Friday, February 15, 2013

Syfy's "Ghost Mine" star says all Syfy paranormal shows are 100% entertainment.

Ghost Mine's Patrick Doyle and Kristen Luman
By: , Bangor Pop Culture Examiner
An anonymous email from a reader on February 13, tipped me off that Kristen Luman, paranormal investigator on SyFy’s newest paranormal reality show “Ghost Mine”, might have something she is trying to hide, but it didn’t stop there. It seems that her partner, Patrick Doyle may have a few things he’d rather not surface either.

According to multiple references, including his own references to his “Haunted Hoax” series during an interview with Sci-Fi Paranormal Radio, Patrick Doyle has a long history with the paranormal, but not as a traditional ghost hunter. Patrick, it seems, is known for his skepticism of claims made by others, including “Ghost Hunters”.

It may come as no surprise to readers that his site no longer exists and that all Haunted Hoax videos on YouTube have been removed. His blog has also been removed, but the information is still accessible in a cached version and features a lengthy post titled “Are you addicted to ghosts?”

The post, dated April 11, 2011 begins with: “My name is Patrick Doyle and I'm an addict. For a third or my life I have researched and investigated paranormal claims.”

Patrick explains that this addiction causes the world of a paranormal investigator to revolve around ghosts and conditions their minds to see what they want to see.
“These sensational encounters and the person's undying commitment to prove the existence of ghosts and the afterlife have created a dependency -- A need for the chemical rush they receive during intense situations, amplified by anxiety, desire and anticipation.” He continues.
Whether Patrick Doyle has changed his views on his paranormal addiction or if he thinks his experiences on “Ghost Mine” somehow differ from those of other paranormal investigators is unknown. Judging from his own words, it appears that Patrick and Kristen may actually be seeing what they want see, which undermines the premise of the show.

To further complicate matters, Patrick Doyle shared his thoughts on paranormal reality shows during an October 2009 interview on Sci-Fi Paranormal Radio.
"These TV shows are entertainment. It's all entertainment value. It's 100% entertainment. It’s not real in the paranormal field. It's not. It's all just put out there. It's shot, it’s edited, its put together and tied with advertising to get you to watch. And then the networks make the money off the advertising dollars,” says Patrick Dole.
Doyle further elaborates on how he knows the shows are not real.
"[I know Paranormal reality] TV shows are staged because they are getting something every episode. It just doesn't work that way. You gotta [sic] remember they are on a network called SyFy, Science fiction. It's not true."


Unknown said...

Stumbled upon a copy of Ghost Mine Patrick Doyle 2009-2011 Haunted Hoax personal blog website. Its on Youtube for your viewing pleasure.

Unknown said...

I belong to CA./Ghosts/Santa Rosa. I have been to the USS Hornet, and there was a lot of activity onboard, and organizer, Archie Cruthers got a few Pic's of Shadow figures. I live in Petaluma, CA., and have do Electrical work in many of the 1800's buildings, and have had "interesting experiences.
While working at a place on Gates Rd., outside of Santa Rosa, CA., It was 110 Degrees outside, and warmer in the shop I was wiring, when suddenly I could see my Breath, and felt a breeze go by me. There was something there with me the whole three weeks I was there; And at the main house, which was empty, I took a picture of one side, and there was a Man and a Woman in their 30's, and a boy and a girl in the window.
In my own home, here in Petaluma, I have Shadow figures, in my bedroom, along with 6 inch orbs moving from the dressing room, into my bedroom.
When Jesus Disciples were on their ship, and Jesus was walking on the water, "They said there thought He was a ghost.
I also have a dark figure about 2 feet high, and maybe 3 feet long, that walks into the room with me, and a couple of times I have had something about 10 Lbs. sit on my foot at the dinner table.
Why would you have someone who Doesn't even believe in Ghosts, as a "So Called" Paranormal Investigator, The same goes for the Actress
It shows that there is NO Credibility in your Show!
Will Lewis (

megankalu said...

I know i'm a couple of years behind on this posting, but i just want to comment on what Patrick says about guys who go chasing ghosts that he feels it's fake because the ghost chasers seem to have activity "all the time" which is impossible in his opinion. Well, i listened to an interview with Zak Bagans of Ghost Hunters and he stated that out of 100 homes they investigate, they might get two or three places with "activity" interestingly enough to "air" on their show. It does not happen all the time as Patrick thinks. They're not going to televise episodes where nothing happens obviously, so you're only seeing the ones they did get. Zak said in a six-month span in 2011 out of all the places they went they only got 4 areas/places that they thought were unexplained. Those are the ones that get put on. So Patrick is thinking that every show that is televised that it was consecutive filming, but there were many, many, filming times where they got nothing.

megankalu said...

OOPS... sorry Zak... Correction in my last post... "Ghost Adventurers", my apology!

Eddie on Things said...

As the creator of this blog all of you have made valid statements,...75% to 90% of the reality show we see online are fake. I have done paranormal investigations, with friends in the past that I trust wholeheartedly. There is now way that every time you get some something, but on that note,..sometimes things happen,..that you cannot explain,...Example on the 7th floor of the Linda Vista Hospital, in Baldwin Park, CA, we went into a room that smelled like actual piss,..and said hi and hello,..within a moment,..of a friendly greeting it started smelling like flowers. It was in August it was hot and humid,...that to me never made sense. We said "Thank you,..we are going to leave now" and then it went back to smelling like piss."

Unknown said...

There's only one way to find out if these things really happen. Go out and do some investigating for yourselves, and not just once or twice in one or two locations, but multiple times in many different locations. See if you can get your own evidence instead of listening to what other's are saying about the subject, that's the only way you'll ever truly know about anything in life. Television shows are very entertaining and when watching those shows, no matter if it's a sitcom, documentary or even the news, you should always keep in mind there's a possibility that something could've been added to spice things up and make it more interesting, whether it be factual or not, so more viewers will watch. If the show is boring and no one watches it, nobody makes money and everyone knows it's about the money. The point is, go out and experience life, live and learn, it's much more rewarding if you do.

Jeff said...

Another late comment. A bad illness led me to too many hours of poor production TV!! I live in Oregon, and have been to many crazy supposed haunted places. There are hot places....The Chinese rock wall, many abandoned structures, etc. Growing up in a victorian mansion I had many odd experiences. In my amateur exploring, one thing I have learned, this stuff rarely happens when your camera is rolling! As soon as a situation unveils, you hit record, and you miss it. I find these shows a joke because it's all boring BS filming. Why does it take a beautiful little redhead to investigate all these old legends? It's all entertainment, and very little professional investigating. Disappearing websites and video's further reinforce that this is BS and not real investigations. As a person who gets out and does things, I find this disappointing. When will reality TV be just that, real...