Saturday, January 31, 2015

"How I met the ghost of No. 10 Downing Street" (audio)

Listen to this unnerving story from a member of staff at No10 Downing Street who tells how in the darkness he 'felt the presence of someone else in the room'

If you're of a nervous disposition then make sure you have all the lights on and just check over your shoulder to make sure there really is no one there...

Now you can listen to David's tale of what happened to him at No10 Downing Street. He sounds level-headed, rational, and didn't believe in the supernatural – until his encounter very early one morning in the darkness of the Small Dining Room.

Now he says: "I can’t explain it. It’s something I don’t often relate to people because it still sends shivers up my spine."

David, now Facilities Manager at No10, had just joined the staff when he had his strange encounter. He went in to the Small Dining Room at around 6am to check preparations for an event. He saw that lights had been left on in an adjacent room and went to investigate.

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CCTV captures woman being pushed to the ground by a ghost (video)

A woman claims to have been pushed to the floor by a ghost after cameras caught her being thrown to the floor despite there being no-one around. 

Cecilia Carrasco, 34, says she felt someone shove her as she walked past the reception desk at her lawyer's office in Santiago, Chile. 

The CCTV footage, which was shown on a local TV report, quickly went viral in her homeland.
Cecilia Carrasco says she felt someone shove her as she walked past the reception desk at her lawyer's office 

She said: 'I hit the ground hard and had to be taken to hospital in an ambulance. 

'I wasn't aware of anybody in front of me as I passed the reception desk talking to a girl, and as I looked towards the receptionist I suddenly felt two pairs of hands shove me over. 
'I hit the floor but when I looked up I couldn't see anybody, and I thought they probably had run off.'

Ms Carrasco said she had never believed in ghosts and is now frightened of leaving the house.

She added: 'When the receptionist told me that there was nobody there, I didn't believe them until they showed me the footage. Now I am convinced that it was a ghost because I felt the hands even though there was nobody around.' 

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Landlord thinks William Shakesspeare in haunting pub

PRIEST and two monks were among the spooky presences detected by ghostbusters at a South Devon pub.

Local group Real Investigators of the Paranormal visited the Jolly Sailor in East Ogwell during the early hours of Sunday after reports of a ghostly figure spotted in the bar.

Landlord and former footballer John Turner called in the ghostbusters because of constant hauntings since he bought the pub.

He said he didn't believe in ghosts until he took over the Jolly Sailor: "It's a friendly ghost, we just want to find out more about him.

"The figure looks a bit like a William Shakespeare type character."

"Now that these discoveries have been made, hopefully we'll be able to find out more about the history of the ghost and where it might have come from."

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Womans's reports of seeing a monster were not taken seriously

Charmaine Fraser, 41, claims to have seen a Bigfoot near a disused sandstone quarry during a morning walk with her gran’s dog as a child.

She has now gone public on her sighting and wants people to help her prove the existence of the mysterious creatures.

Charmaine, who is orginally from Monikie and now lives in Edinburgh, said she saw the 7ft, black beast with no neck and broad shoulders in Carmyllie in the early 1980s.

She told The Courier: “I was with the dog and we were coming down the path that leads to the track running past the bottom of the property and out to the farm road.

“Just before I got on to the track, the dog stopped suddenly and started to growl, whine and bare her teeth.
“I looked up to see a large black figure further along the track standing with its back to me.

“It was reaching up to a branch on a tree at the side of the track and was tall, of thick build with no neck and wide shoulders.

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US Air Force releases classified UFO documents online (video)

Nearly 130,000 pages of declassified Air Force files on UFO investigations and sightings are now available in one place online. UFO enthusiast John Greenewald compiled a database called the Project Blue Book Collection, containing nearly every declassified document from the Blue Book project.

THE BLACK VAULT: Browse the collection

Hotel burns in Colorado, but what about Rufus the Ghost (video)

ROUTT COUNTY – People living in the town of Yampa, just south of Steamboat Springs, are wondering whether a historic building destroyed by fire in early January will return to their community.

