Friday, January 13, 2017

Investigators claim to have photographed a Lengendary Ghost in Maine (video)

A team of paranormal investigators believes it has captured a photo of the ghost of Eva Gray climbing the back stairs of Biddeford City Theater, where she’s said to have collapsed at the end of a performance and died backstage more than 100 years ago.

EVP Paranormal of Maine visited the theater on Dec. 19 and spent four hours taking infrared video footage, which showed what it believes looks like a woman in a dress on the stairs. The group posted a video with the image on its Facebook page Thursday.
Caroline Mezoian, 51, of Saco, who founded the group with Beverly Young of Buxton, said she thought the story about Gray – that she died the day before Halloween in 1904 singing “Good-Bye Little Girl, Good-Bye” with her 3-year-old daughter in the audience – seemed contrived.

“I didn’t really believe it, to be honest,” she said.

But when she saw the figure in the footage, Mezoian said, she almost fell out of her chair.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Dad catches something chilling on home security camera (video)

A Father discovered something terrifying after setting up cameras in his home for his daughter who complained of something bothering her.
The clip begins with the youngster – who looks around six or seven – playing with her doll.
Another of the dolls sits a few feet away from her.

Suddenly, it appears to move its head completely of its own accord.

The footage then cuts to the girl drawing pictures in the living room.
This time, some sheets of paper are moved across the table.

Terrified, the young girl runs off, but the cameras continue to roll.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Man claims he filmed a ghost fleeing a gangfight (video)

Real-life ghostbuster Muhammad Adiant was stunned when he noticed the apparition while he recorded a group of men fighting in Indonesia.

Filmed on January 5, the disturbing video shows a white ghostly figure floating away from the raucous below – passing by a lamppost before disappearing into the night sky.

Shocked locals believe the bird-like figure means it is a ‘Kuntilanak’ – the spirit of a woman who died while pregnant.

According to legend, Kuntilanaks spend eternity sucking the blood of virgins.

The creepy clip went viral after Muhammad posted it online last week.

And the father-of-one is convinced the figure in the video is a ghost.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Was the ghost of a murdered Prince photographed at the Tower of London (video)

A mother has claimed she has been photobombed by the ghost of 12-year-old Edward V
Mary Ryan, 40, was taking snaps of weapons on display at the historic attraction while on a day trip but failed to notice the face that appeared in the reflection until she returned home to Liverpool.

The hairdresser believes the ghostly face of a young boy could be that of Edward V, who was sent to the Tower along with nine-year-old brother Richard, by their uncle King Richard III in 1483.
It is widely assumed they were murdered as the duo were never seen again - but Miss Ryan claims that her picture could be the first image ever caught of the tragic young prince.

Sir Thomas More, the 16th century statesman and historian, claimed the two princes were smothered by their uncle and buried within the tower - though it was never proved and their disappearance is often cited as one of the world's greatest murder mysteries.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

How long would you survive a zombie apocalypse ??

Even Rick Grimes and his crew wouldn’t be able to save humanity in the zombie apocalypse, at least according to a new study from the University of Leicester.

Even Rick Grimes and his crew wouldn’t be able to save humanity in the zombie apocalypse, at least according to a

Researchers at the institution determined how long humans would be able to fend for themselves before falling victim to grisly, flesh-eating zombies.

Those carrying out the study used a formula to determine how long it would take for even the bravest, sturdiest humans to succumb to their zombie foes — and while it may feel like a lowball, trust us, it’s science.
In just 100 days, the study says, around 100 humans would remain. Maybe these are the Ricks and Michonnes of the world. Nevertheless, they’d be quite outnumbered, to say the least.
Would they ride things out in an Alexandria-type setting? Or be adventurous and rush through the forests playing whack-a-mole, zombie style?