Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A ghost finally caught on camera, undeniable proof.....maybe

Paranormal investigators had to hold their breath to snap this spooky shot of midnight mist, which they say is "undeniable" evidence that spirits haunt Cassiobury Park.

Jamie Burnell, lead investigator for Watford Paranormal group, was one of nine people ghost-hunting in the park between 9.30pm and 3am on Saturday night.

The 33-year-old said the park is haunted by the ghost of Lord Arthur Capel, who was a Royalist during the Civil War and met his end when he was beheaded in 1649.

Mr Burnell said that legend has it Lord Capel’s heart was removed after his death, placed in a silver casket and eventually hidden in Cassiobury Park.

Paranormal groups meet every year around March 9 trying to spot the headless spirit of Lord Capel, as that is the anniversary of the sightings.

Speaking about the photo, Mr Burnell said: "The more I look at it the more I believe the spirit entities were trying to show themselves.
"There are so many faces that I can make out, it’s almost undeniable proof.

"There are faces on their sides and I can see almost a full body apparition. The more I look at it the more I see into it."

Mr Burnell said that a member of his group, Alexander Ray, had to keep holding his breath when he took photos because they did not want to compromise the picture at all.

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