The century's old Royal Hotel went up in flames after an issue erupted with its coal-heating system. Everything in the building was destroyed.
The hotel was considered the heart and soul of Yampa. For more than a hundred years, hunters, fishermen and outdoorsmen from all over Colorado would visit it.

"Little towns like this or a little town out on the Eastern Plains – whenever they lose something the town hurts. It's important to us. A heart and a soul," said Paul Bonnifield, a local historian.

Perhaps no Royal Hotel guest is as well-known as "Rufus the Ghost." As the legend goes, Rufus was either killed during a poker game or died from the flu. No one really knows. Regardless, folks in Yampa say he haunted the hotel for 100 years.

"One of the questions that was asked almost immediately after the fire was 'What happened to Rufus?' Because he's important to the town," said Bonnifield.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Ever wake up and think you see a ghost?

It was an ordinary night, but Salma, a 20-year-old student at The American University in Cairo, had a particularly frightening experience. She woke up, unable to move a muscle, and felt as though there were an intruder in her bedroom. She saw what appeared to be a fanged, bloody creature that looked like "something out of a horror movie," standing beside her bed.

She later explained her experience to researchers who were conducting a survey about sleep paralysis, a common but somewhat unexplained phenomenon in which a person awakens from sleep but feels unable to move. Up to 40 percent of people report experiencing sleep paralysis at some point in their lives, and a few, like Salma, hallucinate shadowy intruders hovering over them.

"Sleep paralysis can be a very frightening experience for some people, and a clear understanding of what actually causes it would have great implications for people who suffer from it," said Baland Jalal, a neuroscientist at the University of California, San Diego.

Researchers say that sleep paralysis happens when a person awakens during a stage of sleep known as rapid eye movement (REM). People in this stage of sleep are usually dreaming, but their muscles are nearly paralyzed, which might be an evolutionary adaptation that keeps people from acting out their dreams.

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Monday, January 19, 2015

Ghosts prowling Welsh highways seduce drivers

Hitchhiking ghosts could be seducing travellers on a busy road near Swansea, a paranormal investigator has claimed.

Gavin Davies, the author of Ghost Sex, says he is investigating a spate of incidents where unsuspecting drivers are seduced by hitchhiking ghouls.

One of them involved a Pembrokeshire man who told Mr Davies he was seduced by a figure disguised as a beautiful woman hitchhiking on the A40.

“I was approached by a man who did not want to be identified because it could expose him to ridicule, who told me he picked up a hitchhiker who turned out to be a ghost that seduced him,” Mr Davies said.

“Now, I’m aware that stuff like this is often intended as erotica and people have fantasies about it. And at first I thought it was a wind up call. But this man genuinely believed he was seduced by a paranormal entity.

“He said that he was driving back from a date that hadn’t gone as planned.

“He saw a beautiful woman on the side of the road and he picked her up.”

 ‘John’ wrote: “Then I started to smell something strange, at first I thought it was like a cigarette smell.

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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Ghost for sale on Craigslist

I have a male Ghost for sale. He came into my house when I purchased a old wooden chest. He is attached to the Chest. The chest comes along with the Ghost. He is attached to it. What ever room I put the chest in, he hangings around it. If I try to hide the Chest, he searches for it and even gets mad if he can’t find it for awhile. You get the chest and the Ghost for $300.00. please email
Pics of Ghost and chest included.

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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Russian Yeti Caught On Video Walking Through Snow (video)

This is the moment a group of Russians captured video footage of what they believed was a Yeti walking through the woods.

The footage shows a 'bear-like' figure covered in hair emerging from an area of snow-covered trees in the south-western Adygeya Republic before disappearing again seconds later.

A team had set out in search of the mysterious creature after local television reported that it had been sighted in a remote region an hour's drive away from the city of Adygeisk.

They said they had questioned residents at a mountainside lodge who claimed to have seen it - and on speaking to others in the area managed to secure reports of several independent sightings.

The group claim they heard the crunching of snow as they headed out to investigate before capturing footage of the creature, which they describe as covered in hair.

