Thursday, December 6, 2012

Rodent found on Mars ?? You be the judge (video)

Was this NASA's big announcement?

Is this a living rodent on Mars?

It is indeed, as the outline of the head and shoulder, placement of the eye and ear, and shadows under the cheeks and beneath the body show. If Mars itself only evolved to the level of moss and bugs, worms in the soil, how and when did these rodents arrive?

This might have been the big historical announcement that NASA was suppose to make, however they decided life on Mars was a secret worth keeping since they don't want China or Russia to beat America to Mars. So they shut up about it and can take their time to Mars this way. The scientist jumped the gun and told the public about a major historical discovery on Mars…this must be what he was talking about.

Strange that scientists were going banana's over a discovery that was set to be announced late last weekend, but instead we were handed a lead balloon in the form of: "water and sulfur and chlorine-containing substances, among other ingredients" in the martian soil.

Rodents can live on moss and bugs and worms, which are good protein, and are very adaptable, and live there still!

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