Thursday, February 5, 2015

Paranormal group claim to capture gost on film (video)

Paranormal team film shadowy figure seemingly walk passed a series of windows in a building with no one on the other side 

Sefton Paranormal are always on the look out for realistic explanations to some of the eerie footage and photographs they take when investigating, but sometimes there just isn't one.

The team were at Liverpool Town Hall when they captured what looks clearly like the shadow of a man walk passed all the windows in the commons room.

Ghost de-bunkers Arron Robinette and his mum Pamela, from Southport, said that they were told that there was scaffolding all around this area making it impossible for someone to cast this shadow from that position.

Arron said: "Liverpool Town Hall brought us a broad array of anomalies that could not be explained with logical answers, all the team’s equipment signaled towards the presence of something paranormal.

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