Monday, March 24, 2014

Alert: Creepy Clown Roaming Streets Of Staten Island (video)

Is there an emergency switch we can flip to shut down escape routes from Staten Island? Now may be the time to flip it.

While a recent, hopeful report claimed the country was facing a clown shortage, it seems there are still some left, and one has been spotted roaming the island.

According to SI Live, the clown is "mysterious" and has been spotted "lurking behind a tree," as well as at a few local train stations. There are few photos of the clown (currently being tracked via the #SIClown hashtag), but those that do exist were all taken at night... when the most evil of clowns come out to play/murder you.

Residents of the borough have been sharing their sightings on social media

The reactions are almost TOO Staten Islandy, as if these were hired actors and fake Twitter accounts created to support a viral marketing campaign for the remake of Stephen King's IT.

Source: Gothamist

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