Friday, February 27, 2015

Did a Ghost pull this toddler to the ground ?? (video)

Lexi suddenly falls over inexplicably (Picture: SWNS/MailOnline)
Lexi suddenly falls over inexplicably
Does this home video show a young girl being pushed to the floor by a ghost?

That’s what the parents of one-year-old Lexi Hood think after she fell over while playing peek-a-boo.

Gareth and Charlene were filming her at home in Bridgend, Wales, as she stood in front of a TV, but then inexplicably drops to the floor.

Mr Hood told MailOnline: ‘Lexi is very sturdy on her feet and is a very confident walker and a happy funny baby.

‘We were watching TV and there was no way she could go back like that.

‘We were filming her as a bit of a memento because she was doing peek-a-boo and she thought we couldn’t see her when she covered her eyes.

‘She just went shooting back. Her arms went out to the side and she went back, as if she has been pushed or pulled.

‘Then she said “naughty boy” like she usually says when she is telling off the cat if it nips her or something.

‘When we looked at the film it really freaked us out – it doesn’t look at all like she is just falling.’

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Haunted Mansion for sale on Staten Island, New York

A 10-bedroom Staten Island mansion, which local legend says is haunted by the spirits of the former owner and his daughters, has hit the market for $2.31 million.

The 7,700-square-foot Italianate villa-style home — at 2475 Richmond Road — was once owned by Gustav A. Mayer, a 19th-century inventor whose sugar-cookie recipe later became Nabisco’s Nilla Wafers.

He died in 1918, but his two daughters stayed there until beyond their 100th birthdays and never went outside.

In fact, the Mayer girls, Paula and Emilie, never even walked down the stairs — holing up in just two bedrooms of the “Grey Gardens of Staten Island” for the better part of a century.

They used an elaborate pulley system that brought in their groceries, mail and any other outside-world needs.

Their ghosts are said to still roam the hallways — but Mark Anthony, who’s known as the “psychic lawyer,” said the family’s presence is “positive.”

“It’s the fear and superstition attached to spirit communication which makes people think that encountering a spirit is spooky,” he said.

“The owner is super-touchy about people calling it haunted,” a source said.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Mysterious lights appear on the dwarf planet Ceres

The discovery of a bright spot on Ceres has given rise to lots of speculation. And now we've learned something new: it has a friend. The second spot is not quite as bright, but still weirdly reflective compared to the rest of the dwarf planet. And one scientist has a possible explanation for both of these bright spots.

Top image: From photographs taken on February 19, 2015 at 46,000 kilometers away (29,000 miles), Dawn can finally see that the mysterious bright spot on Ceres is in a basin, and has a smaller, dimmer companion. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/UCLA/MPS/DLR/IDA

The latest round of photographs was taken by Dawn on February 19, 2015 when the spacecraft was still 46,000 kilometers away (29,000 miles) from the dwarf planet. It reveals not just the bright spot that has been provoking speculation for years, but now our imaging resolution is getting good enough to spot a second smaller and dimmer bright spot apparently in the same basin as the main attraction.

Schoolgirls photograph the Ghost of the Grey Lady (bonus video)

It is believed the spectre is actually the spirit of Dame Sybil Penn, a woman who nursed Elizabeth I through smallpox in the 1500s.

Supernatural experts say she died of the same disease shortly after and continues to haunt the halls of the royal palace in Surrey.

The ghost, which has not been spotted for years, has emerged again this week in a 12-year-old girl's photograph.

Holly Hampsheir was taking photos of the 16th century stately home during a visit last week.

But when she looked back at the snaps on her iPhone she saw a mysterious figure lurking by an old fire place.

The spooky shadow is seen with long, flowing hair standing over her cousin Brook McGee, also 12, as she admires the Elizabethan building.

Yet in another photo just seconds after, the ghost seems to have disappeared.

“I was totally freaked out," Brook, of Hornchurch, Havering, told The Sun.

“I didn’t see anything. People say the room goes cold when ghosts appear but we had no idea."
Holly’s mum Angie said she was "speechless".

The 48-year-old added: "There was no one else in that room and she’s floating through the rope."

According to records, The Grey Lady was first spotted in 1829 – the same year her tomb was moved from the palace.

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Sunday, February 22, 2015

A tall mysterious figure keeps being seen in a Haunted UK pub

When things go bump in the night, who are you going to call? One man asked himself just that after funny things started happening in his pub.

A tall, mysterious man with a hat kept being seen by regulars – and great, shuddering noises were heard behind the walls.
The Robin Hood pub in High Street, Boston, has been around for a long, long time.

In the past it was a coaching inn and there are rumours of an unexplained death there – so it is no surprise that it has its fair share of reports of paranormal activity.

Paranormal 3 visited the premises with all their scientific equipment to see if they could get to the bottom of the mysterious activity.

Pub landlord, Rob Hancock, said a friend – a sceptical sort with no interest in ghosts – was one of many who had encountered spooky goings-on, and he suggested ringing the investigators.

