Friday, March 9, 2012

Giant Alien Worm Found on Mars ? (video)

By Tom Rose.

A video on YouTube claims that NASA photos of a giant "alien worm" slithering along the Martian surface may be proof there actually is life on Mars.

Can it be true?

The video magnifies a NASA still photo of an unidentified area of the red planet taken as a reconnaissance satellite orbited overhead.

The terrain in the photo is typically Martian, with rocks and boulders strewn across a meteorite-blasted, fairly flat and desolate landscape. Except for the twisting, squirming, wormy object seemingly burrowing into the Martian soil. It's so large, it casts its own gigantic shadow.

A second photo, enhanced, colorized, and from a different angle, seems to show a twirling mass being buffeted by what little atmosphere Mars still has left.

But is it a giant alien worm digging its way home?

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