Afterwards, they took a plaster cast of a large footprint they said they found in the snow.

Eyewitness Ludmila Hristoforova who spoke to local television said: 'The creature was big, looking like a bear, but not a bear. From the door we've seen something big and shaggy.'

Homeowner Andrei Kazarian said: 'I heard footsteps and we were pretty sure there was no one else around because we knew for sure everyone else was inside the house. 'Although we didn't see anyone we saw its huge footprints. They were five to six centimetres deep and couldn't come from a human foot. 

Haunted Collector host eyes funeral home for haunted museum

ADAMS - After reviewing hundreds of potential sites, a renowned paranormal specialist and investigator may have found the perfect place to display his haunted wares: A funeral home.

John Zaffis, who hosted the cable TV show "Haunted Collector," has set his sights on a vacant building that once housed McBride Funeral Home to establish a paranormal museum and research facility.

"Over the course of years I've collected quite a few items," Zaffis said Wednesday from his Connecticut home. "They're out in my barn now, but I always thought it would be fun to have people see the items and hear the stories about how they are connected to hauntings."

Zaffis, 58, stressed that plans are still fluid, and that he hasn't put in an offer on the property yet.

The Liberty Street building, which has been vacant for more than 10 years, is listed for sale at $79,900.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

NASA Shuts Live Video Feed As Massive UFO Appears (video)

UFO hunter Toby Lundh is causing a stir among alien UFO believers with the claim that on Jan. 6, 2015, NASA cut abruptly its live stream after a massive UFO appeared on the live feed.

Lundh, who contacted, provided a still photo of the alleged UFO to support his claim that NASA attempted to cover up “evidence” of a massive UFO presence near the International Space Station (ISS) by shutting the live video feed after the UFO appeared on it.

According to Lundh, NASA has removed the recording from its archives as part of the agency’s effort to conceal what alien UFO believers have long held are clandestine interactions between ISS astronauts and technologically advanced aliens.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Ghost hunting at the Haywood County Courthouse in North Carolina

It’s a cold night in mid-December. Few people are still out and about in downtown Waynesville and there’s a hint of snow in the air. Dale Burris, Haywood County facilities and maintenance director, stands at the door of the Historic Haywood County Courthouse, keys in hand, and waits until the last member of the Cold Mountain Paranormal Society steps inside with the rest of the equipment before turning the deadbolt.

It’s a good night for a ghost hunt.

The Cold Mountain Paranormal Society (CMPS) was founded by Tony Ruff and Terri Rhinehart Putnam, of Bethel, about four years ago. Ruff had always had in interest in the paranormal, but it was a supernatural encounter at their Edwards Cove home in 2010 that prompted him to found the society.

Putnam’s grandmother was 103 when passed she away and Putnam kept her rocking chair in the living room. During the holiday season, she moved it to the basement so she could have a place to put up her Christmas tree. One evening, she asked Ruff to take something down to the basement.

When Ruff passed by the rocking chair, he looked over and saw a woman sitting in it.

“She looked solid. Just like you do,” he said. “And I stopped because I realized … hey, there’s a woman sitting in this chair in the basement. And I turned around and she wasn’t there.”

When he returned upstairs, he told Putnam what he’d seen and she asked him to describe the woman. Having never met Putnam’s grandmother or seen a picture of her, Putnam was shocked when he described her to a tee.

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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Two men capture ghost chasing reversing car in England (video)

A VIDEO of a mysterious ‘ghost’ allegedly captured on a road going out of Blackburn is causing an internet sensation.

Two men filmed the alleged spectre from inside their car, and can be heard talking about the ghoulish figure as it approaches.

Filmed on a country road leading towards Belmont, the figure dressed in white comes towards the car before disappearing into bushes at the side of the road.

The frightened passenger can be heard screaming in Arabic. He shouts: “Move the car backwards. Faster! Faster!”

Since it was posted online, the video has been shared thousands of times on social media and racked up thousands of views on the Lancashire Telegraph website.