He said: “My friend’s first occurrence was in our lounge. His dog was in the other room and it went ballistic and its fur was standing up on end.

“He then looked in the doorway and could see a figure. He thought it was someone messing around.

“It was a tall man in a long trench coat, with a hat. He is very tall and has been seen by two different people.

“We have all experienced lots of noise, bangs and crashes. Then one day me and the cleaner were in the kitchen and I thought a lorry had come through the pub wall. I came into the bar to find nothing.”

The investigation – team made up of Tina Woodcock, Neil Wells, Darren Gunson, and medium Anthony Coffey – are a Boston based group.

Tina, founder of the group and lead investigator, said the team wants to investigate places in Boston that have not been covered.

She said: “When we came to the pub the first time, there was only me, Darren and Rob the landlord in the building and we were upstairs.

“As Rob was showing us around, the door slammed really hard. “It would have to have been a gale force wind to shut that door and when we played footage back, you could hear a male laughing.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Meet the woman who collects haunted dolls (video)

Katrin has to hire a babysitter while she is out to prevent the dolls from causing mischief The single mother to Christopher Robin, eight, and Karl, seven, says that she bought the dolls after developing a fascination with the supernatural while travelling.  
'I became interested in the spirit world in 2008, while living in Estonia, Northern Europe, because I felt the presence of a spirit,' she said.
'This started my interest in the paranormal and when I moved to Glasgow in November 2008 I started researching spooky things and stumbled upon haunted dolls.'

Katrin was first intrigued when she discovered through online shops and forums there were dolls with spiritual powers.
'Haunted dolls are not possessed as such, the doll is the spirit's home.
'The spirit is attached to the doll and sometimes leaves it in the same way humans go to work every day.
'You can buy a doll, get it in the post, and the spirit comes with it.'
Katrin has to hire a babysitter while she is out to prevent the dolls from causing mischief 
A shop in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, sells the dolls in the UK and scores of people chat about the subject on forums.

Enthralled by this new discovery, in August 2010 Katrin ordered her first doll, Mystical, from the US for just £10.

Katrin says that as soon as Mystical arrived she began to notice spooky goings-on in her home. 

'When she arrived I realised straight away she was not a doll, she was a person,' she said.

'That night I put her near the television I told her: "If you're happy switch it off, if you are not happy leave it."

'The response was terrifying. The TV switched off and on, the lights flickered and I knew it was Mystical talking to me through the electricity.

'She told me she was happy to have been adopted by me.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Google Street View captures a ghost at abandoned orphanage

ghost3A ghostly child’s face has been spotted in the window of an abandoned orphange on Google Street View.

The image, which came to light on yesterday Friday 13th, is believed to show a child weeping inside the Victorian red-brick building.

Here it is on Street View (zoom in to see it).

Other recent ghost sightings include disappearing circles and white mist. Voices have also been heard.
The Liverpool Seaman’s Orphan Institution, which was closed down by Liverpool Council in 1997, is said to have dozens of ghosts stalking its rotting corridors.

Rusty beds, wheel chairs and commodes can still be seen scattered around the building, which was also used as a hospital and mental asylum.

One corridor at the top of the building has several cupboards, said to have been used to lock children in the dark when they misbehaved.

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The surveillance camera captures ghost in Toowoomba Australia (video)

A VIDEO purporting to show a ghost in Toowoomba has been shared worldwide. 

The surveillance camera footage shows a white glowing shape appear in the right hand corner.
The ghostly object "walks" up and down the street. 

It was posted on Toowoomba Ghost Chasers' Facebook page

Group founder Kylie Samuels said it had been sent in anonymously. "I haven't seen anything like it in a long time," she said. 

"It has to be something. There is no other explanation that we can come up with."
Ms Samuels said the owners built their house on the land of the very old house next door. 

"Where the 'spirit' walks is where the old house had their pool. 

"They are thinking someone may have drowned in the pool," she said.

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Friday, February 13, 2015

Twice convicted murderer to marry Ghost Hunter

According to an announcement in The Seattle Times, 27-year-old Sutherland is newly engaged to Amanda Knox, the Seattle native twice convicted in the murder of Meredith Kercher in Italy in 2007.
Sutherland—who has known Knox since middle school and reportedly wrote to her as she sat in an Italian prison—is no stranger to the strange. The long-haired Brooklynite with a penchant for leather is a ghost hunter who plays rock shows in haunted venues, according to a video posted on a crowdsourcing website that has so far raised more than $5,000 for their project.

A band member describes Knox’s future husband as “A Rock and roll musician, a seeker of truth and a spiritual being.” His bio on the site lists him as a “believer” and describes him as “a nomad by nature, [who] believes in the power of stories, spiritual forces and the freedom of living among and through them.”
Thunderstrike, the bio says, has “lived and played music in parts of the US, France and Nepal.”

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Haunted Karsten Hotel up for sale in Wisconsin (video)

KEWAUNEE, Wis -- The Karsten Hotel was built by William Karsten in 1912. It has three stories, 23 rooms, and apparently three spirits haunting the building.

