believes objects that appeared in the sky above the township could be from a parallel universe.

William Puckett has been investigating a “diamond-shaped flickering” in the night sky over Mahwah for about a year, the second time in three years the former government worker's attention has been turned to the township.

A resident of Helena, Puckett is a retired National Weather Service meteorologist and Environmental Protection Agency worker from Washington state. In 2003, he formed the ‘UFO’s Northwest’ investigative team, which investigates reports from civilians who claim to see “unidentified flying objects.”

Monday, January 30, 2012

New England School Now Teaches Ghost Hunting

On a bone-cold night, with Venus hanging in the sky and the moon not having yet made its appearance, a building high on a hill in Groveland sits completely dark.

Dark, but not empty.

Navigating its dusky passages, cavernous halls, and rooms cluttered with shadowy hulks of furniture, a team of investigators has come to seek out the unknown. Outfitted with cameras, voice recorders, and various types of meters, as well as metaphysical tools, they hope to connect with the dead that are believed to haunt this 100-year-old building that serves as the centerpiece of Veasey Memorial Park.

“You have no idea what to expect,’’ says Ron Kolek, executive director of the New England Ghost Project, before the crew heads out in pursuit of the paranormal. “You just go in being open, and whatever happens, you react to it.’’

Ghost hunting - regardless of whether you’re a believer, a skeptic, or indifferent - has its own unique methodology, requiring both sophisticated technology and otherworldly tools, along with analysis, deduction, calculations, and the ability to discern when something is merely a fluke, rather than a brush with the spirit world.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fran Drescher Abducted by Aliens? Other Celebrities Who Believe in Aliens

Fran Drescher recently seriously claimed in an interview that both she and her husband Peter Marc Jacobson were abducted by aliens in junior high.

The "Happily Divorced" star told the Huffington Post that she and her husband both had close encounters and share the same scars where the aliens placed chips.

"You know, it's funny because Peter and I both saw [aliens] before we knew each other, doing the same thing, driving on the road with our dads," Drescher told the Huffington Post. "We were both in junior high. A few years later, we met, and we realized that we had the same experience. I think that somehow we were programmed to meet. We both have this scar. It's the exact same scar on the exact same spot."

Jacobson doesn't believe that aliens were the reason for the scars. He told the Huffington Post that Drescher got the scar from a drill bit or from burning herself with hot water.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Demolition Workers Photograph Ghost

Demolition workers were given a fright after photographing a ghostly figure peering through the window of a derelict Victorian guesthouse in Kendal, Cumbria.

The image is said to bear an eerie resemblance of Frances Grimshaw, who worked at the guesthouse and stood for hours at the same window taking bookings.

David Grimshaw, a former resident at the property, said he was convinced the figure is the ghost of his mother, who died nearly a year ago aged 87.

He believes her spirit may have appeared to protest at the demolition of Meadowbank House, which she adored.

"That is my mother. I'm totally convinced – no one else looks like that. She had glasses and big earrings and she used to wear a dress with a bow at the front," he said.

"She used to stand in that room for hours on the phone – it was the guesthouse reception and she took bookings from there.”

Monday, January 23, 2012

Ghost Attacks Woman After NY Giants Win

JANUARY 20--A Wisconsin man charged with domestic abuse told cops that a “ghost” was actually responsible for injuries suffered by his wife, according to police.

The bizarre claim by Michael West, 41, did not prevent the Fond du Lac man’s arrest for strangulation, battery, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest. West is pictured in the mug shot at right.

According to a January 18 criminal complaint (Below), West and his spouse got into an argument Sunday that turned violent. The victim told cops that West twice strangled her, and that he punched her in the face when she tried to dial 911.

When cops arrived at the couple’s home, the crying woman was bleeding from the nose and had blood on her Packers jersey.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Unexplained Sounds are being recorded all over the world. (videos)

Recently people have been recording bizarre sounds all over the world. Here a few very interesting ones. I find them interesting because of the whole "End of times" theory for 2012, which I personally think is just all paranoia. But the are still very odd. Also they are best listened to while wearing headphones.

Ironically I had a dream last night about being hired by Michelle Obama to document the possible end of the world scenario.

So funny that I look online this morning and this is what I begin to find,..hmmmm,... or it could just be viral videos for Cloverfield 2

From i09: What exactly are we hearing in these YouTube videos posted by people who claim they've recorded ear-splitting roars coming from the sky with no explanation?

Did Tourists Capture the Ghost of Princess Diana ? (video)

Ghost of Princess Diana on Optical Illusion?
A group of Chinese tourists filmed the stained glass window in Glasgow, Scotland without realising that it featured Princess Di from beyond the grave.

The video - which was later passed on to Cohen - appears to show a ghostly-looking image resembling Diana.

And Cohen is convinced the short snippet of footage could well be evidence or paranormal activity.

'Scientists tell us that ghosts don't exist, and yet people around the world keep seeing them,' he said.

'While we might not want nothing to do with the dead, perhaps some ghosts have unfinished business with us.'
Cohen goes on to claim the shot as one of the 'clearest' paranormal images he has come across.

'The footage is currently being examined by myself and other researchers to ascertain if it is a genuine ghost capture. It might be a bizarre optical illusion, but then again, it could be a ghost - possibly Princess Diana's.

'Ghosts often appear in places connected to their lives and families. Ghosts might appear to warn individuals, groups and even entire nations of possible impending danger.'

The Princess of Wales' mother is believed to have spent a lot of time in Scotland, passing away there in 2004.

The footage is being used in an upcoming TV series on Paranormal mysteries.

Source: Metro Uk

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Two UFO Sightings in One Week in UK

UFO's seen over Chatham on January 6
They hover in close formation against the backdrop of a cloudy Kent sky.

The two mysterious bright lights were photographed on January 6 floating over Chatham.

Less than a week later four similar lights were seen over Essex, shining brightly against the dawn.

The remarkable sightings were made just 30 miles apart in an area now dubbed the country's UFO hotspot.

The first image was captured by Ernestas Griksas, 21, who was taking a picture of a cherry-picker outside his home in Chatham at around 1pm.

When he looked at the image afterwards he saw the bright disc-shaped objects.

He told the Sun: 'There are two white discs I can't explain. I'm nowhere near a flightpath. One is slightly fainter as if it is further away or going at a different speed.'

