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The Legend of Hotel 33 Williamsport PA (video audio)

Williamsport, PA (I-Newswire) December 6, 2012 - At present nothing is mysterious anymore. Most people don’t believe in paranormal activities. Science is upgrading day by day and proving these supernatural theories wrong. According to scientific study, thinking creates mystery in most cases. What if 33 people vanished inside of a hotel without a trace? Did they disappear into thin air? The mystery of the Grand Hotel in Williamsporthas racked people’s belief structure over the past several decades and the legend will live on for decades to come.

The first tragic, unexplained event took place on May 10, 1953 on opening night of the Grand Hotel.

Exactly 32 people attended the opening, including guests and hotel staff. By the next morning- they were all missing. Police conducted a thorough investigation, but found no evidence or possible clues leading to a viable explanation. This event struck Williamsport to the core and left the entire town devastated and confused.A commission was created and the hotel was immediately shut down and boarded up. It took a while, but people eventuallybegan to forget the inexplicable event and move on with their lives.

On January 15, 1993, wealthy real estate developer, Timothy Miller reopened the hotel, with the goal of attracting tourists as a haunted house. The opening was a big success. People familiar with the legend came to stay at the hotel in hopes of having some type of supernatural experience.

Among the curious people, were local college students, Rob Laden, Troy Belger and Jarod Carr. They set out to “Hotel 32” in hopes to see or experience something out of the ordinary.

Apparently, their wish came true. Jarod Carr disappeared inside the hotel without a trace- never to be seen or heard from again. The infamous legend moves forward in history and the local townspeople renamed the mystical site, “Hotel 33.”

When the Williamsport Police Department got word of the missing boy, they put their top investigator on the case, Detective Richard Kaminsky. He conducted a thorough investigation of the site and interrogated Belger and Laden regarding their missing friend. During the interrogation of one of the boys, Kaminsky died.

The police report sited that Kaminsky had an aneurism, but interviews with police staff and witnesses argue otherwise, stating that the cause of death was unexplained and unnatural.

The hotel burned down, shortly after- no cause was found.

The mystery remains and legend lives on.

Is it possible that 32 people could disappear all at once without a trace? Then years later- another missing person? What happened to them? Where are their bodies? Many experts have searched tirelessly for the answers to these questions, but have come up empty-handed. Scientifically, there must be an explanation. Yet there are a lot of mysterious events that have happened in the world where science and reason have failed miserably to justify. In the case of“Hotel 33,” people need to chalk it up to another failed scientific experiment. Some things in life just cannot be explained.

Recently there has been a sudden spate of activity regarding “Hotel 33.”Authorities are being pressured by family members to re-open the case so they can get some answeres and have closure. According to Twitters Trending hashtags, #WeWantAnswersNow and #Hotel 33 Have now been trending at the top of the charts for days now.

The Internet has been known for finding lost loved ones and bringing people together. People who know any information regarding the missing 33 people are requested to contact the Williamsport Police Department.

Interview w/ Thomas Van Hove Hotel 33

Radio Interview with Detective James McCarthy

Radio Interview - Officer Thomas Van Hove

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Source: Hotel 33 Legend


Anonymous said...

hotel 33 is not real...grew up in williamsport, pa...tons of family have lived here forever and yea...nobody has ever heard of this. The so called movie on this is completely false and the people that they have pictures of aren't who they say they are. One of the pics is of a man who is now a well known detective here, the pic is of him when he was younger, yet they claim he is someone else. The hotel doesn't exist, never has.

Anonymous said...

I live and went to school a half an hour away from Williamsport. We have had paranormal groups and professional researchers looking through document after document. Not only does this hotel not exist, there is no "cop" that will killed. No obituaries, no articles, nothing. No locals have a mysterious "hotel 33" story, and more-so the location the film claims the hotel was is actually a swamp that no structure could ever actually be built on. I understand the "found footage" genre. I get that. I enjoyed Paranormal Activity as much as the next 20-something year old. However, when the advertising for this film started comparing this FAKE story to the REAL tragedy of TWA Flight 800 they crossed the line. These communities are still suffering from that. To use it is despicable.