Monday, August 8, 2016

Spooky footage shows a trolley being guided around a warehouse (video)

A spooky specter may have been caught on camera in this video, as a trolley appears to come to life.

The supernatural event is recorded on a security camera, and was shared on Spanish paranormal channel Huelo el Miedo TM’s YouTube channel earlier this week.

Filmed at midday, the freaky footage appears to show the possessed trolley moving by itself, before an invisible hand guides it round the corner of a table.

The object continues to move even after a spooked warehouse worker returns to the room – causing him to leap back in shock.

Seemingly disturbed by the man’s reappearance in the room, the trolley then stops moving.

Convinced he has witnessed a poltergeist, the employee calls to his colleague for help.

The baffled bloke then returns the trolley to where it was when he left the room – foiling the furniture’s attempts to escape the room.

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