Saturday, November 5, 2016

Renters in Pennsylvania flee their haunted home (video)

There is a house in Lackawanna County where no one is currently living.

The house looks like it could sit in nearly any community in northeastern or central Pennsylvania, but according to the people who've lived there, it is no ordinary home.

“You could offer me all the money in the world and we would never go back there,” said Bob Drazba.

Bob and Kelli Ann Drazba say they were thrilled when they signed a lease to rent the place north of Scranton last November, but the first night they spent in the home, they knew something wasn’t right.

Over the next several months, Bob kept a log of their experiences. He documented a series of unexplained sights, sounds, and smells, including footsteps, shadows, and the strong, unmistakable smell of cigarette smoke that would come and go in an instant.

Bob and Kelli Ann run marathons. Neither smokes.

“There was just this pattern as things got stronger and stronger and more bold, and things just escalated really bad," Bob said.

In early April, Kelli Ann stepped out of the shower and noticed odd scratches on her back that resembled a demonic script.

A week later came the final straw, this time in the kitchen.

“The bottom rack of the dishwasher flipped up 180 degrees, probably about two feet in the air, and a bunch of the dishes broke,” Bob explained.

Full Story: WNEP 16

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