Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Haunted Ohio law office was once a funeral home. (news video)

HAMILTON, Ohio —A paranormal investigation is under way at a Hamilton law firm, which once served as a funeral home and now might be haunted.

When attorneys with McKenzie and Snyder moved in to the Dayton Street building, which sits next door to a former convent, they said weird things began happening as they renovated the space. "Little things happen, phones would call each other," said Kristen McKenzie, office manager. "Lights would go out in our computer room, the front door would open by itself." 

The Tri-Ops Paranormal Society conducted an investigation over the weekend, and they said they know why employees were spooked.

 "I've been doing this for a long time and never seen a K2 meter go up that high," one investigator said on a video made by the group.

 Members said their divining rods kept aiming in the same direction, and the paranormal investigators said they made contact with the spirit of a young girl.

"They pretty much concluded that she was living with nuns, given up by family because she had mental disorders the family didn't know what to do with," an investigator said.

 The paranormal investigators said the girl's ghost sits in a window and looks out into the courtyard much of the time.

They also said they made contact with the spirit of a boy named Timmy in the building's basement, where they said the spirit moved a chair and caused a flashlight to flicker. "Even when done investigating, touched the flashlight, so cold like it's been sitting in bucked of ice for hours," investigators said on their video.

Investigators also said they contacted a boy and his mother who they believe died in a fire in the attic.

Source: NBC-2.WBBH News

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