The second sighting came last Friday at 7am when car salesman Josh Cummins spotted four bright objects in the sky as he drove to work through Loughton, in Essex.

Mr Cummins, 21, told the newspaper: 'I nearly crashed. I stopped to take this picture with my mobile. It was like the UFOs were surfing the clouds. They were there for 15 seconds then vanished.

'I wasn't a believer in UFOs but this made me think again.'

UFO fanatics will no doubt lay claim to the sightings as evidence to support their theories of alien life.

UFO's seen over Essex 30 miles away, a week earlier
Expert Nick Pope said: 'Assuming the images are genuine, they're interesting, though the smaller objects (in the first picture) weren't seen at the time, which raises the possibility of some glitch with the camera.

'As for the large one, I'm not sure. It might be some sort of atmospheric plasma phenomenon, but it's difficult to say.

 He added: 'The South-East does seem to be a hotspot at present. I'm not sure why.

'One possibility is that it's a self-fulfilling prophesy, where one media report smokes out more from the same area.

'Another is that it's a consequence of population density as there are more potential witnesses if there's anything odd in the sky.'

Both sightings were about 75 miles, as the crow flies, from Rendlesham Forest, in Suffolk, which became known as the UK's Roswell after a group of servicemen went into the forest to investigate some mysterious lights and came out convinced they had seen seen an alien spacecraft.

Meanwhile, TV presenter Chris Evans reported an unexplained sighting yesterday.
He tweeted: 'Approx 40 mins ago went out to walk the dog. Something passed overhead - alight, too low for a shooting star and then disappeared. Berkshire.'

He added: 'Looked too fast for a Chinese Lantern. Hope it was something exciting.

Sightings of strange objects in the sky are often explained away as aircraft, reflections in camera lenses, satellites, flares and ball lightning, among other phenomena.

Source: Daily Mail UK 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Ben Breedlove and the Afterlife

Watch these two very touching videos, then read article below.

This is my Story (Part 1)

This is my Story (Part 2)

Ben Breedlove left a legacy of strength and courage when he died on Christmas day 2011. The 17-year-old, who recorded his belief in an afterlife on YouTube just a week before dying of a heart attack, is now recognized as inspiring people around the world with his self-produced videos, his online memorial service and his message of hope still alive.

Breedlove is now a global phenomenon. His YouTube videos have been viewed over six million times and ranked as the "top rising search" on YouTube last week. Over 1,000 videos are now tagged with his name, most of them tributes and memorials — a demonstration of hope reaching millions of people. 

The Butterfly People of Joplin Missouri

JOPLIN, MO. • In the chaotic first days after the tornado, when nothing seemed real, word of the butterfly people began to spread.

The stories were shared in hospital waiting rooms and in lines for donated food. They were told by neighbors on streets so devastated there was nothing to do but stand and stare. A Red Cross counselor heard the stories as she handed out water and work gloves to residents in a hard-hit part of town. She got goose bumps. She told her pastor, who asked her to tell the congregation. She remembers how the crowd gasped.

The stories about butterfly people coursed through Joplin, passing one by one and then by the many, tales describing what children reported seeing on that Sunday night in May as the tornado bore down. The children said the butterfly people protected them.

These stories, tales of guardian angels, could be dismissed as a child's fanciful imagination. But the stories have taken hold here. And as the months have slipped by, the adrenaline fading along with some of the terror, the stories have assumed a new, maybe even more important role. To understand why, you have to understand what this town of 50,000 went through — and what it still faces.

The tornado killed 161 people. It shredded entire neighborhoods. More than 900 homes were lost. Big box stores collapsed. The destruction was complete, the landscape rendered foreign.

The tornado unleashed stories about death and unlikely survival: A teenager sucked from an SUV, a toddler plucked from his mother's arms, houses that exploded in 200-mph winds as families huddled in bathtubs and closets. For months, just about any place people gathered, the stories spilled out, including stories about the butterfly people.

The stories eventually found their way to Marta Churchwell. She is the skeptical sort, tough, a raspy-voiced former newspaper reporter. The longtime Joplin resident is not religious by the standards of a town known as the buckle on the Bible Belt. She is not inclined to believe in angels. But she saw what the May 22 tornado did to her town. The experience, she said, 'seared me clear to the bone."
Before and After Joplin Tornado

"Looking out over the landscape, how did anyone survive? I don't know. I can't give you an answer," Churchwell said. "But it's human nature to try to find an answer."

And that's where the stories of butterfly people take flight.
• • •
The stories changed with passing time and telling. But two versions dominated.
In one, a mother and daughter fled their vehicle as the tornado neared. The girl is 3 years old. In some versions, she is 4. They have no time to reach a nearby house. The mother and daughter hit the ground. The mother covers her child. Sometimes they jumped into a culvert. Other times, into a front yard. The mother watches as the winds hurtle her car toward them. She braces for the impact. The tornado passes. They are not hurt. The mother is astonished. "Weren't they pretty?" the daughter asks. The mom is confused. "Didn't you see the butterfly people?" the daughter says. In some versions, the daughter describes seeing the butterfly people also ferrying men and women into the sky.

The other story involves a father or grandfather and two young boys. They also are trapped outside during the tornado. In most tellings, the winds are so strong the soles of the father's shoes are ripped off. But no one is hurt. Again, it is the young boys, usually described as 3 or 4 years old, who saw butterfly people hovering above them, offering protection.

Shelley Wilson heard the story of the mother and daughter. She works as a high school counselor. After the tornado, she volunteered for a Red Cross disaster mental health team. She drove through neighborhoods distributing supplies, assessing how people were holding up. She doesn't remember who told her the butterfly people stories. She heard them several times. It was never firsthand — the stories never seemed to come from someone who experienced them.

But that didn't lead Wilson to doubt.

"It's the only way we can really, honestly understand how more people were not killed," she said. "When you walk through what was left, it just kind of took your breath away."

Wilson told the story to her church. That's where Mary Parks heard it. Parks shared it with her women's golf group, including Ellen Desmond. Desmond told her brother, who lives in upstate Illinois. He recounted the tale on his community news blog.

Marsha Sherrod heard the story while volunteering at a tornado donation center. She shared it with her Sunday school class at Forest Park Baptist. One boy, a quiet 11 year old, raised his hand. The boy said he saw the butterfly people that night too, Sherrod recalled.

