Wednesday, October 28, 2015

CCTV captures wobbling chair and baby ghost Singapore bar (video)

Ghostly CCTV has revealed a bar stool wobble several times, fall over on its own before a small 'ghost' is seen running out of a Singapore bar.

Filmed in Cato bar in Singapore’s Chinatown district, the vision depicts three men sitting inside the venue when the creepy footage appears to show a barstool wobbling back and forth without anybody touching it.

The nearest people are two men sitting at least a metre chatting among themselves oblivious to the strange situation unfolding behind them.

As the clip unfolds it shows the stall from a different angle teetering with the men in the foreground.

Switching back to the first view, the footage shows the stool wobbling more vigorously before toppling over onto the floor.

The men chatting are obviously startled by the stall's odd behaviour probably discuss how it could have happened before picking it up and putting it back where it was.

But the situation gets more chilling when a tiny person or ghost appears to emerge from a doorway behind the men, scuttling past them, the men don't react or seem to have any idea.

Read Full Story: Australia News 7

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