Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ghost buster helps realtors sell unsold houses

Jane Phillips looks the part of a put-together professional as she enters the three-bedroom house that I share with two roommates. She’s not quite what I expected from someone who promises to rid houses of evil spirits, although she did warn me over the phone that she’s “not the stereotypical flowing-skirt person.”

We’ve got more than our fair share of those in Santa Fe—people whose business cards say things like “visionary,” “healer” and “polarity specialist.” But I called Phillips because I wanted a different kind of spring cleaning.

A professional medium and ghost buster, Phillips has done energy clearings for homes since 2010, when she first did it as a favor for a friend in real estate with a listing that wouldn’t sell. I give her a tour of the house, and although I’m naturally a bit of a skeptic, my heart jumps a little when she says, “Oh yes, there’s something in there.” Then, I narrow my eyes and think suspiciously that I never liked that closet.

The process starts with dowsing.

She pulls out a tool kit of wire rods and pendulums and begins to feel out the space as they wave hither and thither. Then the ghost busting begins, although it’s less sucking spirits into a vacuum and more asking them respectfully what it would take for them to move on.

“There are a few things to notice,” she says, explaining that she’s creating an “energy blanket” several feet below the foundation to rise up and catch any residue left over after first phase of the process. “If there’s a place in your house you never feel comfortable in, if you feel strange drafts, lose things frequently or if your children complain of monsters…those are all indications that the energy in the house isn’t great.”

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