She believes angels were there.

"If you had seen what I saw," she said, "you would understand."

She told the story to a friend in the church choir. Darlene "DJ" Bates is an artist. The story inspired her. She painted a watercolor showing an angel above a cowering mother and daughter in the tornado. She titled it "Butterfly People."
• • •
And there's the mural.
During the summer, a mural was painted in downtown Joplin. Public meetings were held to gather ideas for the mural, how the city's history and the tornado should be depicted.
Bates attended a meeting. One night, she raised her hand.

Dave Loewenstein, an artist from Lawrence, Kan., who is director of the mural project, was there. Bates told the story of the butterfly people. It was the first Loewenstein heard it.

Loewenstein was doubtful about including butterfly people in the mural. But he and others at the city's Spiva Center for the Arts, which helped coordinate the project, did choose a butterfly theme. Big, colorful butterflies flutter across the scene, while two small angels can be seen, too. Loewenstein said the butterflies represented metamorphosis, how the city is being reborn. The mural was titled "The Butterfly Effect" to represent how the mural could inspire others to do good works. It has nothing to do with butterfly people, he said.

"We don't want our notion of butterflies pigeonholed by that story," Loewenstein said.

But at the mural's unveiling in September, the head of the Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce noted the connection between the mural and the butterfly people.

For people like Desmond the mural served as reinforcement.

"Even on that mural," she said, "there's butterflies because they've heard of the butterfly people."

Butterflies have long held symbolic value. The ancient Greek word "psyche" refers to both butterflies and the human soul. Butterflies are depicted in Egyptian hieroglyphics. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, author of the book "On Death and Dying," said her study of death was influenced by a visit to a former Nazi concentration camp in Poland where she saw images of hundreds of butterflies carved into walls by prisoners.

And now, butterflies are being used to describe angels.
• • •
The stories about butterfly people reached school therapists. Nearly half of all students have had some contact with the Joplin Child Trauma Treatment Center, set up in the city's schools after the tornado. Dawnielle Robinson, the clinical director, said two therapists heard stories directly from children who said they saw butterfly people.

"Some kiddos said that they had seen some visions of butterflies or butterfly people that helped to calm them or keep them safe," Robinson said.

Other students reported seeing white lights. The stories came from students with different religious and socioeconomic backgrounds. "It was across the board," she said.

The therapists did not try to dissuade the students. The goal is to help students process what they experienced, Robinson said.

Judith Cohen is not surprised by the children's stories. She is a psychiatrist and medical director at the Center for Traumatic Stress in Children and Adolescents at Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pa.
Butterfly people — or angels — are a child's way of understanding what happened, why some people died and others lived, she said. Children have no control over whether they are caught in a tornado, but they can control the meaning they take from it. Children see parents as their protective shields against the world, and angels are extensions of that, she said. Children want to believe they will be protected, that things happen for good reasons, that it's not all random, a matter of luck.

"Let them hold onto that, that feeling that there's goodness in the world," Cohen said. "Shouldn't we want them to hold onto that?"
• • •
Emily Huddleston was caught in the tornado. She is 14 and a cheerleader. She has a long scar on her left leg from that night in May. Her family was driving home from her brother's high school graduation. The tornado caught up with them as they neared their house. The Chevy Suburban was tossed in the air. It crashed to the ground two blocks away. No one was seriously hurt, except Emily. A chunk of debris was lodged in her thigh.

She took weeks to recuperate, moving from wheelchair to walker to finally walking on her own. About two months after the tornado, Emily stood in her backyard. It was summer. Her house was gone. The trees were gone. Now she could see the ruined hulk of St. John's Regional Medical Center a few blocks away. A butterfly landed on her arm. It was a black and orange monarch. Other butterflies landed on her too. It kept happening during the summer.

"There'll be some that I can't get to leave me alone," Emily said. She didn't think anything of it. But then she heard the stories of the butterfly people. It all made sense.

"I look at them as my angels," Emily said. "I really do."
• • •
Out by the airport, in a white FEMA trailer in a field filled with neat rows of them, the Morgan family is finishing dinner. Clay and Melissa Morgan and their four children, along with Clay's mother, have lived in the trailer since August. The tornado destroyed their house. The Morgans and their children were at home when it hit. Melissa Morgan huddled in a central hallway with Zoe, 12, Emma, 8, Eli, 5, and Luke, 4. Clay Morgan held a mattress above them. They heard windows breaking. And then the house blew open. They were thrown outside, riding the mattress "like a water slide," Emma said. Everyone was quickly accounted for — except Eli.

"They didn't find me because I was under a carpet for a few minutes," said Eli, as he drew on paper at the kitchen table. He used a red crayon to show what happened: A stick figure lying under the carpet as a tornado shaped like a pizza slice hovered above.

"You were wrapped up like a burrito," his mom said.

"I didn't have any boo-boos," Eli said.

He was found about 20 feet away, rolled inside a green carpet, his parent said. They don't know where the rug came from, although Melissa Morgan suspects it belonged to a neighbor. One night after the tornado, Eli told his parents he saw a man with brown hair when he was inside the carpet. His story quickly was seized on by some people as evidence of something divine.

His mom said Eli mentioned that detail only once. She fears the young boy may have seen the body of the man who lived next-door.

"But God was there," Melissa Morgan said. "I felt it."
• • •
Annelise Pinjuv believes in angels. She is 11. She first heard about angels several years ago from her mom, who told her about the angels she saw in her room as she was succumbing to breast cancer.

Her half sister Maggie McConnell also believes in angels. She is 11. Maggie lost her dad to a stroke a couple years before Annelise lost her mom. Their surviving parents later married.

Sarah McConnell-Pinjuv has worked hard to convince the girls that just because one parent died doesn't mean anything will happen to the other one. She wanted to convince the girls there was some measure of justice in the world, that there was no way a little girl would lose both her parents.

Then the tornado hit. Entire families were lost. A mother lost her husband and two young children. A father lost his wife and young son. Mothers died. So did fathers. And children.

The McConnell-Pinjuvs live in a brick Georgian-style house in an older section of town. It was not hit. But everyone who lived in Joplin suffered. It was only a matter of degree.

