Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Ghost blamed for flying pint off bar in a haunted UK pub

A SPOOKED couple reckon their 17th century pub is haunted after a pint of ale flew off the bar and landed on the floor - without spilling a single drop.

Jenny Heard and Martin McConn laughed off ghost stories after taking over the historic Crow's Nest Inn on Bodmin Moor, in Cornwall.

But within days of their arrival the couple say they witnessed a full pint of Proper Job ale slide off the bar and onto the floor.

When they raced over to inspect the mess they were stunned to find the glass was standing upright on the stone floor and none of the beer had spilled.

As the oldest building in the village that bears its name, the Crow's Nest has long been a focus for thirsty locals and moorland visitors alike, appearing on Joel Gascoyne's famous Map of Cornwall as far back as 1699.

Numerous paranormal events have been chronicled over the years, from a clock that constantly ran ten minutes fast no matter how many times it was wound back, to a bell that was said to ring on its own.
Locals say as many as four separate ghosts haunt the traditional alehouse, including the spectre of a local woman who was murdered in 1844.

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