Friday, September 16, 2016

Did an angel or a ghost appear above WTC Tribute Lights on 9/11 ?? (video)

A photographer allegedly took a photo of a mysterious figure during the Tribute in Light memorial at the World Trade Center on Sunday.

According to many believers, the figure taken by freelance photographer Rich McCormack was possibly an angel watching over the victims and the loved ones affected by the terrorist attack on Sept. 11, 2001.

McCormack describes the figure as a vision of the Lord Jesus Christ at the top of one of the beams of light. He thought that the figure really looked like an angel or Jesus and he felt compelled to share this on his social media.

“Zoom in to the top of beam do you see something,” wrote the photographer on his Facebook post. “I took this photo – no photoshop, no gimmicks. Took many and only one showed this image.”

McCormack points out that he took several pictures that night and this angel-like figure only appeared in one of them. This led many to argue that the 9/11 memorial image was Photoshopped, which the photographer vehemently denies.
Some even claim that the 9/11 memorial figure was simply placed there as a hologram by the government. Nevertheless, believers have defended McCormack, and his friends add that the photographer is essentially God’s middle man for witnessing the miracle.

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