The girls' mom, looking for something to take her daughters' minds off the tornado, signed them up to work on the mural project last summer. Annelise and Maggie drew angels, which ended up in the mural. They had heard the butterfly people stories, what the little children said they saw.

And they believe.

"To know they are actually with us," Maggie said, "it feels safer."
• • •
About a month ago, a young mother was driving with her twin 10-year-old daughters to see the mural on Main Street. It was a cloudy day. The sky looked threatening. One of the twins got nervous. She asked about going back home.

This has happened a lot in Joplin since that night in May. No storm looks ordinary now. Adults are stricken by panic attacks at loud noises. Children are sensitive too, like the boy who can no longer stand the sound of a hair dryer.

Parents tell their children all the reasons they will be safe: That tornados are rare, that tornados never hit the same place twice. You have nothing to worry about, they say. And they tell themselves these things, too. But it doesn't seem like enough. Everyone's heart races a bit faster now when the clouds come.

Kate Sturdevant, driving her two girls, tried explaining to her children that summer was over, it was no longer tornado season, that the likelihood of another tornado was very small. But Madison and Brianna were not buying it. They wanted to go home.

So Sturdevant turned to a story she'd heard often since the tornado. It was the story of the butterfly people, how a 4-year-old girl was protected by visitors none of the adults could see.
Her daughters hadn't heard the story before.

Since then, her girls have asked to hear it again and again.

Source: St Louis Today

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Loch Ness Monster Hunters Compete for Prize

The last recorded sighting was in 2002, when a postman captured video footage of something moving deep in the water.
But sightings were thin on the ground until May last year, when she was caught on camera by holidaymakers and spotted again in June and September.

Now one of the three Loch Ness Monster hunters will win the £1,000 Best Nessie Sighting of the Year prize, unclaimed for a decade.

Peekaboo: William and Joan Jobes, of Ayrshire, were walking along the Abbey footpath in Fort Augustus when they spotted what appeared to be a head bobbing above the water 200 to 300 yards from the shore
Peekaboo: William and Joan Jobes, of Ayrshire, were walking along the Abbey footpath in Fort Augustus when they spotted what appeared to be a head bobbing above the water 200 to 300 yards from the shore
In May, holidaymakers William and Joan Jobes spotted what appeared to be a head bobbing above the water 200 to 300 yards from the shore as they walked along the Abbey footpath in Fort Augustus, Inverness-shire.

Mr Jobes, of Ayrshire, managed to take a single picture before the ‘head’ disappeared beneath the surface.

However, to his delight a dark, hump-like shape broke the waves and he was able to take more photographs.

The following month, Jan and Simon Hargreaves spotted a creature while taking a break from the shop and cafe they run in the village of Foyers, by Loch Ness.

The couple said they saw something black with a long neck disappear underwater and then surface again. 

It was around for four to five minutes but they did not manage to take a photograph.
In September, fish farm worker Jon Rowe captured a large, dark shape in the water while photographing a rainbow.

The 31-year-old, of Lewiston, Inverness-shire, then spotted two unexplained ‘Nessie-like’ humps appearing from below the surface of the water.

Could this be Nessie? Jon Rowe, a fish farm worker from Lewiston, photographed a large, dark shape in the water while photographing a rainbow
Could this be Nessie? Jon Rowe, a fish farm worker from Lewiston, photographed a large, dark shape in the water while photographing a rainbow

The Official Loch Ness Monster Fan Club has classed 89 sightings as ‘good’ since 1996 but the prize has not been awarded since 2002, when it went to Glasgow postal worker Bobbie Pollock.

He captured video footage of something moving in the water while walking with his family in the hills above Invermoriston Bay.

Mr Pollock described the section out of the water as ‘quite tall and narrow like a pole’ and moving slowly towards Fort Augustus against the wind and waves.

Fan club president Gary Campbell said: ‘In the past seven years there have been very few sightings.

‘Nessie, it seems, has been in the wilderness but there were at least three sightings last year – two have been photographed and the third sounds plausible.’

Bookmaker William Hill will announce the winner of the Best Nessie Sighting prize later this year.

Read more: Daily Mail UK

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Buyers target Hong Kong's 'Haunted Houses'

It may not be everyone's idea of a dream home, but for bargain hunters in Hong Kong's turbocharged property market apartments that belonged to the recently deceased are proving irresistible - and the more gruesome the occupant's demise the better.

Popular belief in a city awash with superstition runs that the ghost of a person who dies in unnatural circumstances - a suicide, murder or bad accident - inhabits their home, passing misfortune onto the new occupants.

The threat carries weight in a city where feng shui consultants do brisk business; families placate the ‘hungry ghosts’ of their ancestors with offerings and people even refrain from whistling in the street in fear of disturbing lurking spooks.

By law, buyers are entitled to details on so-called ‘haunted houses’ - or hongza in Cantonese - and many rigorously check the backstory to their potential purchase.

But not everyone is afraid of ghosts, and in the cut and thrust of Hong Kong's runaway property market some investors are actively following the tragedies, aware that dark incidents push the price down.

Discounts of between 20-40 per cent are the standard for haunted houses with a knock-on for the rental yield, says Eric Wong of the squarefoot.com.hk property website, which has a channel dedicated to the phenomenon.

"Hong Kong people are sensitive to ghosts and bad luck," he says.

"They believe in feng shui - if something bad has happened in a home people won't take it... but Hong Kong is small and very expensive, so if a good discount comes there are others ready to make the investment."

And for the savvy buyer there are plenty to choose from.

Among the hundreds of macabre listings on the squarefoot.com.hk website is the home of a local football player who, crushed by the weight of debt and relationship problems, jumped from his 36th floor flat.

Then there is the divorcee whose body was discovered a month after she poisoned herself with the fumes of burning charcoal, or the woman hacked to death and mutilated by her domestic helper in an exclusive apartment block.

Such morbid tales are a boon to investors who would not live in a haunted house themselves, but will gladly put it up for rent.

"There's a group of investors who bid for these places specifically and then rent it to people who don't mind its bad history," Wong adds.

More often than not those are foreign expatriates - widely known in local slang as gweilos - who are not overly concerned about the history of their apartment.

"Gweilos don't have the same beliefs as Hong Kong people and just want a cheaper price in a nice area," says Winnie Ng of Rich Harvest property agency.

