Friday, October 2, 2015

Don’t Drive On These 27 Haunted Streets In South Carolina…Or You’ll Regret It

There’s no doubt in anyone’s minds that South Carolina holds a lot of ghosts. It’s one of the oldest states in the United States and therefore there are tons of tragedies and happenings that punctuate its history. I don’t know about you, but I’ve always thought that particularly tragic cases could leave energies behind. If that is the case…we do have a lot going on here, but if you’ve read any one of the number of books pertaining to ghosts and hauntings of South Carolina than this should not surprise you.

I have done the research and have brought to you an entire list of streets, bridges, roads, and dirt roads that you may want to avoid due to what could still be lingering there. In some cases, it’s reported that you  have to stop to see the ghost, but I have heard that even driving down these roads can feel quite eerie.
1. Cobb’s Way- Anderson: It’s said that a ghostly figure that wears a white mask appears to haunt this road. The ghost is believed to be a killer that slaughtered people in the 1500’s.

2.  Cherokee Falls Bridge-Blacksburg: This place is where the Legend of Booger Jim comes from. It’s reported that he died on this bridge in 1979 when his crazy wife, Becca, hung him from the bridge with jumper cables at around 9 p.m. They say if you stop and call his name 3 times you will hear him call back, but you won’t be able to make it out due to the fact that his throat was crushed when he was hung.

3. Rock House Road-Blacksburg: Rock House Road runs alongside King’s Mountain Battleground. It’s said that a long time ago there was a family that lived in a rock house (which still stands and can be toured one day a year.) This family had a daughter who was kept in the cellar during the day as she was different from the rest and at night she would be given a candle by her father who would let her out of the house to roam around. The story says that one night she went farther than normal, her candle went out, and she was found dead. They say if you light a candle in the darkness, her face will appear.

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