Thursday, January 19, 2012

Unexplained Sounds are being recorded all over the world. (videos)

Recently people have been recording bizarre sounds all over the world. Here a few very interesting ones. I find them interesting because of the whole "End of times" theory for 2012, which I personally think is just all paranoia. But the are still very odd. Also they are best listened to while wearing headphones.

Ironically I had a dream last night about being hired by Michelle Obama to document the possible end of the world scenario.

So funny that I look online this morning and this is what I begin to find,..hmmmm,... or it could just be viral videos for Cloverfield 2

From i09: What exactly are we hearing in these YouTube videos posted by people who claim they've recorded ear-splitting roars coming from the sky with no explanation?

Here you can see one of the latest, recorded in Budapest, Hungary last week. Conspiracy-lovers are calling them "apocalyptic sounds." Whatever they really are, they're freaking creepy. Are they jet engines attached to UFOs, bizarre weather, or pure fakery?

Budapest Hungary 1/12/12

Here's a very CREEPY video taken in December in Conklin, Alberta, Canada.

 United States, Tennessee 
"This strange sound went on for about an hour. It sounded like a jet hovering over my neighbors pasture. It was lightly raining but no wind nor thunderstorms in the area. Just a light drizzle. At times, it was so loud that it was hard to hear each other talk. After about an hour it just suddenly stopped".

These sounds were taped in Auckland, New Zealand, North Shore region

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