Haunted houses may be sold for 40 per cent below market price depending on what has happened there and how recently it took place, Ng says, equalling the impact of the 2003 SARS outbreak that had investors fleeing the city.

Also, while the market is slowing, properties remain expensive, narrowing the pool available to prospective buyers.

A deposit on an entry-level unit is more than three times a typical first-time buyer's gross household income, Barclays Capital Research said in a recent report.

Home prices have leapt more than 70 per cent since 2009, while banks have increased mortgage rates five times since March, pricing all but the wealthiest out of the market.

With many young Hong Kongers forced to live at home deep into their 20s or 30s, haunted houses are providing an unlikely route onto the housing ladder.

Abby Lau, 26, who lives with her family and is saving to move, says many among her age group are looking at haunted houses as a realistic first-time purchase or cheap rent.

"Everyone knows they are cheaper and in four or five years people will forget what's happened there so it can bring a big return later," she says, laughing off the idea she herself would move into a hongza home.

But soon Lau and tens of thousands like her may find they have to live with the city's ghosts whether they like it or not.

As Ng of Rich Harvest explains, Hong Kong's seven million people cram into a small area where many buildings are old, raising the likelihood someone has died in ‘bad circumstances’ in every block.

"Someone has to live in them... really there is no choice," she says.

Source: Asian Age

10 Unexplained Phenomena That You (Probably) Never Heard Of

1. Toads in the Coal

According to official and reputable sources there have been over 90 recorded unexplained cases of amphibians being found alive but fully encased in coal pockets or stone geodes. Of these cases, 40 involved frogs or toads. The most well respected case is documented in the Reader’s Digest book – “Mysteries of the Unexplained”. There is a pattern to the various discoveries. In most cases the frog is discovered in a chamber full of mucous and is usually very pale or white in colour. After a few minutes exposed to air it comes-to-life and is usually quite active for a short while before turning grey and apparently developing respiratory difficulties. In most cases the animal dies within 24 to 72 hours but there are some references that when these poor creatures were quickly allowed into fresh pond water they seem to have survived indefinitely.

Logically, these accounts of entombed amphibians seem impossible but it is worth noting that certain frogs do seem to have some ability to enter a state of suspended animation. Also, the most credible accounts of these incidents suggest that the “rocks” may have formed within the past thousands of years rather than millions. Finally, frogs and toads do burrow into soft “muds” that can appear to fossilise quite quickly and, in the correct environment, appear to turn to stone particularly if they are exposed to high levels of mineralised water such as the Petrifying Well of Knaresborough, England.

2. Flimmern-Geists

The words “Flimmern” and “Geist” are Germanic in origin and translate as Flicker-Spirits or Flicker-Guides. This unexplained phenomenon was first described by the alchemist Jakob Bohme in the 16th Century as the ability to see shadowy figures out of the corner of your eye. Generally, these beings flicker in-and-out of a person’s peripheral vision and appear to be humanoid, dark and agile. The truth is that almost every person alive has at some time seen a fast moving shadow just at the edge of their vision and turned to look but seen nothing more. These observations are most often accompanied by shivers, chills and a sensation that something odd has happened. Scientists are quick to suggest that this phenomenon is just a “trick of the eyes” but fail to explain both how and why.

It is possible that these unexplained apparitions are just the hallucinations of the brain as it tries to decipher the edge of visual perception but others believe that it is in this marginal zone that the eye and the mind is able to perceive another more paranormal dimension. These Flickering Spirits are often described as being cloaked but those that have trained themselves to observe this phenomenon simply describe a blurred outline that can easily be mistaken for dark clothing. In late 16th century culture and superstition these Flimmern-Geists were largely associated with death and may well have given rise to the popular image of the “Grim Reaper” the personification of Death – a dark hooded figure that flickered in-and-out of a person’s vision shortly before they died. There is a current school of occult thought that proposes that these “Flicker-Ghosts” are somehow the guides that lead a person’s soul to the afterlife. The reality is that nobody really knows why or how individuals see these things but there is no doubt that many millions do. In fact, so many humans see them that they treat them as just-one-of those-things that, you know, just happen.

3. Impossible Footprints

Is it possible to find fossil-trace foot prints of dinosaurs and humans in the same rock? Some people believe that they have evidence for just such an impossible occurrence. Archaeologists and palaeontologists as well as other interested amateurs have been discovering dinosaur footprints in various types of sedimentary rock. These footprints are created when a creature leaves an imprint in soft material such as mud, clay or sand. If the conditions are right then the imprint is filled-in with more material while retaining its shape. Over time the soft material is covered by new layers which preserves the prints and hardens into stone. Millions of years later these tracks may be revealed by natural erosion or excavation.

There is nothing strange or inexplicable about this process. However, there have been many reported accounts of human footprints being found together with dinosaurs - or in rocks that date from many millions of years ago and long before humans are believed to have evolved. Naturally, this has created a significant controversy between scientists, creationists and other interested parties. The most famous site, and the one featured in the image, is the Paluxy site near Glen Rose in Texas, USA. Still, claims persist that some of the tracks were modified to look more like human footprints after the locals realised the potential tourism value. Some additional ancient footprint-examples include the Burdick Print also from Glen Rose, the Meister Print from Antelope Springs, Utah, the Nevada Shoe Print and the Coffee Print from Stinnet, Texas. Most reputable palaeontologists dismiss these claims as hoaxes or misinterpretations but advocates of the fossil-trace footprints argue that in many cases the finds are dismissed unfairly simple because mainstream science declares them impossible and refuses to carry out the correct study. In this case we at Aquiziam tend to side with the mainstream science that there is a better explanation that human-dinosaur coexistence. Still, who knows for sure?

4. Vanishing People

Worldwide there are literally hundreds of thousands of missing persons and many more disappear every day. One only has to search Google Images for “Missing People” to appreciate the scale of the problem. Many of these missing people are found but a significant proportion disappears forever. Where they went or what happened to them is a mystery in its own right but still not as strange as Vanishing People. These are individuals that for no apparent reason simply vanish in front of witnesses who are at a complete loss to explain what happened. It is worth noting, as with many other mysteries, that some of these cases have turned out to be hoaxes. In general, there are a couple consistencies in the most well known cases that are worth mentioning.