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Monday, January 5, 2015

Family of Sasquatches Spotted by Arizona Highway Cameras

A suspicious pack of what appeared to be a group of large animals has sparked a viral debate about a possible sasquatch sighting in Arizona.

The Arizona Department of Transportation was behind the latest announcement -- and conspiracy theories began to grow after they posted a photo from a highway patrol camera. 

It wasn't Big Foot enthusiasts reading too deeply into a suspicious photo; the government officials were the ones to suggest that something sinister -- and mysterious -- was going on. 

"We might have spotted a family of sasquatches on SR 260 near Heber this afternoon. What do you think?" the Department of Transportation wrote in the caption of the photo it posted to their official Facebook page on Jan. 1. 

The post was shared nearly 3,000 times. 

The more than 2,000 comments ranged from true believers to those concerned with the well-being and supposed mythological powers of the rarely spotted beings, but eventually the department put the speculation to an end, admitting it was just meant to be humorous. 

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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Is a ghost haunting the Pocatello H.S. in Idaho (Video)

Recent bizarre footage from inside Pocatello High School is giving many the heebie jeebies and bringing out paranormal activities. It was all caught on the school’s security cameras.

The footage taken on December 19, shows a dark, shadow like figure of an adult up against the drinking fountain before it walks over to the bathroom, walks back out and down the hallway.

"Just lots of lights flashing and noises that don't make any sense and when you go into where the noise, then there is nobody there anymore,” Lisa Brian, a paranormal investigator said.

Lisa and her husband, John, have been investigating the school for years. They watched the raw security video. They call the mysterious figure roaming the hall suspicious.

"The lights going on and off, having the police called because of issues going on in the building, all of that goes to show it wasn't something somebody put on there, it's something that actually happened," Lisa said.

Pocatello High School students say they have also caught some suspicious shadows on camera. Some have even felt someone walking right behind them and when they turn around, no one is there.

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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Man claims to photograph Bigfoot bathing in Florida

One occupational hazard of reporting on unexplained phenomena: You can always count on waking up in the morning to find an email from someone swearing that they've just seen Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, a hybrid human alien or a UFO on the moon.

2015 began with a photo from John Rodriguez, a 66-year-old retired electrician, who claims that he was fishing Dec. 26 on the Hillsborough River near northeast Tampa, Florida, and came upon an incredible sight.

"I fish for gar in the river and I bring my camera to take pictures of the birds and what not. I heard a squishing sound, looked over and saw this thing walking through the water and crouch down in the duck weed. It did not look like a guy in a suit -- it was definitely an animal. I took this picture and got out of there as fast as I could."

Rodriguez claims to have seen and photographed -- in a completely clear and non-blurry moment -- that tall, hairy, elusive creature often reported in North America and other parts of the world that goes by many names: Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti. In Florida, it's known as the Swamp Ape or Skunk Ape (primarily from descriptions of an extremely pungent odor it supposedly gives off).

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Friday, January 2, 2015

Ghostly cat now haunts the Perkins Stone Mansion in Ohio

Simon Purrkins the cat
AKRON, Ohio — The people who run Perkins Stone Mansion are used to things that go bump in the night.
But things that dart into people’s paths and brush against their legs are another matter.

For about a year and a half, staff members and volunteers at the Summit County Historical Society have reported encountering what they believe is the ghost of a dark-colored cat in the reputedly haunted mansion just west of downtown.

Sometimes they see a cat’s form. Sometimes they hear a meow or a distinctive sneeze. One felt something brush against his leg during, of all things, a paranormal tour.

They think they know who the mysterious resident is: the spirit of Simon Purrkins, a black cat who once prowled the mansion’s grounds as the historical society’s unofficial chief executive.

The sightings started around June 2013, some eight months after Simon died. “I just thought that was coincidental,” said Leianne Neff Heppner, the society’s executive director and one of the many humans Simon once held in thrall.

That Simon would return makes perfect sense to her. He lived a big part of his life in the historical society’s offices and on its grounds, from the time employees rescued him as a skittish kitten in 1998 until he moved East with his human family in 2009.

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