Wednesday, March 2, 2016

New footage claims to show ghost at World Trade Center disaster (video)

Puzzling video has emerged showing a white figure rising from the rubble of the World Trade Center days after the September 11 tragedy in 2001.

The footage shows a strange floating figure rise up from behind the buildings and ‘fly’ off.

The camera pans the scene of the wreckage when a smoke-like object shoots off behind the building and a group of workmen come into the frame.
Some claim it’s a ghost, however the figure has remained a mystery.

Last year one of the NYPD officers on scene said he saw a ghost ‘trying to help’ while he searched for clues to identify victims from the attacks.

Sergeant Frank Marra claimed he saw a ghost of an African American woman, who was dressed in white as a Red Cross worker.

In his book, From Landfill to Hallowed Ground, Sgt Marra detailed his sighting as he searched through remains from September 2001 to February 2002.

“I thought she was trying to help us, being first responders. You could clearly see it was a person."”

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