Sunday, March 23, 2014

Singer Demi Lovato Turning Into Ghost Hunter?

Demi Lovato has shared her love and passion for all things paranormal, so it isn’t odd to hear her talk about ghosts. However, she also isn’t afraid to mess with them! She talked on Twitter about if she was sitting beside one when a fan suggested to her something that would scare off most people, ghost hunting. Yes, Demi of course took on the Tweet and shared that she did in fact go ghost hunting at least once. Here is what she had to say on the subject.

Only one side of my body has the chills right now.. Does that mean I’m sitting next to a ghost? Not even kidding I TOTALLY DID LAST NIGHT!!!RT @kenzocouncil: @ddlovato yup girl u did go ghost hunting!

I am not sure how she is able to do it, but her passion must run deep. I just hope she doesn’t end up leaving her music career for ghost hunting. That wouldn’t be too cool if you ask me, especially when she has found a way to be so successful with her music at last. Plus singing and performing seem like a much better and healthier job than chasing ghost could ever be.


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