Thursday, February 19, 2015

Meet the woman who collects haunted dolls (video)

Katrin has to hire a babysitter while she is out to prevent the dolls from causing mischief¬†The single mother to Christopher Robin, eight, and Karl, seven, says that she bought the dolls after developing a fascination with the supernatural while travelling.  
'I became interested in the spirit world in 2008, while living in Estonia, Northern Europe, because I felt the presence of a spirit,' she said.
'This started my interest in the paranormal and when I moved to Glasgow in November 2008 I started researching spooky things and stumbled upon haunted dolls.'

Katrin was first intrigued when she discovered through online shops and forums there were dolls with spiritual powers.
'Haunted dolls are not possessed as such, the doll is the spirit's home.
'The spirit is attached to the doll and sometimes leaves it in the same way humans go to work every day.
'You can buy a doll, get it in the post, and the spirit comes with it.'
Katrin has to hire a babysitter while she is out to prevent the dolls from causing mischief 
A shop in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, sells the dolls in the UK and scores of people chat about the subject on forums.

Enthralled by this new discovery, in August 2010 Katrin ordered her first doll, Mystical, from the US for just £10.

Katrin says that as soon as Mystical arrived she began to notice spooky goings-on in her home. 

'When she arrived I realised straight away she was not a doll, she was a person,' she said.

'That night I put her near the television I told her: "If you're happy switch it off, if you are not happy leave it."

'The response was terrifying. The TV switched off and on, the lights flickered and I knew it was Mystical talking to me through the electricity.

'She told me she was happy to have been adopted by me.

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