Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Unexplained howls spark Bigfoot hunt in Canada (video)

A big, hairy mystery is unfolding in a remote community off the coast of northern Vancouver Island.

Alert Bay residents have been reporting strange screams and howls coming from a forest that surrounds the town – and some think they could be coming from a sasquatch.

Mackenzie Mountain said he recently recorded the unusual sounds on his cell phone at night on the backside of Cormorant Island.
“We were on the back porch up on the back road and we heard it once, and I didn’t get the recording, and the second time I got the recording,” he said. “That was on the back porch. Very eerie.”

Mountain isn’t the only one who has heard the unsettling howls.

“This summer I’ve heard it three times, I’ve heard it scream three times. But it’s been coming here for years,” said resident Rod Alfred.

Whatever has been making the noise is heard primarily at night, and while some have dismissed it as a dog, others say that’s impossible.

“With that volume, absolutely no dog can make that kind of a noise with that volume,” said Art Dick, who has heard the sounds coming from right outside his home.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Ghost Adventures ghost-hunting couple dead in murder/suicide

SPARKS, Nev. -- Police identified the couple found dead inside an apartment on Tuesday as Mark and Debbie Constantino, local paranormal investigators featured in the Travel Channel hit series Ghost Adventures. In what police believe is a related incident, a third person was found dead in a home in northwest Reno.

The Constantinos were found inside their daughter’s apartment near Sparks High School.

SWAT teams from both Reno and Sparks police surrounded the Courtside Gardens Apartments, evacuated the complex and put it on lockdown.

Police began their investigation shortly after 6:30 a.m. when a woman arrived at a home in Escalera Court to find her male roommate dead inside, Reno Police Lt. William Rulla said. His name has not been released
Police then learned that another roommate, Debbie Constantino, was missing. Officers tracked her cellphone and found her inside the apartment in Sparks with her estranged husband.

Upon arriving at the apartment, officers knocked on the door and heard several shots fired, said Reno police deputy chief Tom Robinson.

The suspect told police "give me 15 minutes to gather my thoughts or I'll kill her," Robinson said.

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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Man and his dog saw a lake monster in Vermont

WILMINGTON- Lake Champlain has a “Champ,” and Loch Ness has its “Nessie,” but does Harriman Reservoir have a “Harry?”

Well, maybe. Martin Kasindorf (left)saw something unusual in the reservoir while he was sitting near the water’s edge Friday at about 2:30 pm. Kasindorf’s dogs reacted to the sight first. When they started barking, he followed their intent gaze out beyond the shoreline, less than 100 yards away from where he was sitting. In the water he saw six distinct “humps” in a curved line. “Each hump was about six inches to a foot apart,” he recalls. “It was a nice sunny afternoon, and the surface of the lake was calm. I could see the water lapping against them. My first thought was that they were rocks. But the dogs thought there was something alive out there.”

Kasindorf and his wife Irma Hawkins own the only house with frontage on Harriman Reservoir. The house, a former schoolhouse, served local schoolchildren years before Harriman Dam was built and the reservoir flooded. The house has been in Hawkins’ family since the 1950s, and the couple have been spending summers at the place since 1995.

Although the level of the lake varies, Kasindorf said he knew there should be no rocks in the spot where the humps appeared. He called out to Hawkins, who came out of the house to see the spectacle.

“At that point, the humps started moving and submerged,” Kasindorf says. “Then a few yards (to the right) I saw something straight, like a log, and brown moving quickly through the water. If it was a log, it was a log with a motor on it.”

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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Does a "Ghost" haunt this North Carolina Sheriff's Office ??

GREENSBORO — Deep in the halls of the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office, in the wee hours when no one’s around, things go bump in the night.

Footsteps echoing where no one’s walking. Employees hearing their names called from empty rooms. Objects that are left in one place at the end of the day and show up somewhere else in the morning. Faucets and lights turning on and off at random.

“I don’t know whether it was haunted or not, but I did hear and see some weird things,” said Maj. Tom Sheppard, who retired from the sheriff’s office two years ago.

During his time in the office, Sheppard had pencils move around on his desk and saw full pots of coffee mysteriously go empty.

“If it was a ghost, it was a benevolent ghost,” he said. “I never believed in ghosts, to be honest with you, but now I’m kind of having second thoughts.”

Otto Zenke
The building, located at 400 W. Washington St. between Eugene Street and Blandwood Avenue, isn’t
particularly old, but it does have a bit of a checkered past. Sheriff BJ Barnes and his staff have worked there since late 1995. Before that, this L-shaped building served as a furniture showroom and residence for famed interior designer Otto Zenke.

And since they moved in 20 years ago, law enforcement employees consistently have reported strange happenings. Footsteps when there’s no one in the office. Objects moving around. Names being called — loudly, distinctly — from empty rooms.

And the epicenter of all that activity seems to focus on Zenke’s master bedroom, now used as an administrative office.

“I’ve had employees that said they’ve had furniture move and things have fallen,” Col. Randy Powers said. “They’ve heard voices. It’s usually down in the front part, the older part, where (Zenke) actually lived.”

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Friday, September 4, 2015

'Ghost' caught on camera singing along with child in bedroom (video)

A man who "claims" that a mysterious, ghostly voice was recently caught on video singing along with his 4-year-old daughter and moving the blankets on her bed is so terrified that he said he’s no longer willing to stay at his home — or so the story goes.

The ghoulish tale all started with a viral video that has since been removed by the user who originally posted it, though versions of the short clip are still popping up on social media, with numerous media outlets reporting on the purported phantom over the past 24 hours.

Here’s the gist of the story: A man identified as Daniel Garrett, who lives with his daughter in Toronto, Canada, said in the video’s original description that he had given his daughter his cell phone to play with while he went to the bathroom. The little girl recorded herself singing, but a male’s voice is also heard on the recording humming right along with her.

“My 4 year old daughter came and woke me up at 8 am and I left the room to go to the bathroom and she took a video on my phone with some freaky sh*t on it,” Garrett’s video description read, according to the Daily Mail. “She is babbling as children do and when she pauses you hear a male voice sing along with her and the blanket moves near the end, also at the end the male voice says ‘You’re so funny.’”

Garrett went on to say that it was the “scariest thing” that has ever happened to him, and that he and his daughter are now staying with his parents.

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