Thursday, January 12, 2017

Dad catches something chilling on home security camera (video)

A Father discovered something terrifying after setting up cameras in his home for his daughter who complained of something bothering her.
The clip begins with the youngster – who looks around six or seven – playing with her doll.
Another of the dolls sits a few feet away from her.

Suddenly, it appears to move its head completely of its own accord.

The footage then cuts to the girl drawing pictures in the living room.
This time, some sheets of paper are moved across the table.

Terrified, the young girl runs off, but the cameras continue to roll.

The movement soon becomes more aggressive, with the crayons being flung off the table, followed by more paper before the table itself is actually shifted.

It’s not clear where the clip took place, but it has been seen more than 160,000 times since being posted to video-sharing site eBaum’s World.

Users had mixed reactions to the chilling incident, with some claiming it was fake while others suggesting it was proof of supernatural life.

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