Tuesday, July 15, 2014

'Most Haunted Place in the World' up for auction

Buying a Venetian island might sound like a dream investment. This particular one on the auction block has a nightmarish history.

The island of Poveglia, purportedly the most haunted place in the world, is among several properties that Italy is selling at auction to cut its public debt. The cash-strapped country already cut through red tape to ensure buyers can quickly get the permits they need to refurbish the historical holdings.

With Poveglia, just off the western shore of the Lido island, it really is a case of caveat emptor, or buyer beware.
Once a quarantine-station-turned-dumping-ground for thousands of victims of the bubonic plague in the Middle Ages, it later housed a hospital for mentally ill and long-term care starting in the 1920s and closing in the late 1960s. Since then it's been abandoned, with no visitors allowed.

Reports abound of ghosts and evil spirits.

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Hora said...

No one who are not insane, be will buy this island, who basic are a cementery and very high Haunted by evil. Live or open a business in short time be will out, I assure, part of island are cover in human ass. Only a crazy brave can pass one night there. That Island must declare national monument and have off peoples. N ow maybe US can buy send all liberals there, like in Jail, Dems and Nobuma are a old friend.

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