All the people involved were (or appeared to be) content with their lives. All of them were engaged in a normal activity such as running a race or walking through a field when they simply vanished. There are hundreds of well documented cases of people disappearing in mysterious circumstances but actually very few where they simply vanished in full view of other people. We’ve listed this as a phenomenon because of its pervasive theme in stories, films and cultural beliefs. As an example, the films Picnic at Hanging Rock, The Illusionist and the X-files all refer to this occurrence. The belief in the possibility of this as a phenomena has been reinforced by the acts of stage magicians that really do appear to be able to make others disappear.

5. Mystery Scratches

Have you ever woken up in the morning to find strange and unexplained scratches or bruises on your body and in places you couldn’t have reached yourself. Well ... even if you haven’t millions of others have. In fact, there are internet forums where people describe the phenomenon and desperately appeal for explanations and help. (Just google: “strange cuts and scratches” or “mysterious scratches on body”) In most cases the scratches are mild and disappear in a day or two and the vast majority of these cases never get medically reported as the sufferers usually convince themselves that they are somehow self inflicted. Others attribute the injuries to bug bites, allergic reactions or even something that happened during the day that they failed to notice at the time.

Usually the incident is forgotten as soon as the bruises vanish or the scratches fade. However, persistent sufferers go to great lengths to rule out these possibilities. There have been cases of sufferers wearing gloves to bed, fumigating their houses and even taking full medical allergy tests all to no avail. In one case a woman went to the extreme length of having a friend watch her while she slept and still woke up with new bruises and scratches. According to her friend nothing strange happened except for a period when the victim tossed and turned restlessly for about 15 minutes. Doctors try to put forward rational explanations for this condition such as the skin disease Pityriasis Rosea but most of these thoroughly fail to convince those that have actually experienced it happening to them. The phenomenon has persisted through the centuries and in the past has been explained by demons, having-a-devil-on-your-back, goblin fury, divine punishments and even encounters with incubi or succubae. In some cases the victims report that in addition to the scratches and bruises they have other more disturbing injuries.

6. Natural Infrasound

Infrasound is described as any audio wave frequency that is lower than the 20Hz that can be detected by the human ear. There is no doubt that Infrasound exists and it can be both detected and created by audio technology. It can travel long distances and is often associated with natural phenomena such as volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. It may be the reason that animals can anticipate such events before humans can and researchers are now using infrasound detection equipment as part of civil defense early warning systems. Studies have shown that when humans are exposed to infrasound they develop feelings of supernatural awe, fear, depression and anxiety that can lead to complete panic attacks.

Some researchers have even claimed that the 19Hz cycle is particularly associated with paranormal events and may be a stimulus for disruption of human vision creating the illusion of ghostly perceptions. If the source of the infrasound is powerful enough it can create vibrations in objects that make them appear to move of their own accord and even cause glass to break. Infrasound has been used at political rallies to stimulate the crowd, as a psychological weapon to demoralise the enemy and as special effects amplifiers in films. The effect of Infrasound on the human body is being explored in various studies but, as yet, it is not illegal to expose humans to such low frequencies even though the long-term health effects are unknown.

7.  The Hessdalen Lights

Strange and still-unexplained lights in the sky are a fairly common occurrence and most can be explained as either man-made objects or natural phenomena such as the Aurora Borealis or even shooting stars. However, there are occasions when the phenomena persist and the mysterious lights that still materialize over Hessdalen in central-eastern Norway are one such case in point. According to various sources they started to appear in 1940 but it was in 1981 that the intensity of these phenomena increased dramatically and started to be recorded by everyday people. Records show that at certain times there have been 20 reported sightings in just one week.

Although the intensity of this mysterious phenomenon has declined over the years there are still regular sightings and various scientific and quasi-scientific study projects have been established to monitor these lights. Visually they look like small pockets of burning gas (blue or orange) but maintain their luminosity for far longer than just a simple flaming of combustible methane or hydrogen. The lights also move in a way that is similar (but slower) to reports of ball lightning but otherwise have no similarities. The Hessdalen Automatic Measurement Station was established in August 1998 and has regularly recorded inexplicable lights from 1983 until now. Everyone has a theory as to what might be casing these phenomena. Some of the claims include UFO portals, spontaneous combustion of natural gasses, Will-o'-the-wisps, ball lightning, Scandium effects and localized Ionic charges. At times it seems as if the Hessdalen lights are used as proof of everything from divine apparitions to alien invasion. There have been several claims in the media that the mystery of the Hessdalen lights has been solved usually accompanied with a statement that these results will be released sometime in the future. We’re still waiting.

8. Time Slips

According to great scientists such as Albert Einstein, time is not as stable as most of us think. As humans we’re adjusted to time and our evolution has established tricks to allow our conscious minds to deal with it but in reality it’s a slippery concept. Time slips occur when a current time (now) interlaces with a previous time (then) and can be experienced by the person from the more recent time. However, the event is usually unnoticed by the people from the earlier time.

What is the evidence for this phenomenon? Well ... plenty if you know where to look. In fact it is so common that we’ve even built it into the English language. We’ll explain. When a time slip occurs people in both realities are able to experience the alternative reality.

Still, according to most accounts, this usually lasts for only a few seconds and the human brain does its best to filter out these anomalies. This has given rise to expressions such as “I could have sworn that I’ve just seen” or “my eyes must be playing tricks on me” or even “you won’t believe what I just saw”. Over the years people have claimed that they’ve seen old airplanes parked in fields that were once airports or roman soldiers marching down their road. In almost all cases the person experiencing the time slip blinks, looks again and is startled to find that whatever they saw has now vanished. However, photography has captured these anomalies from the time that the camera was first invented. In fact, the longer exposure times of early cameras have revealed more than the modern “instant” versions do but there are still oddities such as the image captured on Google Earth that clearly shows a World War Two bomber flying over Britain. Is this a time slip or just the folks at Google having a laugh? Perhaps it’s a reconstruction from an air show?

Not all time slips are brief and there have been occasions when people have entered a room and been startled to find that they are in a completely different time. One case was recorded by Mr Archie “Racer” Carmichael who was driving from Birmingham to London in 1953 when he stopped for a drink in a Cotswold village near Borton-on-the-Water. He parked his Austin-Healy 100/4 outside the local pub and entered for a drink. He was shocked when the he found the people inside the bar looked as if they were from an earlier century. His attempts to communicate were ignored and after a few minutes the scene dissolved and Archie found himself being asked if he was alright by a worried looking barman. It seems that he thought he had seen ghosts but was probably experiencing a time slip.

