Monday, February 25, 2013

Great BBC Three Doc. I Believe in Ghosts - Joe Swash (videos)

This show aired on BBC Three in May 2010, I happened to catch on late night TV in the US last year, and I must say it is an honest documentary on a skeptical person wanting to find out what is out there. It's cleverly done and the soundtrack is actually amazing. Check it out. Enjoy.

Description: EastEnders actor Joe Swash turns ghostbuster and sets out in search of tangible proof that ghosts exist. He meets Britain's youngest professional psychic, who claims he has a hotline to the spirit world, sleeps in a haunted bedroom to lure an amorous spirit and stakes out a terrace house in Hartlepool where the family say they're sharing their home with at least four ghostly inhabitants. But it's a night alone in the Edinburgh vaults that makes Joe convinced he really believes in ghosts.

Part 1 of 6

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