Thursday, February 21, 2013

Why did the Iowa "Haunted House" cross the road ? (video)

MONROE, Iowa —The slow-mover headed through Jasper County Tuesday morning had heads turning. And the load the big rig was hauling contained more stories than people saw at first glance.

It takes dozens of axles to move 100 tons, but this move was about more than just logistics. The five-mile move involved a home built in the 1800s.

“It was built in 1865. It's the oldest wood frame historical house in Jasper County,” said Billy Bell, who was working on the move.

The place known as Maple Grove Hill has a century-old reputation as a haunted house.

KCCI 8 News spent a night in the home back in 1994.

“It's real. People think it's a lot of poppycock, but it's enough to make your skin crawl,” said Mike Salier in 1994.

Back then, the mystery was unexplainable.

But 20 years later, some people wondered what would happen when Maple Grove Hill took the road trip.

The property the house has stood on for more than a century was sold to one family and the house was sold to another.

Would the ghosts move with the house, or stay with the property?

The owners of the house don’t believe the ghost tales either way.

All told, it took four hours for the house to go five miles Tuesday. It won't find its way onto a foundation until summer.

Then, a long restoration begins, which will give its new owner plenty of time to see if the ghosts went along for the ride.

 Source: KCCI 8

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