9. The Plain of Jars

Located in the Lao Highlands the Xieng Khouang area is at the centre of a remarkable archaeological site known as the Plain of Jars. Scattered across this region are thousands of stone jars that scientists have estimated date from approximately 2000 years ago. They range in size from quite small to enormous with the largest weighing up to 14 tonnes. Very little is known about the makers and scientific attempts visit the site and conduct excavations are severely hampered by the vast number of unexploded bombs that litter the sites. These munitions are the remnants of the Secret War when the USA carried out one of the most intensive bombing campaigns in all history.

It is estimated that there are more than 10,000 unexploded devices in the immediate region making this one of the most hazardous archaeological sites in the world. Unraveling the true history and origin of the jars is further complicated by the fact that the 1969 bombing campaign effectively wiped the place off the map and scattered the original inhabitants far and wide. There are many theories as to why the Jars were created. Some believe that they were funerary urns for human ashes while others believe they were designed to store rainwater from the monsoons. This does make a certain amount of sense as they are located exactly on one of the ancient trade routes from Northern India. At times they have certainly had a religious significance as limited excavations have revealed that some contained statues of Buddha as well as other offerings such as beads and bronze tools. What is often overlooked is that these jars would have required vast human effort to create, perhaps even on the same scale as Stonehenge, and would have been done for a reason of great significance. For now, their existence is just another ancient mystery that defies immediate explanation.

10.  Hyper Perceptions

Most people will experience Hyper Perception at least once or twice in their lifetime. This phenomenon usually occurs when a person visits a place they’ve never been before and yet experiences a very strong sense of familiarity. This should not be confused with déjà vu which is often fleeting and is really just a brief feeling of having seen or done something before. Hyper Perception is extended when the same person may perceive things about the place that they couldn’t possibly know. Unlike time slips or déjà vu, the feeling grows stronger the longer they stay and in some cases people have reported suddenly being aware of very clear memories of the place from other times often decades or even centuries in the past.

Tour guides in stately homes or other historic sites have become quite used to people coming up to them and say things like “wasn’t there a statue by that tree” or “didn’t this floor used to wood?” In many cases the guides will admit that this used to be the case many years ago but they were moved or renovated. The guides then usually ask how the visitor knew this to which the answer is almost always: “I don’t know I just seem to remember it being that way”. In certain cases people who have experienced very strong hyper perceptions find the experience quite disturbing. The picture to the right and above is of Warwick Castle in England. Some years ago a member of the team visited it to take photographs and was so overwhelmed with a sense of having actually lived there before that he later spent months researching both the history of the Castle and his own family tree to see if there was any connection. He didn’t find one but still keeps looking. To test his own perceptions he visited the Castle again several years later and felt the identical sensation which he states he has never experienced anywhere else. Strangely, very little has been written about hyper perception as it is usually and unfairly bundled together with claims of clairvoyance, ESP and fortune telling.

Source: Aquiziam.com

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What Are The Mt. Bisbino UFO Lights? (Video)

In the latest UFO news, a video was taken of strange lights over Mt. Bisbino, Italy on January 7, 2012.

What are they?

What makes this video unique is the time of day, just before sunset. That means the sky is bright enough to make the unidentified flying objects more visible. And more chilling.

Although the videographer fiddles with the focus a bit too much, it's readily obvious that the multiple objects are not moving like any known aircraft. But it's how they behave aerodynamically which is the most confounding.

In the background of the cloudless sky there is a puff of vapor, behind from which at least two UFOs emerge and fly crazily about. As the video goes in and out of focus, the objects split up and one disappears suddenly. The other then seems to split in two, with four lights shining brightly.

Then, just as instantly as they appeared, the objects disappear from sight. Did they go back inside the cloud? It's a really weird sight.

Source: Gather.com

Kansas City Police: Mutilated Cow Found at Northland Farm

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Police are investigating after a Northland farmer reported that one of his cows had been found dead and mutilated, apparently by someone who a veterinarian says knew what they were doing.

According to Kansas City Missouri Police, officers responded to a call on Thursday morning to a farm near 120th and Brightwell in rural Platte County, just west of KCI. There, officers said that they found the cow, which had its sexual organs and udder removed.

The cow’s owner, Casey Hamilton, told police that the cow had been ill, and had been moved to another pasture away from the rest of his herd. According to the police report, the cow was alive and recovering when it was last checked on Wednesday night, but was found dead the following morning.

A veterinarian examined the cow, and determined that it’s vagina and udder had been removed.

According to the police report, the vet told officers that it was a precise cut and whoever did it “knew what they were doing.” He also stated that the cow was alive when the parts were removed.

“I couldn’t believe it happened so close to home,” said rancher Gordon Phillip, a friend of Hamilton’s and one of three ranchers in the area. The ranchers lease the land from KCI – the cattle herds keep tall grass down, which in turn helps keep deer off the airport’s runway.

“”It’s amazing, like how the vet said, if he had done a massive masectomy like that on a cow there would be blood all over the field, but there was no blood,” said Phillip.

Police say that when the cow was discovered on Thursday morning, the gate was still locked and there were no footprints or tire tracks leading to the dead cow.

“It’s somewhat amazing because the lack of evidence,” said Phillip, who says that he discovered one of his own cows mutilated 30 years ago. When he asked his vet for an explanation, Phillip says that he just looked towards the sky.

“He was just amazed when I showed him this cow 30 years ago, he went around and around looking for where a space machine had landed to see if he could find any burn marks in the pasture,” said Phillip.

The cow’s exact cause of death has not been determined, but the vet told police that the cow did not die from the mutilation. The lack of evidence is leading to a conundrum for investigators and ranchers alike.

“(It’s) just amazing how whoever does this terrible thing to animals seems to know what they are doing,” said Phillip.

Source: Fox 4 Kansas City

Monday, January 9, 2012

Tennessee Ghost Hunters Capture Ghost on FIlm

HARRIMAN, TENN. — Ghost-hunters encamped overnight with high-tech gear in the city’s oldest building claim they took a photo of a “full-bodied apparition” as well as recordings of ghosts talking.

If City Council next Tuesday approves the release of that alleged evidence of ghostly goings-on in the Temperance Building, “It’s liable to freak a few people out,” Richard Ruland said.

