Saturday, February 9, 2013

It's Raining Spiders in Brazil,... YIKES !! (video)

I don't know about you guys but spiders freak me out, and I ever saw this it would probably give me a heart attack.

They do say that it is bad luck to kill a spider, but I say "SCREW THAT, HAND ME THE FLAMETHROWER !!!

Hundreds, or maybe thousands, of spiders between two poles in the town of Santa Antonio de Plantina in Parana, Brazil. We don’t know why they’re acting like this, we’re trying to find out and will post if anyone gets back to us with an answer.

It’s hard to get a still shot that does video justice. It looks like the spiders have the house surrounded. The guy filming it just keeps saying, “it’s raining spiders!”

This is pure horror movie material. None of these still images does the video justice, you have to watch. Keep in mind that each image is only a small area compared to the total.

Footage posted online yesterday shows the fairly sizable animals, identified as Anelosimus eximius, a type of spider, in one massive web.

Source: America Blog

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