Wednesday, July 9, 2014

10 Weirdest places to visit that are haunted

1. Pizza Hut
Location: Centereach (Long Island), New York
When this Pizza Hut location was, according to legend, occupied by a Jack in the Box, someone apparently died in the bathroom. The bathrooms are now haunted and supposedly you'll hear whispers and feel cold spots, which presumably make hot summer hauntings especially refreshing. The staff members have allegedly witnessed pots and pans falling mysteriously as well. Members of the Long Island Paranormal Investigators videotaped both the men's and women's bathrooms, but only "filmed a spirit" in the women's bathroom. It takes quite a bit of squinting to see a spirit in their video, but that's their claim. Google Maps says that the location is closed, but HuffPost successfully got a Pizza Hut employee on the phone when calling their delivery line. That said, HuffPost may have been talking to a HuffGhost.

Glendale, Arizona may also have a haunted Pizza Hut. The spirits of infant children and babies supposedly haunt the place, causing people to hear crying and see faucets turning on and off inexplicably. Of course, crying children and faulty faucets don't really seem that strange for a Pizza Hut.

2. Subway

subwayLocation: Dodgeville, Wisconsin
The story goes that the building used to be a Harley Davidson shop owned by a Mr. & Mrs. Forbes. On the night of April 13, 1984 -- Friday the 13th (of course) -- the Forbes couple was out driving when a carload of young men driving over 100 mph crashed into the Forbes' car, killing everyone involved. Now Mrs. Forbes haunts the Subway, throwing items off shelves, setting the beepers off on the doors, cutting sandwiches, calling out the employees' names and appearing at the cash register to give dirty looks. It is also said that she causes an extremely foul stench, but that could just be the iconic "Subway smell."

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