Thursday, April 14, 2016

Couple captures footage of the ghost of pet dog (video)

Mutley a deceased family pet that is believed to be haunting the Kennedy's
The chilling footage appears to show a shadowy shape charge towards the camera, which Barry says resembles the head and leg of a dog.

Barry says he had been seeing orbs in the hallway where Mutley used to spend a lot of time and could smell 'wet dog', so began filming to see what it would catch.

Paranormal investigator Brenda Castellano, who helps with police in the US with investigations, even scrutinised the footage and confirmed it was not a hoax.

Barry said: "I was taking pictures of the kids in the kitchen when I noticed strange orbs on the pictures. At the same time we always got the smell of wet dog.

"One day I just stood in the kitchen calling his name, taking pictures, and it happened again where his basket used to be. That's all I was expecting to catch. I just expected to see orbs.

"I thought it was silly at first but once I saw it with my own eyes I realised it simply wasn’t dust or anything like that. You can see his foot step onto the floor as he moves past the camera and the shape of his head.

The videos sparked a furious debate on social media, with some critics claiming the supposed spirit could merely be smoke.

He said: "It didn’t scare us. The feeling was quite nice in the end that he came back to see us. Compared to some of the other things that we saw and heard in the house this was much more positive.

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