Tuesday, July 22, 2014

'Ghost' of Irish martyr Saint Oliver Plunkett captured on video? (video)

A British author thinks she has captured a ghostly apparition of martyr and patron saint of Irish peace Saint Oliver Plunkett on video while visiting Ireland.

Vikki Bramshaw says she only discovered the image of "the ghost" of St. Oliver Plunkett peering out of the prison door in Saint Peter’s Church in Drogheda, County Louth, when she viewed the video taken with her cell phone cam later on.

The glimpse of the face, which appears briefly a few times at the hatch of the 15th century cell door.

"I don't really believe in ghosts or anything like that, so I was a bit spooked out to see it when I was checking my video when I got home," Bramshaw told a local Irish newspaper.

"I visited Drogheda between March 10-17, and was taken around Newgrange and other tourist sites, and Saint Peter’s was just one of our stops," she says.

"I was just filming the cell door with my camera phone, and didn't notice anything unusual at the time, but when I checked it that night, I was definitely a bit spooked by what I saw."

The video shows what appears to be a face that appears at the small hatch in the door a number of times.

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