Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Man claims to have photographed the ghost of a witch

Leonard LowA ghost hunter who says he was banned from a church for his paranormal investigations claims to have caught the spirit of a young witch on camera.

Leanord Low, 48, thinks the haunting image he has taken shows the ghost of a dead girl inside a former jail tower.

The building, attached to a historic church, was the scene of one of the last and most infamous witchcraft trials in the UK.

Situated in the pretty coastal Scottish village of Pittenweem, people accused of being witches in the 17th and 18th centuries were routinely locked up there, tortured, tried and usually sentenced to death by burning.

Leonard, from Largs, claims he was banned from the building by its minister after capturing a ghostly image inside church halls five years ago.

But after revisiting the adjoining tower, he managed to take a picture of a woman he believes is a witch who died three centuries ago.

He said: "I had this picture on its side and thought I had nothing. I was about to delete it until I dropped the camera and held it lengthways.

"I lightened the image and this is what I saw."

The blurry image shows the outlines of a woman no more than 5ft tall."

Leonard said she only became visible in the picture after he brightened it up.

His research has exposed the historic trials of 110 suspected witches between the Kirkcaldy coastline and St Andrews, with 26 accused in Pittenweem.

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