Sunday, February 22, 2015

A tall mysterious figure keeps being seen in a Haunted UK pub

When things go bump in the night, who are you going to call? One man asked himself just that after funny things started happening in his pub.

A tall, mysterious man with a hat kept being seen by regulars – and great, shuddering noises were heard behind the walls.
The Robin Hood pub in High Street, Boston, has been around for a long, long time.

In the past it was a coaching inn and there are rumours of an unexplained death there – so it is no surprise that it has its fair share of reports of paranormal activity.

Paranormal 3 visited the premises with all their scientific equipment to see if they could get to the bottom of the mysterious activity.

Pub landlord, Rob Hancock, said a friend – a sceptical sort with no interest in ghosts – was one of many who had encountered spooky goings-on, and he suggested ringing the investigators.

He said: “My friend’s first occurrence was in our lounge. His dog was in the other room and it went ballistic and its fur was standing up on end.

“He then looked in the doorway and could see a figure. He thought it was someone messing around.

“It was a tall man in a long trench coat, with a hat. He is very tall and has been seen by two different people.

“We have all experienced lots of noise, bangs and crashes. Then one day me and the cleaner were in the kitchen and I thought a lorry had come through the pub wall. I came into the bar to find nothing.”

The investigation – team made up of Tina Woodcock, Neil Wells, Darren Gunson, and medium Anthony Coffey – are a Boston based group.

Tina, founder of the group and lead investigator, said the team wants to investigate places in Boston that have not been covered.

She said: “When we came to the pub the first time, there was only me, Darren and Rob the landlord in the building and we were upstairs.

“As Rob was showing us around, the door slammed really hard. “It would have to have been a gale force wind to shut that door and when we played footage back, you could hear a male laughing.

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