Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tourist captures ghostly image of a little girl in Chattanooga

Girl in Pink (center)
A tourist believes he captured the image of a ghostly woman while visiting Chattanooga over the weekend.

Lewis E. Atchison Jr. and his wife, Valeria, were in Chattanooga for the Head of the Hooch regatta this past weekend. During their stay, they decided to explore the city's haunted past by taking an extended ghost tour with Chattanooga Ghost Tours.

The left photograph was the result.

Atchison snapped the photo during the tour at what is known as the Underground Chattanooga parking deck at 633 Chestnut St. A historical marker at the location recalls the life of G.W. Franklin, a black business owner who lived from 1865 to 1928. Among his establishments was a successful undertaking business, thought to have been located at this address.

For several years, access to below the parking deck was blocked by chain-link fencing. Only recently has the fence been open to allow people inside for those who dare to enter.

Two caged areas thought to have been used as livery stables are still located underneath the street and accessible via the parking deck. According to Chattanooga Ghost Tours owner Amy Petulla, this specific location is more "active" than other locations on the tour.

The site has produced several memorable photographs, including this one of what appears to be a little girl in a pink dress.

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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Mother flees apartment in terror after GHOST photobombs her selfie

A young mother fled her home in terror after a 'ghost' photobombed her as she took a selfie - just weeks after undertakers claimed there was a dead body at the property.

Natasha Boden, 26, from Blackpool, Lancashire, took the picture on her mobile phone after dyeing her hair blonde.

But the mother-of-one was reduced to tears when she noticed a face lurking near her right shoulder after she zoomed in on the spectral snap. 

Ms Boden immediately checked into a hotel for the night and is now looking for somewhere else to live with her partner Mark Donohue and two-year-old daughter Dolly - and has ended the tenancy at her two-bedroom flat. 

She said that just six weeks earlier, undertakers had knocked on her front door, claiming they were there to collect a corpse.

The undertakers soon realised they had gone to the wrong flat but Ms Boden said she cannot go back to the property knowing it might be haunted.

She said: 'My boyfriend is moving everything out of the flat. I can't go back there. I'm absolutely petrified.

'I've never believed in ghosts or anything like that. If someone else had taken the photograph, I would think it was a load of rubbish but the face is so clear.

'I was terrified. I was alone in the flat and I knew I had to get out immediately. It was 11pm but I checked into a hotel and asked my boyfriend to meet me there. 

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Ghostly figure caught on CCTV on pub staircase (video)

CCTV footage studied after an alarm went off at the White Lion pub revealed a ghostly apparition 
This is the moment a ghostly figure is caught on camera at the White Lion pub in Yateley .

The hooded figure, visible on the left hand side, appeared for a fraction of a second at the top of stairs leading to the female toilets on in the lead up to Halloween .

Pub manager Kate Staniszewska said: “There are many stories about who it is. I believe this one is a woman figure which appears quite often.

“I live in the building and so I can feel it when I pass the ghost. I’ve lived here six months and it’s happened a few times but this is the only place we have seen it.”

The pub has quite a reputation for being haunted , with James Rogers, the pub’s now deceased first licensee, said to have a specific love for his tankard which is still kept in the bar.

When the tankard was last moved the alarm system malfunctioned in the early hours of the morning.

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