Owner David Watters says, "I did not believe in ghosts before I bought this place, but at this point in time, I'm a firm believer. There's things that I cant explain."

Watters bought the hotel in April 2013, and since he's been in charge, he's heard countless stories; some mention noises of children playing in the hall, others have seen random objects moving. Watters says the stories are all consistent, too.

"That consistency and that trend; it doesn't take long to put two and two together and see something is going on," Watters said.

The hotel is up for auction now, and Watters hopes that a new buyer can love and respect the building's historical beauty... even the ghosts.

Local restaurant owner Randy Vandenack said the first time he came to the hotel, he definitely suspected some paranormal activity.

"When we got to the third floor, the windows were wide open, the curtains were blowing. It was incredibly erie to go to a hotel in the middle of winter, it was about 10 below that day, and to find windows open," Vandenack said.

Couple blames Ghost for setting fires

A local couple, accused of setting a series of fires in their Alexandria apartment, is due in court Tuesday for a status hearing.

Court documents revealed evidence of five separate fires.

When questioned, the couple told investigators the apartment was haunted and believed ghosts were setting the fires.

One of the fires involved a crib mattress while their infant was sleeping.

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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Ghost stories still whispered in Villa Maria's halls in Montreal

Over the generations, the building today occupied by Villa Maria has become home to a fair share of ghost stories.

Lynda da Silveira, a former Villa Maria student who now works there, for years organized the school’s historical tour, which is given by students and includes the ever-popular ghost stories.

Da Silveira recounts a perennial favourite: “It’s a story of unrequited love.”

It involves the school’s main building which had once been the Monklands Hotel. In that building is a rope that hangs from the second storey down to the first, connected to a bell.

“Two lovers came to the country inn — they were having an amorous affair,” da Silveira says. The woman, fearing her husband and society at large would discover her indiscretions, ended the romance and left the hotel.

“That night he hanged himself with the rope. It is said that at the time of his hanging which was 11 p.m., oftentimes, you can see the rope moving. And the chime of the bell will sound like the agonized cry of a dying man,” says da Silveira. “We all refer to it as the hanging rope.”
What of other ghosts? “Lots of teachers and staff throughout the years will tell you that weird stuff happens
on that floor all the time,” Da Silveira says. “So you’ll be sitting there, and suddenly a gust of cold wind will come from nowhere. The lights will turn off. It sounds like someone is walking across the room, even though you’re the only one left.” Some have even reported hearing laughter.

Another tale pertains to a student named Lillian Stubbs. It is said she contracted cholera. She longed to go home to Texas for the summer break, but because she was contagious, she had to stay at the school with the nuns. She died there in 1880.

Bigfoot seen walking through Yellowstone National Park (video)

BOZEMAN - A YouTube video quickly picks up steam and views online of what the user says appears to be Bigfoot roaming through Yellowstone National Park.

User Mary Greeley posted the video on her YouTube channel at the end of December and it has garnered about 25,000 views since then.

Yellowstone National Park Spokesperson Al Nash says such sightings occur from time to time.

"Bigfoot sightings are not frequent, but it happens. People say a lot of crazy things about Yellowstone all the time and Bigfoot is just one of them."

The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organizations reports Montana has a total of 43 reported Bigfoot sightings since it was founded in 1995.

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Paranormal group claim to capture gost on film (video)

Paranormal team film shadowy figure seemingly walk passed a series of windows in a building with no one on the other side 

Sefton Paranormal are always on the look out for realistic explanations to some of the eerie footage and photographs they take when investigating, but sometimes there just isn't one.

The team were at Liverpool Town Hall when they captured what looks clearly like the shadow of a man walk passed all the windows in the commons room.

Ghost de-bunkers Arron Robinette and his mum Pamela, from Southport, said that they were told that there was scaffolding all around this area making it impossible for someone to cast this shadow from that position.

Arron said: "Liverpool Town Hall brought us a broad array of anomalies that could not be explained with logical answers, all the team’s equipment signaled towards the presence of something paranormal.

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Ghost caught on CCTV pushing drink off counter at Birmingham Pub (video)

Staff at a 'haunted' Midlands pub say their CCTV footage has captured the moment a ghost pushed a bottle of cordial off the bar.

The short clip appears to show the blackcurrant drink move from the back of the bar and drop over the side of the counter onto the floor at The Old Crown pub in Birmingham.

Onlookers can be seen leaning over the bar, baffled at what they have just seen.

Witnessed by Andy Lightfoot, 28, and Rudie Jones, 26, the two men admitted they couldn't understand what had happened.

"It was very freaky," Andy told the MailOnline. "We couldn't understand how on earth the bottle toppled over the bar like that.

Amy Carter, a 24-year-old barmaid at The Old Crown, said she had only left the bar momentarily when the incident occurred.

"I went down to the cellar to get some more spirits and suddenly I heard a big bang from upstairs.

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