Saturday, May 28, 2016

Ghost of former storekeeper caught on security camera (video)

The ghost of a former shopkeeper has allegedly been spotted roaming around building where she used to work - years after her death.

The spooky CCTV was captured in vintage store Hopkinson, located in Station Street, Nottingham.

The premises were originally opened in the 1880s as a family-run industrial engineers merchants called H. Hopkinson Ltd.

That business was run by the patriarch of the family - Mr Hopkinson.

It was later changed to a vintage clothes shop, which also stocks antiques.

In the clip, an eerie outline is seen floating towards a rack of clothes before pausing beside items of clothing.

The figure, believed to be the wife of the shop's original owner, then turns and floats away, almost as quickly as she appeared.

General manager Izzy Watts told The Mirror: "I was 100% convinced by the footage. When I saw it on my way into work, I actually felt sick.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Very chilling footage of a ghostly apparition filmed in a Hospital (video)

This chilling footage from inside a haunted  hospital has left the internet baffled and disturbed.

In the clip a ghostly apparition appears out of nowhere in a dimly lit corridor lined with stretchers.

The grungy hallway is otherwise empty – leaving no explanation about where the semi-transparent figure came from.

Internet ghost hunters think the sighting was in the School Hospital Universitario in Honduras where a doctor apparently took their own life.

It is said that the medic now haunts the corridors and flickers on the lights in rooms where patients are staying.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Was a ghost photographed at an Australian music festival ??

If you went to underage festival Good Life in Brisbane this year you may have encountered a nice little girl with a teddy called Lucy. Don’t freak out or anything BUT SHE IS PROBABLY A GHOST.

A photo of Lucy (and her teddy) has been circulating on the internet and even the promoters aren’t too sure what is going on.

After launching its own internal investigation, which involved calling the venue, Good Life have concluded that, yes, Lucy may actually be a ghost.