Sunday, February 26, 2012

Most Authentic Gettysburg Ghost Video. "In My Opinion"

I always found this particular video quite interesting, so I thought I would share it. It is of what may be ghost in Gettysburg. To me it's the most authentic video I've ever seen. Just listen to the people talking in the video, even the have no idea what the hell they are looking at.

This is all the information I could find out about this video as of this moment.

Tom Underwood was visiting the Gettysburg Battlefield in 2001 with his family when he recorded this video at Triangular Field. It is considered by many to be perhaps the best, most compelling ghost video ever recorded. It appears to show semi-transparent figures walking through the woods. They seem to be walking uphill, even though the land there is currently flat. It has been noted that the actions of the figures seem to repeat themselves, indicating that this may be a residual haunting -- a kind of recording on the environment. Some think the figures look like soldiers in gray Confederate uniforms.

It made national news, but it was a "fluff" story at the time.

I personally think this is a residual haunting.

The Gettysburg battlefield in Pennsylvania is considered to be one of the most haunted areas in the U.S. because of the many bloody deaths that occurred there. Ghost researchers from all over the country explore its hills and valleys and rocky outcrops ever year. Many intriguing EVPs, ghost photos, experiences and even video have been the result.

This video may be one of them. The camera, pointed at a thick growth of trees, captures several strange shapes moving about. Are they the ghosts of Civil War soldiers? Watch the video to judge for yourself.

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Zefanja codée said...

this a real video with ghost soldiers on gettysburg