Friday, October 30, 2015

Woman captures ghost couple and dog on camera

Sue Radigan, 49, took the spooky snap while walking her dog, Mia, in a park near her home in Wythall, Birmingham.

After German Shepherd Mia started staring into the distance and barking as Sue took her for a walk at dusk last week, Sue decided to take a picture

And when she got home, she was baffled when she spotted the image of an elderly couple and their Airdale Terrier in the photograph next to Mia - even though she had been alone in the park.
Is Sue's local park haunted?
Sue said: "I had been out walking Mia with my camera, hoping to get some nice pictures of her in the autumn leaves.

"We hadn't been out for very long when it started to get dark, so I took a detour through our local park so that Mia could have a good run off the lead before home time.

"She is normally a very quiet dog, but she suddenly turned and just stared into the middle of the park, and started barking.

"There was no-one else there, so I said to her 'What is it girl?', but she just kept barking at nothing.

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