Ruland, a resident of Dayton, Tenn., is founder of G.H.O.S.T. (Ghost Hunters of Southern Tennessee) Paranormal.

He said his 11-member group spent Dec. 17 in the building.

They toted in gear ranging from infrared and conventional cameras and recorders to what Ruland called an “electromagnetic field reader” used in ghost-hunting.

Orange Misty Ghost
In one of some 800 photos taken during their stay, there’s one shot of “orangey-white mist” shaped like a man wearing a coat, Ruland said,
and that apparition quickly vanished.

Recordings of ghosts talking were also captured, Ruland said.

That organization wants council’s approval of a contract that would allow members to revisit the building and eventually conduct nighttime tours of it for a fee.

Half of any tour proceeds would be funneled into a campaign to restore the majestic red-brick building.

Read full story at the Knoxville News Sentinel.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Legendary Oily Man Monster Terrorizes Malaysia

Around Christmas, something unusual was seen in Malaysia, and it wasn't Santa Claus. Residents of the Kampung district of Melaka were alarmed over reports of the orang minyak (Malay for "oily man"), a bizarre monster said to abduct young women by night throughout Malaysia. The creature has been occasionally sighted for decades, but never captured.

According to a report in Malaysian newspaper The Star, there were multiple sightings over the Christmas holidays. One eyewitness saw it "crawling up the stairs of the house, just like Spider-man. When it reached the top it suddenly jumped onto the roof. I don't think a human could do that. It then just disappeared... We can laugh and joke about it, but this is serious. All the families here have young girls."

The orang minyak is a funny character. Some folks believe it is a supernatural creature; others say it's a human warlock who coats himself with grease as black as his soul. The shiny black grease not only looks scary and disgusting but is said to help him escape capture; no one can grab him so he slips through pursuers' fingers. (Of course if a person actually covered himself that way, greasy hands and feet would make it difficult to turn doorknobs or run around, not to mention crawl up the sides of buildings or grab a struggling captive.)

No matter if the orang minyak is implausible, it's feared in many places throughout Malaysia. Villagers don't trust police to protect them and have instead taken to the streets on citizen patrol, armed with machetes, to seek out the monster. The orang minyak is only one of many similar mythical beasts in the region. There's also the orang ekor (the "tailed man," a race of men and women who have tails); the orang gadang (the "big man," a 10-foot-tall beast with long hair), and the orang bati (the "flying man," a creature that stands about five feet tall, has black, leathery wings, and allegedly makes its home in dormant volcanoes).

While these creatures are rooted in myth and folklore, some people argue that the orang minyak is not a creature of folklore but instead a real, but unverified, monster akin to Bigfoot. According to Michael Newton in his "Encyclopedia of Cryptozology: A Global Guide" (McFarland and Co., 2005) the orang minyak "is an aggressive unknown hominid or primate reported from peninsular Malaysia. Natives of the region claim that this large, hairy biped attacks rural villages by night and carries off young women." It's not clear what he (or she — they can't all be males if there's a thriving population of them) does with these young women, but it's probably not pleasant.

By far the best known of all these is the orang pendek, or "short man," that has been reported in the forests of Sumatra. This pot-bellied creature is said to stand between two and five feet tall and range in color from yellow to dark black. Some believe that the hard evidence for the orang pendek is far better than for Bigfoot or the orang minyak, though that's not saying much.

Source: Live Science.com

Friday, January 6, 2012

Welsh Ghost of the Valleys Caught on Video

There was an icy, some would say, ghostly welcome on the Welsh hillsides for a tourist on a short break to the Valleys.

For when holidaymaker Paul Feehan replayed the video from his holiday he was in for what he believes is the supernatural shock of his life.

During a break at his holiday caravan the property developer from Manchester deliberately picked an isolated quiet spot beside a manmade lake to relax and take it easy.
And as he took full advantage of the peace and quiet to sit and soak in the views of the stunning Welsh countryside near the village of Abersoch on the Lyn Peninsula he was filmed by a friend.

Even as the camera rolls there is no hint from either man that they have spotted anyone else near them.
Yet when Paul replayed the video he could clearly see a figure standing just a few feet behind him.

The figure, which Paul believes could be a ghost, can be seen at the back of the frame standing very still.

Lady in red circle captured on vid
And it remains there for the duration of the short film as the camera pans left and right across the landscape.

Paul even believes that the ghostly spectre is female and is dressed in Welsh national costume.

He said: ‘This is really, really, weird. There was nobody else in the area at the time. When we walked down to the lake we saw nobody.

‘I am absolutely positive that the place was deserted at the time and I have no explanation for what you see on the video. It was completely deserted.

‘Knowing the lie of the land I think the figure could have been no more than 15 metres behind me.

'We heard nothing to suspect anybody else was near us.

‘When I saw it on the video I was shocked and did a bit of research on the internet.

'The outline with the hat and the type of dress looks exactly like a woman wearing Welsh folk dress.’

Source: Daily Mail UK

Video: UFO definitely spotted in Scotland

UFO spotters are in a lather over a YouTube video which shows two mysterious lights streaking through thick fog in Scotland.

The YouTube clip, which is thought to have been filmed on a dashboard-mounted camera by a Scottish Mountain Rescue team, show the light orbs accelerate over a field, just as an oncoming car passes the camera.  The lights in the sky then suddenly disappear.

The UFO clip was posted to YouTube on New Year’s Day by the user ‘ufoshack’.

Sceptics say the “creepy” dots of light are lens flares from the car’s lights, reflected in the camera.

However, the blogger ScottCWaring, points out how another car that also appears in the clip, does not have the same effect. He says, “It’s incredible.”

Others say the lights are unevenly placed, not matching the position of car lights.

It is also unlikely airplanes would have been flying in such dense fog.

Expert Ron Halliday, 62 — an expert on UFOs for 30 years — said: "They don't seem like reflections as they move at such speed. It's baffling."

User Tom Rose said in the UFO section of website Gather: "Either way, it's one of the creepiest videos to surface so far this year."

The location of the 25-second film, shot in snow, is still unclear.

The sighting follows similar reports of unidentified craft hovering above Trekhgorny, Russia, and another in Bolotnaya Square, in Moscow.

Source: TNT Magazine