Saturday, February 25, 2012

Jersey Shore's Deena saw a F***ing UFO OOOH (video)

Jersey Shore star Deena claims she saw a UFO while filming Jersey Shore Season 5.  In a new clip released last Wednesday by MTV, the reality star maintains she knows her eyes (or were they her drunk goggles?) are not deceiving her.

"Even though all my roommates think I'm nuts, I really just saw a freaking UFO," Deena explains.

In describing the sighting, a visibly intoxicated Deena even manages to make up a new word based on her signature 'Merp.'  "The thing looked like a ball with a red and green stripe and it was like 'BERP.'"

Deena says at first she thought she was looking at a firework, but then realized it was an astroid.  She also makes it clear she was not seeing a falling or shooting star.

"It was a f***ing thing...I don't know if it was an anstroid or a thing transporting aliens here..."

Speaking of aliens, Deena's ready should they ever attack. In the lengthy 4-minute long confessional clip Deena also lays out her beliefs on extraterrestrials. "I believe the aliens are going to attack us some day and no one's going to be ready for it. But I'm going to be ready."

Source: Examiner

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