Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Spooky Sleepy Hollow Road of Kentucky (video)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The world may know Kentuckiana for its rolling green horse pastures and world renowned bourbon, but for those who know where to look can get their fill of ghost stories and haunted places. There are a few stories and urban legends attached to our last area.

“Most of the myths in the Kentuckiana area have one story," explains Rod Whitenack, senior editor for "There might be variations of the story but this one has four completely different stories.”

Sleepy Hollow Road is located near the eastern edge of the boarder of Jefferson and Oldham counties in Kentucky. Whitenack laughs as he thinks about the name of the road.

“I think anytime you name a road after a Washington Irving story that's a classic ghost story there's gonna be stories that crop up about the place,” said Whitenack.

There are no stories of the headless horseman on this foreboding road but the tale is just as chilling. Whitenack gives a vivid description.

“It's a stretch of road that has trees on both sides," said Whitenack. "It's kind of uncomfortable. It makes it feel like they're encroaching on your car.”

It is winding two lane blacktop road with a tree line that becomes a menacing canopy in many places.

“If the full moon is out there's shadows cast across the road. It's a very uncomfortable place,” Whitenack goes on to explain. News, Weather 

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