Friday, June 14, 2019

Man claims to have captured the Legendary "Ogopogo" lake monster on film (video)

See the source imageA south Okanagan man is convinced he’s captured the most conclusive piece of evidence yet of the legendary and elusive lake monster in the Okanagan known as the Ogopogo.

Jim La Rocque was enjoying his mother-in-law’s lakefront property with his two children in Kaleden, B.C. on June 1 when he says he noticed an inexplicable wake on Skaha Lake.

La Rocque scrambled to record the mysterious ripples breaking through the lake’s glassy surface.
His son was wading on a paddle board nearby.

“Eventually he turns and sees a flipper come out of the water and hit the water, and that’s when he… turned around and started coming back in,” La Rocque said.

The longtime Okanagan resident said he couldn’t believe his eyes.

La Rocque believes he witnessed a giant, serpentine creature swimming across the lake with at least seven fins paddling in sync.

He estimates it was at least 36 metres (120 feet) long.

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Ghosthunters capture shadow spirit at a haunted theatre (video)

Ghosthunters in Great Yarmouth believe they have captured paranormal activity at St George's theatre.

A video posted by Ghosted UK on their YouTube channel shows a number of silhouettes walking through the corridors next to the entrance of the theatre.

Members of the group including Tim Johnson, Annabelle Barnes and Amanda Esherwood said they were excited by the discovery at their Paranormal event last month.

Mr Johnson, 51, from Caister, admitted he wasn't sure what the shadow figures were but has described them as "unexplained paranormal activity".

"I haven't got a clue what they are but it definitely isn't the shadow of people because you would have seen somebody walk in front of the window," he said.

"It is really exciting and we want to go back again to explore the building further.

At the minute it remains unexplained."

Mr Johnson said the group which was set-up in January 2019 uses a variety of high-tech pieces of equipment to help with their investigations.

The state-of-the-art kit includes night vision cameras, motion detectors, and voice recorders.